September 2015
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International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) has helped so many families, care providers and individuals over more than 7 years - it is simply astounding. It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of this incredible team consisting of: dedicated and knowledgeable board members, compassionate and professional staff, educated and highly trained scientific advisory board members and passionate volunteers and committee members.

In my past work as an advocate and leader for health oriented organizations, I learned firsthand the powerful change for good that can take place when a like-minded community comes together. I am part of this community as a mother of three young adult men - one who faces the daily challenges of living with bipolar disorder.

This Fall IBPF will present many opportunities to learn, to advocate, to support and to join the fight to erase stigma. I hope you will join me in as many of these efforts as you are able.
First, we will be displaying information at the International Psych Conference from September 10-13 at the San Diego, CA Convention Center close to our international headquarters. Please stop by to introduce yourself if you are an attendee at the conference.

From October 7-9 we will participate in another Southern California event -- the 3 day conference by Saddleback Community Church called the Gathering on Mental Health and the Church. Again please stop at our booth if you are attending. For information on the conference see:

Then we are off to Washington D.C. to host an IBPF breakfast featuring Congressman Timothy R. Murphy (R-PA), Dr. Carlos Zarate - NIMH and Keith O'Neil, Super Bowl Champion and Advocate on Friday, October 9. The session held at the Reagan Building (1300 Pennsylvania Ave) will be moderated by former Washington Post correspondent and author Pete Earley. This FREE event is open to our interested IBPF supporters, legislators/mental health advocates and most importantly those in among the bipolar disorder community. You must RSVP at to attend by October, 2. We want to thank Board Members Alisa Bernard and Jayson Blair for gifting us with their talents in organizing this inaugural IBPF event in the US Capital. 

The breakfast concludes a week of events in Washington DC such as the Tuesday Hill Day where mental health advocates will meet with legislators to discuss mental health issues and 5 bills that are being presented. If you are in the US and would like to write a short 1 page letter to be hand delivered to your congressperson, please email me directly and I will personally see that one of our volunteers delivers it on Hill Day. I can be reached at

In the coming years, I pledge to be a servant leader to those in the mood disorder community and together with IBPF offer a world of hope, resources and support.

To your health,
Lori J. Butler, CFRE
Executive Director


The Price of Silence, A Mom's Perspective on Mental Illness
By Liza Long

The Price of Silence looks at how society stigmatizes mental illness-including in children-and the devastating societal cost. In the wake of repeated acts of mass violence, Long points the way forward.

The Body of Chris: A Memoir of Obsession, Addiction, and Madness
By Chris Cole

Struggling with lifelong disordered eating and adolescent addiction, Chris Cole had his first psychotic episode at the age of eighteen, suddenly believing he was the Second Coming of Christ. He lost his identity and tried to perform miracles and was ultimately arrested in the lobby of his college dormitory, all while convinced he was being taken to his crucifixion. Even when sanity returned, he could not help but contemplate God's involvement. For years, Chris danced with delusion, but he eventually surrendered to his humanity and learned to embrace reality.


Inner Strength
By Lauren Meredith

Even During the Most Hopeless Moments, There Is Hope. . . Many Americans struggle with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or PTSD-or both. If you are trying to find your way through the maze of these disorders, or you love someone who is fighting for a better life with mental and emotional health issues, this book is for you.

Beautiful Bipolar Bisexual

Beautiful Bipolar Bisexual is an inspirational story about a woman living with bipolar disorder and the challenges she faces when she comes out of the closet. 

"Maricela tells it all and offers hope to anyone who's felt alone. A must read for anyone LGBT grappling with mental health issues." - Muffy Walker, co-founder and chairman of International Bipolar Foundation

Germany, 2015

Although the main character of this remarkable film by Christian Bach carries the diagnosis "schizophrenia", there is much that can be applied to a bipolar disorder: the helplessness of the members, the inability to illness insight, the destruction of the professional life plan. 


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College Students: Survey for University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education 

Are you a college student with a mood, anxiety, or psychotic disorder? Please take this anonymous survey about the experiences of college students with mental illness. The purpose of the survey is to learn from young people themselves how educational institutions can better meet their needs. 


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