October 2014

October is an especially important month for me. Not only does my birthday, my husband's and my son's birthdays fall in October (I LOVE Birthdays:-), but we also celebrate several important mental health days*, the most important to us being National Bipolar Awareness Day (October 10).


Deserving equal attention are:

  • October 5-11: Mental Illness Awareness Week
  • October 7: National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding 
  •  October 10: National Bipolar Awareness Day
  • October 10: National Depression Screening Day
  • October 10: Worldwide Mental Health Day
*(every country has different days for their awareness campaigns & we would love to learn about yours!)


This month we have several programs and campaigns to help educate the public about about mental health, mental illness and stigma. 


PLEASE join us in our Say it Forward Campaign and at a luncheon with Emmy award actor, Joe Pantiliano


YOU can make a difference by helping educate at least 1 person. 

Thank you,
If you are interested in writing a country-specific chapter,
or translating our book,
Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder
please email Debbie Brown

You spoke, and we listened. 

Here is our new Vision Statement.

International Bipolar Foundation envisions 
wellness, dignity, and respect 
for people living with bipolar disorder.
Say It Forward 
Annual Anti- Stigma Campaign
October 6th-12th

We have made it simple for you to speak out against stigma! 

IBPF is asking you to share the truth about mental illness via Facebook, Twitter and email through our Say It Forward Campaign.


Visit our website here starting October 6th and help spread the word!

Emmy Award-Winning Actor 
and Film Producer, Joe Pantoliano, comes to San Diego!
A Tough Guy Battles Back
Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 11:30 to 1:30

Join International Bipolar Foundation for a Luncheon with JOE PANTOLIANO Emmy Award-Winning Actor 
and Film Producer.


As one of today's best-known character actors, Joe Pantoliano boasts over 100 film, television, and stage credits. Joey Pants-as he is affectionately known-has been revered and honored for his unique and entertaining portrayals-including killer pimp "Guido" in Risky Business, bumbling criminal "Francis Fratelli" in The Goonies, double-crossing bail bondsman "Eddie Moscone" in Midnight Run, cynical US Marshall "Cosmo Renfro" in The Fugitive, turncoat "Cypher" in The Matrix, and shady sidekick "Teddy" in Memento.

Learn More Here...


Tickets are $100/each, please contact Ashley at ajacobs@ibpf.org or (858) 764-2496 for more details. 

Meet Our New Board Members!

Alisa Bernard graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Human Resources. She worked 20 years in the women's Fashion Industry in New York City, for public and private corporations, at the senior executive level.  After she became a mom, Alisa founded a ballet school and a not-for-profit dance company. In addition, she is the founding sponsor/Business Advisory Chair, Development Officer for Skate for Hope, which provides funding for breast cancer research and education. Read More


Jayson Blair is a certified life coach and the managing partner of Goose Creek Consulting. Jayson is a nationally known mental health writer and consultant. He is the founder and the former executive director of the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance of Northern Virginia.

Jayson, who has bipolar disorder, wrote about his illness in a 2004 autobiography. He has years of experience working with individuals with mental illnesses, their loved ones, support groups and others in outpatient and inpatient care settings. Read More


Lonna Williams, CEO of Ridge Diagnostics, has over 25 years of experience in executive management, marketing, sales and business development in the field of medical diagnostics and devices. Lonna's clinical laboratory background has aided in her success bringing over 25 new products to market including successfully commercializing 4 novel technologies. Her expertise resides in identifying and developing new markets and unique channels for novel technologies and health care products.

Read More


Dr. Mark Komrad: Mental Illness, Violence, and Guns: The importance of early intervention
Wednesday, October 1st, at 4:00 pm PDT

Recent horrendous incidents of mass shootings, often by people with obvious psychiatric illness or a documented history of mental illness, have focused attention on violence as a feature of some mental illnesses.  In particular, the discussion has tied together guns and mental illness in the minds of the public and many policy makers and legislators.  This webinar will focus on some of the  actual data regarding mental illnesses and their link with  violence.  We'll answer some common questions:  which types of illnesses are more prone to violence?   what kinds of violence? who are the most likely victims of violence arising from mental ilness, and the sometimes-role of guns in that violence.  We will particularly focus on the most robust link between guns and mental illness--suicide. Finally, the importance of early intervention will be emphasized to prevent these rare, but terrible outcomes.  There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion. 

Dr. Komrad is a psychiatrist on the clinical and teaching staff of Sheppard Pratt Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore,  Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland and on the teaching faculty of Oceania University of Medicine in Samoa.  

Space is limited, reserve your seat now at:
Muffy Walker: Grassroots Advocacy

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 9:00 am PDT

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" -Margaret Meade 

This webinar will show how a few moms sitting around a kitchen table took their passion to help others grappling with bipolar disorder and turned it into an international organization.  Our presenter, Muffy Walker, wears 3 hats: a master's prepared psychiatric nurse with 20 years of experience, the mom of a son with bipolar disorder who was diagnosed at the tender age of 7, and a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of International Bipolar Foundation. 

Whether it's encouraging your daughter to earn the Girl Scout Mental Health Awareness patch, teaching your loved ones the myths of mental illness, or challenging the misconceptions portrayed by mass media, in this webinar you will lean what you can do to make a difference in the lives of those affected with and by dipolar disorder. 


Space is limited. Reserve your seat now at: 


Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan: 

Igniting the Creative Fire: The Neurobiology of Creativity in Bipolar Disorder

Wednesday, October 28th, 2014 at 9:00 am PDT


Why does bipolar disorder seem to run in creative type? Artists, Poets, Actors, Comedians, Painters and Composers seem to have more mood disorders than the average individual. Is there a real link, or is this a romantic exaggeration? In this webinar Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan discusses the bipolar-creativity link. The actual brain mechanisms behind creativity will be explored, which will also lead to a better understanding of the underpinnings of bipolar disorder itself. The dilemmas of how to treat bipolar disorder while maintaining and not dulling creative drive will also be discussed. 


Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan is an assistant professor of psychiatry at both Kuwait University and the University of Toronto. He also serves as the Founding Head of Mood & Anxiety Disorders and Inaugural Director of Education at the Kuwait Center for Mental Health - Kuwait's national mental health hospital. 


Dr. Alsuwaidan completed his psychiatry residency, mood & anxiety disorders fellowship and medical education fellowship at the University of Toronto. He also trained in mood disorders at the Stanford University bipolar clinic and the Tufts Medical Center mood clinic. He completed a Masters of Public Health (MPH) at Johns Hopkins University. 


Dr. Alsuwaidan is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


Space is limited. Reserve your seat now at:


After registering you will receive a confirmation email
containing information about joining the Webinar.


Kay Warren
Mental Health In Faith Based Communities
Tuesday, October 14th
La Jolla, California

KAY WARREN cofounded Saddleback Church with her husband Rick Warren in Lake Forest, California. She is a passionate Bible teacher and respected advocate for those living with HIV&AIDS, orphaned and vulnerable children, as well as for those affected by a mental illness. She founded Saddleback's HIV&AIDS Initiative. Kay is the author of Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn't Enough, Say Yes to God and coauthor of Foundations, the popular systematic theology course used by churches worldwide. Her children are Amy and Josh, and Matthew who is in Heaven, and she has five grandchildren.


Kay will speak about how churches can embrace individuals living with mental illness as well as their families and caregivers. Also, she will provide tips on what has worked in her church, including how congregation can approach their faith leaders.


For more information, click here.


Mani Pavuluri 

The What and The How: Secret Sauce of Intervention for Pediatric Bipolar


Thursday, October 23rd

La Jolla, California

Mani Pavuluri is MD PhD, Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Berger-Colbeth Chair in Child Psychiatry, and the Founding Director of the Pediatric Brain Research And Intervention (BRAIN) Center and the Pediatric Mood Disorders Program at UIC.

 National Depression Screening Day 
It's Free!  Now through October 9th


WHERE: Individuals can locate a mental health screening site or take an online screening by visiting HelpYourselfHelpOthers.org (beginning September 1, 2014).

WHEN: NDSD is October 9, 2014, but screenings may be available in your area as early as September 1, 2014.

HOW: Thousands of organizations nationwide register to host a NDSD event each year. The organizations, including hospitals, community centers, social service agencies, government organizations, older adult facilities, colleges, secondary schools and military installations, provide information about mood and anxiety disorders and offer screenings-in-person or online-to their community. After completing a screening, those who score positive receive referral information to local agencies that offer further evaluation and treatment if needed.

WHY: Depression screening is effective. Results from a 2009 independent research study by the University of Connecticut, commissioned by Screening for Mental Health, states that depression screenings are effective in connecting at-risk individuals with treatment. The study showed that 55% of participants, who completed an online depression screening and who agreed to participate in a follow-up survey, sought depression treatment within three months of the screening.

Be a part of our Inaugural Stigma Busters 5K Fun Run/Walk to Benefit International Bipolar Foundation!

Join us in support of funding research, providing support services and raising awareness for mental health. 


Where: Kit Carson Park           When: October 25th                             REGISTER HERE! 

Our 2015 Gala, Behind the Mask: Changing the Game of Stigma  
will take place May 9, 2015!
International Bipolar Foundation in partnership with North American Center for Continuing Education 
When: November 9, 2015
Where: Anaheim, California

Speakers to include: Dr. Terence Ketter, Dr. David Miklowitz, Dr. Carrie Bearden, Blake Levine and many more...
Register today! 


Susan Page

Nanieve Groenewald

Greg Wohler

Carrie Beth Lin

Musical, NEXT TO NORMAL, Supports IBPF!


The San Diego Musical Theatre (SDMT) is bringing the musical, NEXT TO NORMAL, to San Diego starting this Friday and have asked us to be their community partner. As a community partner, they will feature IBPF in the lobby of the theatre during the run of Next to Normal and will have a place for IBPF materials for the audience to take. At the end of each performance, after the bow, a member of the cast will talk about SDMT's fundraising campaign YOU GIVE. WE GIVE. and will explain that 10% of funds raised at the theatre to support SDMT will then be given as a gift from SDMT split between IBPF and NAMI SD to support the important work we are doing in the community. 


In addition, they would like to offer our constituents a 25% discount on tickets to Next to Normal. This can be redeemed by using the code N2N upon checkout. We hope you can attend one of the performances and help support IBPF! 


View show dates and Buy your tickets here!


Pulitzer-Prize winning rock musical NEXT TO NORMAL, explores how one suburban household copes with crisis and mental illness. NEXT TO NORMAL tells the story of a mother, Diana Goodman, who struggles with bipolar disorder and the effect that her illness has on her family. This contemporary musical is an emotional powerhouse that addresses such issues as grieving a loss, ethics in modern psychiatry, and suburban life. With provocative lyrics and a thrilling score, this musical shows how far two parents will go to keep themselves sane and their family's world intact.
Contains mature themes and language.

*** International Bipolar Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Member(s)
**   International Bipolar Foundation Board Member


You have an opportunity to help us make even more of a difference in our community. GreatNonprofits - a review site like TripAdvisor - is honoring highly reviewed nonprofits with their 2014 Top-Rated List. Won't you help us raise visibility for our work by posting a review of your experience with us? All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It's easy and only takes 3 minutes! 


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"When I came back I couldn't find Nick. I started to make breakfast and still he didn't come in. Finally I decided I had better look for him. As I grabbed my coat from the door I saw one of the guns missing from the rack. I felt cold and sick inside. I dropped my coat and ran outside in the direction of the place he had told me he had been going to do it before. As I passed the barn, there he was sitting on the ground bracing the rifle butt and he had the barrel beside his chin."

In the aftermath of three suicides in his community over a relatively short period, Fe Anam Avis co-founded the Community Response Team and discovered his life's purpose in the area of suicide prevention. In A SECOND DAY: A HOPEFUL JOURNEY OUT OF SUICIDAL THINKING the author asserts that suicide is a community problem that can only be addressed by the community.

The relationship between spirituality and mental health has been the focus of growing interest and research over the last decade. However, the implications for psychiatric classification are only beginning to be systematically explored. Religious and Spiritual Issues in Psychiatric Diagnosis: A Research Agenda for DSM-V gathers for the first time the collective contributions of the prominent clinicians and researchers who participated in the 2006 Corresponding Committee on Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry of the American Psychiatric Association.


Liza Long is the mother of a child who has bipolar disorder. When she heard about the Newtown shooting, her first thought was, "What if my son does that someday?" She wrote an emotional response to the tragedy, which the Boise State University online journal published as "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother." The post went viral, receiving 1.2 million Facebook likes, nearly 17,000 tweets, and 30,000 emails.

Read More

After serving for more than thirty years as a parish minister, the author was hospitalized with major depression. This is the story of his depression and recovery-a recovery of health, vocation, and faith. First, Griggs regained the experience of small pleasures. Eventually, he recovered the ability to choose, to set limits, and to accept reality. He then turned to the biblical Psalms-indeed his own writing echoes their candor. 


Learn more at a screening of Voices, a new documentary telling stories of psychosis and its effect on persons with this condition, their families, and our communities, followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker, mental health experts, and individuals and family members who have experienced severe mental illness first hand. 


Our hand-made beaded bracelet represents IBPF and its cause. Each bracelet is hand beaded onto an elastic band with a copper BEAD RELIEF tag. Each bracelet is $6.00

and 25% of your purchase goes to the International Bipolar Foundation.


Bracelets come in three sizes, 6, 7, 8 inches (S,M,L). Select your size!

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My name is Dr. Mark Matthews. I am a researcher at Cornell University where we are looking at the use of technology by people like yourself who have bipolar disorder. This questionnaire will help my colleagues and me better understand your use of technology which will in turn inform our design of computer tools for people with bipolar disorder.
Please read this form carefully before agreeing to take part in the study.


Sharp Mesa Vista is currently enrolling men and women aged 18-75 with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder for outpatient clinical trials. Eligible participants may receive all study-related care at no cost, and may be reimbursed for time and travel. Participation is confidential and trials are safely conducted under the supervision of experienced physicians and research specialists. For more information, or to see if you qualify for a study, contact

Tonya Bell, RN at 858-836-8373 or tonya.bell@sharp.com

Learn More Here

If you are:
  • Between the ages of 21 and 65
  • Have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder

You are invited to participate in this research study to see how effective the MoodSwings website is at improving the well-being of people with bipolar disorder.



How to Participate

To determine if you are eligible, you will first be asked a few questions on the phone.

You will also be interviewed in person and have a physical exam to make sure it is safe for you to participate.

If you are interested, please call our study coordinator at

(631) 638-2053 



To be eligible you must:

-Be between the ages of 18 and 65

-Have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder

-not use drugs or drink a lot of alcohol


If you choose to participate, you will have a brain scan to measure certain receptors in the brain that may be related to bipolar disorder.  You will be paid a possible total of $400 or more. (HIC 1101007933)


If you are interested and think you may be eligible please call our study coordinator at


The UCSD Department of Psychiatry is seeking volunteers for a research study involving genetics and medication response in Bipolar Disorder.

You may be eligible to participate in the study if you:
*are at least 18 years of age
*have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder
*are willing to take Lithium for mood stabilization

To learn more about the study, please call: 858-642-3590
or, visit our website here 

BEAM is a comprehensive, early-intervention treatment program for Bipolar I Disorder which uses strength-based services to create a two-year plan designed specifically to put individuals and families back on track.

To be eligible for the BEAM program, participants must:

*Have a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder *Have experienced one manic episode

  but no more than three; and
*Be 14-35 or younger;
*Be a San Francisco or San Mateo County Resident *Have Any health insurance (or      uninsured) 

Learn More Here

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