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Greetings all. September in the U.S. is National Recovery Month. We hope you will read some of the articles below as well as look into the "tool kit" offered by SAMHSA.

September also brings attention to Suicide Week and World Suicide Day. This website will give you all the INTERNATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINES. You are NEVER alone. If you are lonely, sad, or feel like giving up, please reach out to someone.

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September 8, 2013
If you are in a crisis,
please call:
1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
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Overcoming Bipolar Disorder, How to Thrive Not Just Survive
with Barry Shainbaum

September 17, 2013 at 8:30 am PST.

Space is limited, reserve your Webinar seat now at:

"Circadian Clocks in Bipolar Disorder" 
with Dr. Michael McCarthy
Thursday, September 12

NEW Location: 
Janssen R&D, LLC
3210 Merryfield Row San Diego, CA 92121

Doors open at 5:45 pm
Lecture begins promptly at 6:00 pm

R.S.V.P required: ajacobs@InternationalBipolarFoundation.org
Event and Parking are free
This lecture will be taped & archived on our website 



Increased risk of developing dementia in patients with bipolar disorder: a nested matched case-control study

Attachment and temperament profiles among the offspring of a parent with bipolar disorder

DSM-5 mixed specifier for manic episodes: Evaluating the effect of depressive features on severity and treatment outcome using asenapine clinical trial data
Association of genetic variation in CACNA1C with bipolar disorder in Han Chinese

Inside Trialog - Trialog inside?

Mandela Day - Celebrities Making Mental Health Matter

World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th of September, a walk is being organised by KZN SOLOS (Survivors of Loved Ones Suicide) and run as an extension of the Durban North Umhlanga Crisis Team with the support of SADAG.

Man Therapy's Dr Brian Ironwood spoke at Suicide Prevention Conference

Say no to stigma! is a new YouTube campaign to spread the word that this prejudice is unacceptable in Australia today

National framework for recovery oriented mental health services

Risky alcohol use in young persons with emerging bipolar disorder is associated with increased oxidative stress

Addiction: The Equal Opportunity Threat to Life

Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder Share the Most Common Genetic Variation

Security Clearances and Psychological Health Care

BLACK SUICIDE: When Prayer Is Not Enough

When Doctors Discriminate

New patterns found in the genetic relationship of 5 major psychiatric disorders

Systematic review of genome-wide gene expression studies of bipolar disorder

Brain scans to diagnose bipolar disorder

Comparison of somnolence associated with asenapine, olanzapine, risperidone, and haloperidol relative to placebo in patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

Attention/Processing speed prospectively predicts social impairment 18 years later in mood disorders

Childhood adversity raises psychopathology risk

Bipolar onset age forecasts depressive problems

Children on antipsychotics have three-fold risk for diabetes

Researchers identify biomarkers for possible blood test to predict suicide risk


** IBPF SAB = International Bipolar Foundation Scientific Advisory Board.
Read about them here
September is National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is a national observance that educates Americans on the fact that addiction treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life. The main focus of the observance is to laud the gains made by those in recovery from these conditions, just as we would those who are managing other health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Recovery Month spreads the positive message that behavioral health is essential to overall health, prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover.

Recovery Month, now in its 24th year, highlights individuals who have reclaimed their lives and are living happy and healthy lives in long-term recovery and also honors the prevention, treatment, and recovery service providers who make recovery possible. Recovery Month promotes the message that recovery in all its forms is possible, and also encourages citizens to take action to help expand and improve the availability of effective prevention, treatment, and recovery services for those in need.

A free downloadable toolkit and other resources are available from SAMHSA at http://recoverymonth.gov


We know that it can be difficult to talk to people when you're having difficulties with your mental health. Doc Ready helps you get ready for the first time you visit a doctor to discuss your mental health.
Info & Advice
Doc Ready has info and advice about what to expect and how to plan speaking to a GP about your mental health.

26th Annual U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress


The 26th Annual U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress (2013 Psych Congress), being held on September 30-October 3, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV, is a national, multiday conference specifically designed for psychiatrists, primary care physicians, psychiatric nurses, physicians assistants, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who seek to increase their knowledge, confidence and abilities to improve patient outcomes pertaining to mental health disorders.

Come see us, we'll have a booth! 


As Co-chair for the Scientific Advisory Board of International Bipolar Foundation, I am pleased to announce that we will once again be able to support a scientific research grant in the amount of $30,000.
John C. Reed, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Proposals must be received by October 1, 2013
  • Applications should not exceed 5 pages in length, including bibliography
  • Open to all scientists worldwide
  • IBPF encourages Young Investigators to apply
  • The primary focus of the research must be bipolar disorder
  • Grant is for $30,000 for 1 year to be paid by Dec. 31, 2013
  • Administrative overhead must not exceed 10%.
If you or someone from your institution applies, you will need to recuse yourself from scoring that proposal.
All proposals should be sent via email to: MWalker.IBPF@gmail.com 
Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon

Are you interested in walking, jogging and/or running? Join the International Bipolar Foundation's Stigma Buster team for the
Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon 1/19/14.

Saturday, September 14th, will be our kick-off meeting for those interested in training with a great group of people! Kick-off will start at 7:00 a.m. at Ventura Cove on Mission Bay. race

Directions: From the south and east, take I-8 to exit 1 for W Mission Bay Dr/Sports Arena Blvd. Turn right at W Mission Bay Dr/Sports Arena Blvd and follow toward W Mission Bay. Take the ramp onto W Mission Bay Dr. Turn right into the parking lot just before the Bahia Hotel and meet next to the restrooms.

From the north, take I-5 to the Sea World Drive exit. Turn right onto Sea World Drive. Merge onto W Mission Bay Dr via the ramp at Ingraham Street/Mission Beach. Follow W Mission Bay Dr. Turn right into the parking lot just before the Bahia Hotel and meet next to the restrooms.

For more information, please contact Ashley at areitzin@internationalbipolarfoundation.org or (858) 764-2496.


Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder, now available on Kindle

here  book




Bipolar Disorder in Canada 










                                                      How to Travel Smart 

Em us for a PDF copy of either: DSmith@InternationalBipolarFoundation.org 





Being Bipolar-Living With Manic-Depressive Disorder by Claudette Cruz
 A Patient's Firsthand Account is an inside look into the mind of a bipolar patient. I've struggled with bipolar disorder all my life, even before I was diagnosed at the age of 16. beyond With this book, I hope to illustrate the daily and continuing struggles that a person with bipolar disorder may face. Thought I hope bipolar people will read this, my main focus is spreading awareness to people who have acquaintances, family members, etc. who suffer from the disease. I hope for acceptance and for understanding for people with mental illness, especially those suffering from bipolar disease.

Evolution of Cocoons: A Mother's Journey Through her Daughter's Bipolar and Asperger's by Vanna Voughtnull
Evolution of Cocoons is a firsthand account of mothering a child who suffers from debilitating mental and developmental illnesses.  The book offers readers an intimate  glimpse into the life of a family reeling from the effects of such diseases; everyone is brave and flawed.  It is an honest, brutal, introspective, and searching look into a life corrupted by a child's imbalanced mind and a mother's search for strength.

The Fierce GoodBye by G. Carr
What does the Bible say on the topic of suicide? What does it not say? G. Lloyd Carr, now professor emeritus of biblical and theological studies at Gordon College, Mass., began to null ask these questions after a precious daughter-in-law died by suicide. He embarked on a thorough canvassing of the scriptures and church history on this topic, which helped him on his grief journey. His poet wife, Gwendolyn C. Carr, found solace in writing out her responses and thoughts in moving, sensitive poetry. Their combined efforts in this distinctive book meld the pain and poignancy of the devastating experience of a family member's suicide with expertise from their respective professions.
Fierce Goodbye is first and foremost a penetrating account of a family dealing with suicide, and offers solid guidance for those who worry about the eternal fate of a loved one. It provides a reliable and readable summary of Christian thinking about suicide, useful for pastors, counselors, students, and teachers.

Girl Scout event in Louisiana on Sept 21 at the Univ of New Orleans. The event is named STEM (Science, Tech, Eng and Math).
We need volunteers to help with  hands on activities for participants.  Presentations would be in a classroom setting, each presentation about 20 -50 minutes long, possibly done 2 or 3 times throughout the day as possible at whatever times are most convenient.  Open air static display and presentation areas are also available for information tables, promotional materials and more elaborate free-flowing stations.
contact Debbie Smith: DSmith@InternationalBipolarFoundation.org


Can you help translate our book, Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder? We currently have a traditional Chinese version but need it translated into ALL languages.

If you can help, even with just 1 chapter, we would be most grateful! Em us: AJacobs@InternationalBipolarFoundation.org
Gracias, σας ευχαριστώ, Merci, 谢谢, Tak, Dziękuję, ขอขอบคุณคุณ, Falemnderit, Kiitos, তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ,

Patient Recruitment
Daily vs. Monthly: Monthly intramuscular injections are offering new pathways for people seeking long-term management for conditions like Bipolar I Disorder. Unlike oral medications which must be taken on a daily basis, monthly injections are designed to help:

Extend time between episodes. 
Keep blood concentrations of medication in the body 
within therapeutic levels. 
Promote greater adherence to treatment. 
All eligible study participants will receive at no cost:

Study-related care and monitoring. 
Study visits with the study doctor. 
Study drugs
Are you eligible? Check here
WeSearchTogether advances depression, bipolar disorder and mood research through encouraging volunteer participation and enhancing community-researcher relationships.
The Delphi Consensus Study
Our new Bipolar Research Blog series explores the people and methods behind our Delphi Consensus Study. Learn more about the experiences of our team of researchers, as they continue on their journey to deepen our understandings of the self-management of bipolar disorder.

If you or a loved one have schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, or a gastrointestinal disorder (including trouble with reflux and/or gastric emptying) and experience involuntary movements in your face or other parts of your body, you may qualify for a medical research study. Each individual must be 18 to 85 years of age, and will be evaluated to determine his or her eligibility. All participants will receive study-related medical exams and lab tests at no charge. Compensation for time and travel may be available.
To learn more, visit www.Kinect2Study.com.
Village Clinical Research Inc., located in Manhattan, is currently conducting several studies for subjects with Bipolar I disorder.
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder or is suffering from extreme mood swings, sleep impairment, depression, elation or irritability, racing thoughts, impaired concentration and impulsivity, please contact us at 646-688-5224. Our team of board-certified psychiatrists and highly-trained research coordinators are available to discuss our Bipolar I studies with you. All study related-care and study-related medication are provided at no cost. No insurance is required.  Please call us today to see if one of our studies would be right for you
research ad
Dr. Leibenluft is seeking children with bipolar disorder; children with very severe irritability (regardless of whether or not they have bipolar disorder) and children who may not have bipolar disorder but who have parents or siblings that have bipolar disorder. If travel is necessary they will pay the travel costs. You can learn more by calling (301)496-8381 or e-mailing bipolarkids@mail.nih.gov.
Bipolar Disorder (Pediatric) Research Studies
The Hospital of the University of Munich is looking for participants for a therapy study with a new method of treatment for depressive symptoms. Implementation of treatments in the outpatient or day-care framework. psy-dTMS-Studie@med.uni-muenchen.de oder einen Anruf unter 089 51 60 58 99. Bitte sprechen Sie ggf. auf den AB. Wir rufen Sie umgehend zurück.



HOPE CEU Series - Depression & Bipolar Workshop
September 13, 2013
Dallas, TX, USA

Please contact for additional information:
Ms. Marie Krebs: 214- 265-7192
12thstepministry@sbcglobal.net Ms. Jenni Hubby: 469- 348-4517 jennihubby@texashealth.org Mr. Philip Van Guilder: 214-505-4553 phil@casapalmera.com


National (U.S.) Suicide Prevention week  

September 8-14, 2013 


Rally for Recovery!

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Rally4Recovery in Providence, RI, USA


DGBS Annual Meeting

26 to 28 September   

Greifswald, Germany  


U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress

Sept 30 - Oct 3

Las Vegas, Nevada


2013 ASBDD Conference 

3 - 5 October 2013 
Melbourne, Australia 


Walking the Four Directions: A Traditional View of Discipline

October 14 - 16, 2013 

First Nations Behavioral Health Association's Society of T.R.U.T.H. announces a workshop for parents, foster/adoptive parents, teachers, juvenile probation workers, group home, detention or shelter home workers, parent trainers, substance abuse workers or anyone that works with Native American youth and families. 

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, Prior Lake, Minnesota, USA

SARDAA conference to learn from the best experts on schizophrenia-related disorders.

October 26, 2013

Houston, TX, USA


World Psychiatric Association International Congress 
27 - 30 October 2013
Barcelona, Spain

Website: www.wpaic2013.org


International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (August 2014)
The 21st World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will be held in Durban next year. Visit http://www.iacapap2014.co.za/ for more information and to book your place now.   


 27th Annual Children's Mental Health Research & Policy Conference will be held March 2 - 5, 2014.   


ISBD meeting

March 18-21, 2014 

Seoul, Korea


The Fourth International Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health Challenges  

Fri April 25th - Sun April, 27th, 2014


Annual International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children(A.P.P.A.C.). The Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel, in Athens, Greece, on 13-16 May 2014  


The Annual Meeting of the International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity

May 25-28, 2014

Athens Greece 

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