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In many countries around the world, Mental Health Awareness Month is being celebrated. We invite you to join all of us in helping to educate at least one person about bipolar disorder and erase the associated stigma.

This month, International Bipolar Foundation will announce our 2013 High School Essay Contest Winners. The topic for their essays was: Changing the Future of Stigma: Bipolar in 2020.

We will host our annual gala: Behind the Mask; Proud as a Peacock, where we will unmask our collage of the faces of people with bipolar disorder and we will announce our Imagine Award Winners.

On May 9, we will host our live lecture with Kim Knox, the inventor of Mood Watch, and throughout the month, we will post special events taking place across the world celebrating and acknowledging mental health awareness.

To those of you who celebrate Mother's Day -we wish you a day of love caring, and support.


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April 28, 2013
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May 9, 2013
   "Meditation, Medication and Magic: Mental Healthy is for Everyone."

Kimberly Knox is a multidisciplinary inventor and of note, a patient with Bipolar I.

Ms. Knox was educated around the world, completing her Bachelors degree in Philosophy of Art and Science at the Union Institute and University. Her patented inventions include US6476069, "Compositions for creating embolic agents and uses thereof" (11 patents), and (US61757086 pat. Pending) Moodwatch, among other notable contributions in chemistry, biofluid mechanics and biomechanical engineering, including awards and publications.

Her work in fine art and fine jewelry include bronze, fiberglas and fiberglas reinforced plasters, glass, gold, platinum and precious stones with a permanent installation in the collection of The Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. The integration-in fact a fusion-of science and art seem to almost compliment this complex mental condition.

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013
Social: 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Lecture: 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm
Location: Sanford Children's Research Center, Building 12
10905 Road to the Cure
San Diego, CA 92121

Event and parking are free!
R.S.V.P. to areitzin@internationalbipolarfoundation.org
You can view all our lectures here
Dr. Jordan Smoller (MGH) is the author of this landmark study Autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia share common genetic risk factors
Dr. Jordan Smoller is Associate Vice Chair of the MGH Department of Psychiatry and Director of Psychiatric Genetics. He is Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. He is Director of the Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit in the MGH Center for Human Genetics Research. Dr. Smoller also serves as co-director of the Genetics and Genomics Unit of the MGH Clinical Research Program. At Harvard Medical School, he has served as Director of the Translational Genetics and Bioinformatics Program of the Harvard Catalyst. He is also Science Director of the Science of Health and Development Initiative at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. Dr. Smoller is an Associate Member of the Broad Institute and a Senior Scientist at the Broad's Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research.

Dr. Smoller earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and his medical degree at Harvard Medical School. After completing residency training in psychiatry at McLean Hospital, Dr. Smoller received masters and doctoral degrees in epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. He also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the NIMH Training Program in Psychiatric Genetics.

The focus of Dr. Smoller's research interests has been the identification of genetic determinants of childhood and adult psychiatric disorders. Dr. Smoller and colleagues have also been studying pharmacogenetic predictors of treatment response and the ways in which advances in genetics may impact clinical practice in psychiatry. He is an author of more than 200 scientific articles, book chapters and reviews; the recipient of numerous research awards; and a principal investigator on NIH-funded studies of the genetics of anxiety and the genetics of bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia as well as brain imaging phenotypes. He is also the author of The Other Side of Normal (HarperCollins/William Morrow, 2012).


Do-it-Yourself Sanity: Strategies to Use at Home

fruchey Join us for a Webinar on May 16, 2013 at 9:00 am PST.

Space is limited, reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Deborah Fruchey is the author of Is There Room for Me, Too? 12 Steps & 12 Strategies for Coping with Mental Illness. Her first novel was chosen as a Best Book by the American Booksellers Association In 1987, and in the same year was diagnosed as Bipolar. Ms Fruchey has spent nearly 20 years compiling information, with the help of Dr. David Kallinger, so that future patients could have a simple, down-to-earth book about successful living with mental illness. She blogs on mental health issues, lectures for NAMI's In Our Own Voice program, and produces meditation albums with her husband. You can visit her at www.lafruche.net.  




'see me' launches new campaign
: Just Listen. You Could Change a Life 'see me's new campaign has launched and will run through the end of June. The campaign urges Scots to get talking about mental ill-health and to listen to what is said. Support makes all the difference.  More detailed information about how to talk about mental ill-health can be found on our website www.seemescotland.org/justlisten.

Mental health victims need help not jail

Children at risk of suicide 'need more protection'

Fears as mental health beds cut

Mental Health Awareness Week: May 13-19
(see information about events in the Save the Date section below)

Genetic tests may help bipolar disorder patients

New report sets out agenda for achieving parity between mental and physical health

Researcher makes mental health recommendations in leading running magazine

Actor Stephen Rea: Ireland not doing enough to tackle male suicide rates

One third of people with bipolar disorder unable to work - report

The power of prayer: Believing in God can help treat depression

Educating the public about bipolar disorder
(IBPF President Muffy Walker interviewed for this article)

Health Care and Education Reform: Make Room for Children's Mental Health

Seeking A Safer Alternative To Lithium For Bipolar Disorder

Seasonal Patterns Evident In Google Searches About Mental Illness

Gene Expression In Patients Treated With Antipsychotics Is Similar To Expression In Non-Bipolar Brains

Mood lability among offspring of parents with bipolar disorder and community controls

Differentiating Bipolar Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified and Severe Mood Dysregulation

DSM-5 and Bipolar Disorder: The Asheville Jung Center Explores One of America's Trending Disorders
Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1176237#ixzz2RmJZULZ0

Bipolar disorder emerges in college students

Genetic fatalism in mental disorders

(see information about events in the Save the Date section below)

Om selfmoord te de-stigmatiseer: moet ons die term selfmoord na selfdood verander?

Mental Illness And Heavy Cannabis Use Often Go Hand-In-Hand

Cognitive style in bipolar disorder sub-types

Beyond the baby blues: perspectives of women diagnosed with a mood disorder on children, pregnancy and medication

Online bipolar disorder screening tool shown to improve lives

Scans reveal key difference in mental disorders

Internalized stigma and intimate relations in bipolar and schizophrenic patients: A comparative study

Religiosity, mood symptoms, and quality of life in bipolar disorder


** IBPF SAB = International Bipolar Foundation Scientific Advisory Board.
Read about them here


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Featuring: The Power of Two
Coping with bipolar disorder can be a team effort, especially for couples. The cover story of our new Spring issue takes a look at how to keep a relationship healthy with mood shifts and bipolar symptoms in the mix-and how to enlist your partner as an ally in recovery.

Some things to consider:

Do you both know early warning signs of an episode?
Have you figured out what role you want your partner to play in your care?
Is there a crisis plan in place? More here
Congratulations to Singer/Songwriter Honoree, Michael Angelakos
 Michael Angelakos, lead singer and songwriter for the popular indie band Passion Pit, receives an Erasing the Stigma award today from Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in Beverly Hills. Click here to read more about Michael and Erasing the Stigma.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!




This Year's Volunteer of the Year



Iris with our Program Manager Ashley at our Volunteer Tea  



6 Secrets Special Needs Moms Know But Won't Tell You

I am a special needs mom. And I have secrets. Things I don't talk about and other moms don't know -- or maybe they just forgot about along the way.

Here are 6 of them  

If you would like to honor a special mom, please go to our Memory Wall
(a donation is requested, but not required)
From another special mom:
The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder

The last time I saw my old self, I was 27 years old and living in Boston. I was doing well in graduate school, had a tight circle of friends and was a prolific creative writer. Married to my high-school sweetheart, I had just had my first child. Back then, my best times were twirling my baby girl under the gloaming sky on a Florida beach and flopping on the bed with my husband - feet propped against the wall - and talking. The future seemed wide open. here

How to Approach Senior Care When a Loved One Has Mental Illness
Discussing long-term senior care and assisted living with elderly loved ones can be tough, but when a senior loved one suffers from bipolar disorder or other mental health issues, a tough topic can turn combustible. We asked our experts for strategies to help ease the conversation . here


mental health ministries
Responding to Traumatic Events

Our country continues to come together as we all work to move forward and heal from many tragic and traumatic events. The senseless shootings in Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona, the bombings in Boston, letters to government officials laced with ricin, have affected us all. While we can't always know the motivations for these tragic and senseless acts, we do know that these events significantly impact families, communities and our nation. These events can trigger feelings of anxiety and fear for many of us not directly involved, especially with the media coverage that bombards us with images 24 hours a day. Mental Health America has developed guidelines to help Americans respond and cope with tragic events. These can be found at www.mentalhealthamerica.net/go/information/coping-with-disaster

It has been heartwarming to see how communities have come together to support and help each other. It has been inspiring to see first responders and ordinary citizens rush in to help total strangers, open their homes, provide food and help comfort the frightened victims. Faith leaders have offered the ministry of presence and congregations have opened their doors as places of healing and hope. Memorial services with leaders of all faith traditions have offered prayers and solace.
Resources to Help those Affected by Trauma
The United Methodist General Board of Discipleship has created a list of resources to help those affected cope with the bombings. Resources include articles on how to deal with trauma (including how to talk with children about the events in Boston), hymns and songs in response to terrorism, music for an offertory prayer song and appropriate calls to worship. You can find the resources by clicking here
Suicide of Pastor Rick Warren's Son Leads to Discussion on
How Faith Communities View Mental Illness

We were all saddened by the news of the suicide of Matthew Warren, son of Pastor Rick Warren, author of the best seller, The Purpose Driven Life, and we lift prayers for the Warren family in this time of great loss. Matthew's suicide has led to a national conversations about how our beliefs can prevent people from getting the help they need because of the stigma and shame associated with mental illness.
The Washington Post had an article, "Suicide of Star Pastor Rick Warren's Son Sparks Debate about Mental Illness." For example, is depression the result of sinful behavior for which one should seek forgiveness? Well-known evangelical figures called for an end to the shame and secrecy that still surrounds mental illness throughout U.S. society and a greater embrace of medical treatment, particularly among evangelicals.
The topic of mental illness and church silence has gained steam lately because of the school shootings in Newtown, Conn. Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, were among the major leaders previously scheduled to attend a meeting in a few weeks to help form a clearer Christian approach to mental health.
Another participant is Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page, whose daughter Melissa killed herself in 2009 at the age of 32. Page said that the problem of stigma is a societal one but that "most churches aren't stepping up to the plate to talk about the elephant in the room." He said the "niceties in Christian society" are a roadblock, but theology can appear to be one too. While this dialogue among our faith communities is important and welcome, we must continue to keep all families affected by mental illness and suicide in our thoughts and prayers. Read more at www.washingtonpost.com.



Kevin has reached international audiences with his story of an unlikely survival and will to live. When Kevin was 19-years old and recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he attempted to take his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. He is one of thirty-three to survive the fall and has, miraculously, regained full mobility despite the life-threatening injuries he sustained from his attempt.

He is also the only survivor who is actively spreading the message of living mentally healthy around the country and the globe.

Since, Kevin has become an award-winning international speaker, author, and mental health advocate. He has been featured in the critically acclaimed film "The Bridge,"on Larry King Live, 20/20, Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America, and Ireland's famed Tonight with Vincent Brown. In 2012, he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding work as a suicide prevention advocate and speaker. He has also been recognized by SAMSHA as a Voice Awards Fellow and Award Winner, an Achievement Winner by Veterans Affairs, and he has received a Three Star Marine Generals Medal Award in addition to his numerous accolades.

Kevin's will to live and stay mentally well has inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. His compelling story has touched diverse audiences on university campuses, organizations, corporations, clergy, military, clinicians, the medical community, community organizations, and international conferences. Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt is his first book.  


Each month Kevin will be blogging for us. Here is his blog for May.


At the Moment of Importance: Discouragement Trumps All

By: Kevin Hines


At the very moment you're diagnosed as "mentally ill," you need your family's comfort, support and encouragement. Instead, most mental illness diagnoses are followed with the words: "Snap out of it" or, "this is just a phase and it will pass." Some patients are even tormented by the question: "Why are you always so dramatic?" And, the terrible cliché "it's all in your head."


The reality is, yes, mental illnesses do reside in the brain and since the brain is the most powerful organ in the human body, mental illness if far more than being too much inside one's head: this is what causes the erratic behavior, the depression, changes in the sleep/wake cycle that often accompany a mental illness. read the rest here



Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder, now available on Kindle

here  book


Thanks so much for the bipolar book you sent.  It's one of the best I've seen for laypeople and it's very comprehensive - it covers a lot!  I'm still reading it and then I'm giving it to my son.
Love, Kristy    

Did you know our book now comes in a Chinese translation?

Detroit Public Television Undertakes Groundbreaking New Documentary on Entrepreneurs and Bipolar Disorder  

 Detroit Public Television (DPTV) has received pre-production funding for the creation of "Ride The Tiger: Entrepreneurs and Bipolar Disorder" (w/t), a ground-breaking public television documentary that seeks to explore the dynamics of bipolar disorder in combination with success in business leadership. more here 
Watch the film's trailer @ http://tinyurl.com/aquorl3
Thrive Magazine -Your Guide to Mental Wellness

thrive The first edition of Thrive Magazine was a huge success. The magazine, sponsored by Pick 'n Pay, covered topics like brain chemistry, finding the right therapist,and had a wonderful interview with writer and bipolar sufferer Rahla Xenopoulos. Watch out for the second issue, coming out soon. The magazine will be running a competition for another 10 subscriptions, which are worth R97 each - all those who sign up for the monthly newsletter by mid - May will go into the draw, Click here to subscribe.
Through the Withering Storm
by Leif Gregersen
Through the Withering Storm: A Brief History of a Mental Illness is the autobiography of a boy who becomes a man in a cold and seemingly impossible world.  This book, with foreword by prominent psychiatrist Dr. Brian Bishop, takes the reader through the true life horror of growing up mentally ill.  The author shows us what it is like to juggle  school, a dysfunctional family, a 'career' as an Air Cadet and all the emotions and troubles that come with adolescence - until genetics throws in a curve ball and the worst imaginable happens.
Turning Point brings bipolar documentary to Skokie
"Take your best day and your darkest moment and multiply by a million," says someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder in "Of Two Minds," an enlightening and empathetic documentary on a condition that affects more than five million people. more here

RECOMMENDED BY bp Magazine!!!
Ellen Forney, author of MARBLES, will be discussing her book at Warwick's Bookstore in La Jolla, CA


Thanks to all the passionate advocates who have expressed their support for life-saving assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), the Senate Committee on Health yesterday voted to make local implementation of Laura's Law easier. The committee vote was 7 to 2 in favor of SB 664 and 9 to 0 favor of SB 585.

SB 664, sponsored by Senators Yee and Wolk removes the requirement that each county board of supervisors must pass a specific resolution with a finding that no voluntary program shall be reduced in order to implement AOT. It also clarifies that counties can cap the number of people in an AOT program according to their resources.
SB 585, sponsored by Senators Steinberg, Correa and Wolk, makes critical changes to clarify that Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) - and other funds within the mental health system - may indeed be used for AOT ("Laura's Law").
SB 664 will move straight to the Senate floor and SB 585 will move to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Our work is not yet done! Please help!!

Please continue to reach out to your senators and urge them to support these bills. We will alert you to the times and dates of upcoming Appropriations hearings and Senate floor votes. Then the bills will move to the Assembly for a similar committee process.

Continue to advocate with your Board of Supervisors to implement Laura's Law now. We need it in our communities to save lives and help people with severe mental illness recover and stay well.


Living With Bipolar Disorder Film Screening + Panel Discussion
on May 2nd from 6-8pm @ VA Medical Center in San Diego, CA (IBPF will have a resource table)
AFSP is hosting a special screening of our new educational film, Living with Bipolar Disorder. This film provides a review of bipolar disorder by clinical expert Dr. Joe Calabrese (on our Scientific Advisory Board) from Case Medical Center - Cleveland, Ohio. The film also features the stories as told by three people who have been treated for bipolar disorder as well as the widow of a man who died by suicide who suffered from bipolar. Following the film presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with a panel of local experts in the field of mental illness and bipolar disorder. Admission is FREE. Please RSVP to sandiego@afsp.org to be put on the guest list.
U.S. National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
Thursday, May 9, 2013
The Ceilidh Club is holding a special Ceilidh to kick off Mental Health Awareness Week: Friday 10th May in Camden, London
Dancing's a great way to get active, and it's fun and sociable as well!
IBPF GALA: Behind the Mask: Proud as a Peacock 
May 11, 2013
Estancia Resort, La Jolla, CA USA 
"When to Worry: The 5 Most Common Mental Health Issues Faced by Teens"  
Please join us for an evening with Dr. Thomas Jensen, psychiatrist and Medical Director of the International Bipolar Foundation. In private practice, Dr. Jensen specializes in pediatric and adolescent psychiatry. Monday, May 13, 6:30 - 8:30pm at the  
Fusion Academy Solana Beach Campus 512 Via De La Valle, Suite 201 Solana Beach, CA  
Mental Health Awareness Week  
2013 is 13th-19th May
CAHM Forum for Healthy Minds
Flyer with details here
May 18; 8:30-3:30p
Poway, CA, USA
American Psychiatric Association 166th Annual Meeting 
18 - 22 May 2013
San Francisco, CA

Website: www.psych.org/annualmeeting

Blue Rose Girls Fashion Show
May 19, 2013,
Barona Golf Conference Center, San Diego, CA 
"FACING THE DRAGON" of Bipolar Disorder
DATE :      Saturday 25 May 2013
TIME :       8.30 for 9:00am - 1:00pm (Tea will be served @ 10.30AM)
South Africa. Facing the Dragon flyer 
The first ever London-based Art and Mental Health Festival. June 2014

DBSA 2013 National Conference 

June 15-17, 2013, Miami, FL   


ICBD Annual Conference

June 15-18, 2013, Miami, FL  


World Psychiatric Association International Congress

June 18-23, 2013

Istanbul, Turkey


NAMI National Conference

June 27-30, 2013

San Antonio, TX USA


DGBS Annual Meeting

26 to 28 September   

Greifswald, Germany  


2013 ASBDD Conference 

3 - 5 October 2013
Melbourne, Australia 
Website: www.bipolardisorders.com.au


World Psychiatric Association International Congress 
27 - 30 October 2013
Barcelona, Spain

Website: www.wpaic2013.org


International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (August 2014)
The 21st World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will be held in Durban next year. Visit http://www.iacapap2014.co.za/ for more information and to book your place now.  

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