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All of us at International Bipolar Foundation send you warm wishes for a holiday filled with love and good health.

If your holidays just aren't as "happy" as you would hope or you're starting to feel anxious about their arrival, here is an article I wrote to help you cope. here


To your health,


Muffy Walker


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December 11, 2012   
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                   Psychiatric association approves changes
                                    to diagnostic manual  DSM

The DSM's Controversial Update: Pushing back on the DSM's controversial update.

Experts React to DSM-V Approval

The Long Battle to Rethink Mental Illness in Children

 What is  Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)? It is characterized as follows:
A. Severe recurrent temper outbursts that are grossly out of proportion in intensity or duration to the situation.
B.  The temper outbursts are manifest in the form of verbal rages or physical aggression towards people or property.
C. The temper outbursts are inconsistent with developmental level.
D. The temper outbursts occur, on average, three or more times per week.
E.  Nearly every day, most of the day, the mood between temper outbursts is persistently irritable or angry.
F.  The irritable or angry mood is observable by others (e.g., parents, teachers, peers).
G.  The diagnosis should not be made for the first time before age 6 or after age 18.
H. The onset of these symptoms is before age 10 years.
I. There has never been a distinct period lasting more than one day during which abnormally elevated or expansive mood was present most of the day, and the abnormally elevated or expansive mood was accompanied by the onset or worsening, of three of the criteria of mania (such as grandiosity or inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, pressured speech, flight of idea, distractibility, increase in goal directed activity, or excessive involvement in activities with a high potential for painful consequences).
J. The behaviors do not occur exclusively during an episode of Major Depressive Disorder and are not better accounted for by another mental disorder. The symptoms are not due to the effects of a drug or to a general medical or neurological condition.  

December 13 lecture with guest speaker,
Marlene Nadler-Moodie MSN, APRN, PMHCNS-BC
"The Inpatient Experience- what you need to know"

Social: 5:30-6:00pm
Lecture: 6:00-7:00pm
"The Inpatient Experience- what you need to know"

Most often treatment and interventions for mental health challenges are cared for on an outpatient basis. Sometimes the safety of a hospital for an emergency stay is necessary and may come suddenly and surprisingly for you and/or those you love and care for. Our speaker has over forty years of experience working in psychiatric inpatient settings as an advanced practice nurse and will share with you what that experience is like if you find yourself in need of that level of care.


Ms. Nadler-Moodie is currently in full time, self-employed practice as a consultant to hospitals regarding psychiatric care, regulatory, quality and nursing issues.. In addition she is the Clinical Nurse Specialist at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Behavioral Health Services as she has for the past 17 years. In addition Ms. Nadler-Moodie is a Psychiatric Hospital Surveyor for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and periodically an adjunct professor for National University.

She has worked in the field of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing for more than 40 years, at least 35 years as an Advanced Practice Nurse. Ms. Nadler-Moodie has worked in many settings including inpatient acute care psychiatry and consultation-liaison, outpatient, home care, quality assurance and staff development as well as education. She pioneered a Scatter-Bed system of hospitalizing acute psychiatric patients on general medical units and for many years she was the curriculum developer, coordinator and primary instructor for the University of California, San Diego Certificate Program in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing.

Ms. Nadler-Moodie is the co-author of a book about general hospital psychiatry and is the primary author and co-author of recent publications in professional journals regarding New Graduate Residency Programs direct into Psychiatry, SAFE (Specialty Adult Focused Environments) units, The One Hour Face to Face Assessment of Patient's in Restraints and Psychiatric Emergencies in Med-Surg. She is a guest presenter on these and similar topics both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Nadler-Moodie is an active member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association currently serving as President. She is a member of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists and its California Affiliate, the CACNS and served for eight years as a Content Expert for ANCC's Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist Panel. Currently she is a core member of the Emergency Nurses Association's Psychiatric Education Committee which is working on an electronic educational program for emergency room nurses in the care of psychiatric and/or behaviorally problematic patients.

In 2009, she was honored with the American Psychiatric Nurses Association's Annual Psychiatric Nurse of the Year Award.

Sanford Children's Research Center (Building 12)
10905 Road to the Cure
San Diego, CA 92121
5:30-6:00 Social
6:00-7:00 Lecture and Q&A

Please R.S.V.P. To areitzin@internationalbipolarfoundation.org
Event and Parking are free
Tickets are now on sale!!
January 24, 2013
The "REAL" Informant: Mark Whitacre
Mark Whitacre
Luncheon & Lecture
Estancia Hotel, La Jolla, CA
Tickets are $65 per person
This event WILL sell out, please reserve tickets today by contacting Ashley: areitzin@internationalbipolarfoundation.org


Comedy Crusader; David Granirer

Why Don't We Support Families Coping with Mental Illnesses?
"My crazy heart is excited again
 It was taken prisoner by love again
 There is nothing valuable but love
 My heart is surrendered to love again"
by,  Korkut Vata

Mental Health Care in Decline

THRIVE - Your Guide to Mental Wellness Announcing the launch ofthe first SA mental health magazine! Be inspired and informed!


DGBS Hausarztbroschüre

Mortality of 403 patients with mood disorders 48 to 52 years after their psychiatric hospitalisation

NHS Mandate must make parity of esteem a reality across England, says Centre for Mental Health

What is the link between creativity and mental illness? Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive
A recent study claims that ''people in creative professions are treated more often for mental illness than the general population."
In fact the study showed that only one 'mental illlness' - bipolar disorder - is more common in creative professions and the report actually suggests those professions are less likely to suffer from mental illnesses.
I have concerns that misleading news stories or unclear press releases can reinforce stigma and stereotypes. A central role of the Foundation is to fight against this. Creativity and the arts actually promote wellbeing and many people with mental health problems value the arts as a self-management tool promoting their recovery. 

Police custody is not an appropriate place for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis

Studying press conference without barriers
In our country, people are brilliant too often prevented from studying in high school - just because they live with a physical or mental disability or chronic illness. These were the findings of a study published in 2010 in which more than 80% of the high schools participated. Lack of knowledge and confusion towards disability are often the cause of obstacles.

Pregnant Women With Bipolar Disorder May Have Higher Risk of Premature Birth

Gene variations linked to a higher risk of bipolar disorder

Long-Term Use of Some Antipsychotics Not Warranted in Older Adults: Study

Calling all people with questions about how to improve children's mental health - PCORI funding available
Okay research-oriented Network faithful. Now that you've read the draft research methods guidelines, it's time to rock the grant writing. It's not often that we get down on our knees and beg... but we are begging researchers in the children's mental health arena to get involved with the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). They are looking to fund quality research in a variety of areas that are right in your wheelhouse. here

Nutrient-based therapies for bipolar disorder: a systematic review

ADHD comorbidity can matter when assessing cortical thickness abnormalities in patients with bipolar disorder

Sunovion advances drug for bipolar disorder

Treatment Issues for Bipolar Disorder in Women

Pediatricians' Role in Treating Bipolar Disorder in Teens

Total white matter hyperintensity volume in bipolar disorder patients and their healthy relatives.

Federal Law Could Help Half Million Californians Get Mental Health Treatment

Bipolar - A treatable Illness

NIH Announces Functional Merger of NIAAA and NIDA

The Long Battle to Rethink Mental Illness in Children


Bipolar disorder prevalent in panic disorder patients

Usefulness of the combined application of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire and Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale in screening for bipolar disorder.

Differential relations between fronto-limbic metabolism and executive function in patients with remitted bipolar I and bipolar II disorder.

Methodological differences between pharmacological treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder: what to do for the clinicians?


My name is Matrika Devkota, self advocate in the field of mental health. I am mental health service users and running mental health self help organization called KOSHISH which mean try or an effort. Our main focus of work is mainly in de-stigmatization, public awareness and creating self help peer support program among the mental health service users.

The association of the effect of lithium in the maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder with lithium plasma levels: a post hoc analysis of a double-blind study comparing switching to lithium or placebo in patients who responded to quetiapine

Altered cognition, attitudes mostly state related in bipolar disorder

Long-term cortisol in bipolar disorder: Associations with age of onset and psychiatric co-morbidity.

bpmag logo 
Help for the holidays

The holiday season can intensify grief for those who have lost a loved one, and that can trigger a mood shift. Nancy Kiel, bereavement coordinator for Loyola University Health System, has these coping suggestions:
Hold a family discussion about changing traditions that make your loved one's absence more apparent.
Start new traditions that honor your loved one. For example, light a special candle or have everyone at the dinner table share a favorite memory.
Skip the mall to reduce your stress. Consider giving gift cards or shopping online. Remember the holiday is not just about presents, but about gathering with caring and supportive people. read more


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Psych Central 

Mixing Meds and Alcohol

The Gluten - Mood Connection

Tracking your medication history

Bipolar as love thief

                                     THANK YOU!!!!
"This holiday season I am grateful for a lot, not the least of which is  all you do and the amazing work of International Bipolar Foundation.
Hearing the Webinars, reading up-to date information about the illness and hopeful areas of research, attending meetings and support groups has been invaluable!!"

Your friend, P.G.
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Carlsbad Race Volunteers Needed!
International Bipolar Foundation is still accepting volunteers to be part of their cheer mile at the Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, January 27, 2013 (05:30 AM - 12:30 PM). IBPF will have one of the best miles in the race along Pacific Coast Highway near Tamarack Beach and Palomar Airport Road. If you or someone you know would like to sign up to be a volunteer, Click here race  

pill bottles  


"Bipolar Sufferers Struggle with the Cost of Medications"

New benefit to International Bipolar Foundation members can help you reduce your medication costs immediately

Discount Drug Network is a national consumer advocacy organization that offers free access to insurance-like pricing on bipolar medications without insurance premiums
Accepted at every major pharmacy in the US
Every Major Bipolar medication is covered-Prices and discounts vary throughout the country
Completely discreet-No personal information is required, just print the card and begin using it
Do not go off of your medications over fear that your boss will find out what medications you are taking
Great opportunity for the elderly who often struggle when they enter the Medicare Doughnut hole or for under or uninsured suffers
If you are a care provider in the bipolar community
No Fee to IBPF members
For more information on the program and how it works, or to access your discounts now, please   click here 


mental health ministries
  Mental Health Ministries e-Spotlight
Winter 2012

Resources for the Holiday Season

We know that the holiday season can magnify the stresses of everyday life for most of us but especially persons living with a mental illness. This Spotlight includes information and resources for faith leaders, family members and friends and who may find the holidays a difficult time.

Brochure - Mental Illness: Coping with the Holidays
This holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy, parties and gatherings with friends and family. But the holidays can be a stressful time under the best of conditions. The commercialization of the holiday season bombards us with unrealistic expectations especially in this troubled economy. The brochure, Mental Illness: Coping with the Holidays, provides helpful self care tips for persons living with a mental illness, tips for families and friends and tips for communities of faith. You can download this resource from the Mental Health Ministries website in English or Spanish.

Blue Christmas and Blue Holiday Worship Services
Not everyone is up and cheery for the holidays. Some people feel blue as in "the blues" at Christmas. Dealing with the death of a loved one, facing life after divorce or separation, coping with the loss of a job or of a home, living with cancer, struggling with chronic mental illness or other dis-ease make the holiday festivities a difficult and painful time for many persons in our congregations and in our communities.

Faith communities are increasingly attentive to the needs of people who are "blue" during this holiday season. They are creating sacred space and hospitable settings to include those who face various kinds of losses, grief or depression. Such services are reflective, accepting the reality of where we are emotionally. They offer a message of hope and the assurance of God's presence with us in the midst of our darkness. These services are known as Blue Christmas or the Longest Night. We are including a Blue Holiday service for non Christians.

There are numerous examples of these services on the internet. We have four sample services on the Home page. The first two are ones that I have used and the third service and the Blue Holiday service were created by Bonnie Kinschner with One Mind Mental Illness Ministry, www.OneMindMentalIllnessMinistry.com.

Article: Healing Hymns
I came across a short article in the November 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping titled, Healing Hymns. It referenced a study from the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I wrote the lead author, Dr. Jill Hamilton, and received permission to include the entire article, You Need a Song to Bring You Through: The Use of Religious Songs to Manage Stressful Life Events. While the study focuses on the African American community, it includes many excellent references to studies on faith and spirituality done by Dr. Harold Koenig and others.

The study found that religion expressed through song was a coping strategy for participants experiencing stressful life events who described feelings of being comforted, strengthened, able to endure, uplifted, and able to find peace by turning to religious songs. As we plan services for people who may find the holidays a difficult time, it is helpful to remember that familiar hymns can connect us to our faith and provide comfort at any time during the year.

The short review of the article, Healing Hymns: For a Holiday Season Boost, can be viewed here


Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder, now available on Kindle

here  book


 Did you know we have different country-specific chapters?





Marbles by Ellen Forney
When you think of mental illness, you don't often think of comics; but for cartoonist Ellen Forney, the two came crashing together just before her 30th birthday. That's when she found out she has bipolar disorder, a diagnosis that finally explained her super-charged highs and debilitating lows. marbles

Now that diagnosis is also the subject of Forney's new graphic memoir. It's called Marbles, as in losing one's marbles - a hint that this memoir is both painful and funny. It opens just after a wild trip to a tattoo parlor leads Forney to a psychiatrist. She joins NPR's Renee Montagne to discuss what that psychiatrist told her and how she came to reconcile her illness with her artwork

My Bipolar Mind
The Highs and Lows by Lucius M. Johnson Sr.
"My Bipolar Mind," authored by Lucius M. Johnson, Sr., is a book about one man's mind book experiences and insights from a lifetime of living with bipolar disorder. This easy-to-read book contains interesting stories, poems, and thoughts that any reader can relate to his or her own life as seen through the eyes of someone with bipolar disorder.
The Manic Poet by Lucius M. Johnson Sr.
"My Bipolar Mind II: The Manic Poet" is the second book by Lucius M. Johnson, Sr., filled with stories and poems detailing more of his experiences dealing with a life shaped by living with a bipolar disorder.
                                 TRAVELING WITHIN THE U.S.A.?
TSA can help!
Traveling this Holiday season? Introducing the TSA Cares Program!
Contact TSA Cares      plane

If you are flying in or out of San Diego, CA, USA International Airport:
If you are traveling with a child with autism or any other disability and/or medical condition this coming holiday season, Cheryl and her team can help make your experience at the airport less stressful and assist you and your loved ones though the security screening process. This is a FREE service provided by TSA. To take advantage of this valuable program for your family, call Cheryl Paine 619-321-1324

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Conference with Pete Wright, Esq.
San Diego, CA
Friday, February 1, 2013  more information here
Everyday, we receive dozens of emails from parents (and teachers) that begin with the word Help!

You are not alone if you have been tempted to send an email that begins with "help," requesting legal advice from Wrightslaw.
Most parents do not need an attorney - they need a plan.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you will learn how to handle a parent-school crisis, what to do if you think your child's rights have been violated, and how to avoid power struggles with the school.
Educational planning for gifted children who have special educational needs must address the gifted and special needs sides of these unique children.

Because giftedness can mask special needs - and special needs can hide giftedness - school personnel often label twice-exceptional kids as "lazy" and "unmotivated."

Giftedness does not open the door to special education services and an IEP.

of the Special Ed Advocate you'll find articles, advocacy advice, resources, book recommendations, and free publications about making good educational decisions for a twice-exceptional child.
Is your child in trouble at school? Does your child have a behavior problem?

What are the school's obligations for a child with behavior problems?

Parents, teachers and administrators need to know about the right to FAPE, the role of the IEP team, functional behavior assessments, and behavior intervention plans.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, we answer questions about behavior assessments, positive intervention plans and supports, and what you can do to get help for children with behavior problems. You will also find behavior & discipline parenting and teaching tips.
Why do schools continue to use reading programs that are not based on research?

The fact that most schools fail to use research-based reading programs that are implemented by trained teachers is the main reason why only 32 percent of children are proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, Advocate Sue Whitney answers your questions about reading programs, reading assessments, and how to get a better reading program for your child. 

Welcome Jill, Maureen, Erika, Corrine, & Deborrah

our newest bloggers


I love the Beatles & the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm a nerd at heart. I love photography & writing & adventures. Kayaking & biking are my physical activities of choice. I like jill zombies (who doesn't nowadays!) & the rain & the ocean & Vancouver. I really love my cat THHMMQ & my family. I love lots of things, especially love. I am happily planning my wedding with my amazing fiance.
I am currently working my booty off at a medical clinic, while also finishing up my degree in Education. I am a Community Correspondent for Partners for Mental Health. I like to pretend I'm a real-life mental health advocate. Check out my blog, Choose Good, at choosegoodproject.com
My name is Maureen, and I am forty years old.  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about eight years ago.  I have battled depression since my teens and was diagnosed with it in my late twenties, while struggling with a stressful career and difficult marriage. My maureen episodes became longer and more debilitating, and short-lived bursts of energy and activity followed.  After one particularly difficult episode, I was unable to work and barely able to function.  At this point, I was given the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  Soon after, I lost my job, my marriage, many "friends," and my independence.  Today, with the help of meds and therapy, I am fairly stable.  I have returned to college to work toward a degree in counseling and hope to work full-time again soon, helping others with mood disorders.  My goals and dreams have changed, but for me, finding a new sense of purpose has been some of the best medicine. Self-care and stress management remain large components of my daily routine. My recovery journey continues to be a long one, challenging yet rewarding.  I hope this blog can provide a source of inspiration as it challenges the stigma surrounding mental illness in today's society.
Erika is a college student with a passion for mental health advocacy. This passion stems from hir experiences as both a consumer with mental illness and as the loved one of those with a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues. Ze is particularly interested in mental health issues within the LGBTQ+ community and mental health erika issues among children and young adults. Hir writing can be found throughout the mental health blogesphere, including popular postings at The Mindstorm (written by parent advocate Chrisa Hickey) and the official blog of best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Pete Early. Erika has also been involved with a variety of mental health non-profits throughout hir time in the community. When not blogging and advocating, Erika can be found snuggling with hir cats, reading obscure medical literature, and pondering her next move.

My name is Corrin Elizabeth Ofori. I am thirty-one years old. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for just about ten years and it has been a constant struggle. I have seen numerous psychiatrists, and have settled down with a bipolar specialist. I have seen an corrine even higher number of therapists, and am currently in the process of settling down with one as we speak. I have also sought after spiritual healing which has worked wonders in the past. I have been off medication once in the span of 10 years for approximately three months (with the preceding 6 months under the care of a psychiatrist for the purpose of weaning me off all medication.) I am now back on medication. I am somewhat stable but definitely have my off days. The key to such days is being easy on myself when this happens. I have a full time job as an electrical installer working on helicopters for the government. I have a huge support system comprised of family and friends, most importantly my husband of two years who is an absolute blessing. I take my blogs and my experiences very seriously. This may not be the most uplifting peak into a person's life, at times, that has been diagnosed with bipolar, but it is my journey. I own it and I'm proud of the strides I've made. I know how difficult it is to relate to others in general. When I read other authors insight on their personal lives, I feel a certain connection, which in turn reassures me that I am truly not alone. I hope you enjoy my words, as much as I enjoy sharing them.
Deborrah B. is a work-from-home writer/blogger and social media strategist from Mesa, AZ. Though she is new in the bipolar community she's had Type II symptoms since high deb school which went undiagnosed until 2003. New to being medically-compliant, she tries to offer a humorous look at the disorder and the situations in which those diagnosed find themselves.


David Granirer Honored with  2012 DBSA Life Unlimited Award



SAMHSA Report Reveals 20 Percent of U.S. Adults Experienced Mental Illness in the Past Year 





Ask an Expert: Education Roundtable
December 12, 10-12; San Diego, CA

Music, Film & Holiday Treats
Free Event: ME2/orchestra
Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.
Chill Out Center, Burlington Town Center, VT
Psychopharmacology Update Institute: The Impact of DSM-5
on Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacological Treatments
January 25-26, 2013
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC
Updates attendees about the possible treatment impact of DSM-5 proposed criteria changes.
Email: meetings@aacap.org
Website: http://www.aacap.org/cs/psychopharm/2013
4th Annual Family & Youth Conference
Stigma Discrimination and Disparities in Children Services
February 13-15, 2013, San Diego, CA
Winter Workshop on Psychosis
14-16 February, 2013
Marrakech, Morocco
Kids Included Together's International Conference on Inclusion!
Date: March 13-15, 2013
Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
Visit KITconference.org for more information!
26th Annual Children's Mental Health Research & Policy Conference
March 3-6, 2013. Tampa, FL
Exploring Energetic Healing Practices of China
March 9-23, 2013 (25 CEUs)
Beijing, XianGuilin, Hangzhou, Putuoshan Island and Shanghai
Email: k.kramer@comcast.net
Website: http://www.healthyeldering.net
Purchase tickets today by visiting www.FlynnTix.org or calling the Flynn Regional Box Office at 802-863-5966.
NAMI San Diego gears up for San Diego County NAMI Walk 2013 
Saturday, April 13, 2013  
Intensivseminar für Angehörige 
Freitag, 3. Mai, 14:00 - Sonntag, 5. Mai, 15:00 Uhr 2013
Evangelische Tagungsstätte Hofgeismar
May 11, 2013 
The first ever London-based Art and Mental Health Festival. June 2014

DBSA 2013 National Conference 

June 15-17, 2013, Miami, FL   


ISBD Annual Conference

June 15-18, 2013, Miami, FL 

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