July 2015
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Once a Mentor, Always a Mentor!


In many ways, the attributes associated with raising a family are quite applicable to the SITN - with IREC as national administrator and the relationships between the Regional Training Providers (RTPs) and their partner institutions and instructor trainees. We start out raising our "family" with a commitment to consistency, then quickly realize that each member has very individualized needs and goals. So we concentrate on providing the resources and guidance to help us reach our individual and collective potential.


Over the last five years, the RTPs worked hard to build relationships and gain the trust of their partnering institutions and their respective instructors, each with their own set of ideas and tracks. And successful they were! Today, solar programs all across the country are thriving and providing the industry with a talent pipeline. 


And IREC has been right by their side, working closely with the RTPs, providing tailored guidance and support, helping them adjust their training plans, and developing industry-proven education and training resources to help ensure growth and success of these nascent solar programs. More

from the RTPs...

Rocky Mountain Region | Salt Lake Community College, Solar Energy International, Utah Solar Energy Association


Apprentices at the Northwest Washington Electrical Industry J.A.T.C (Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee) are gaining new skills installing solar photovoltaic systems, thanks in part to materials and equipment purchased under the Rocky Mountain Solar Training Provider (RMSTP) Solar Instructor Training Network Grant. This grant, funded under the Department of Energy Sun Shot initiative, allowed the training center to purchase updated PV equipment produced by local manufacturers of PV modules and micro-inverters. The grant also provided for improved safety via fall protection railings installed on the training centers two mock training roofs. More

Midwest Solar Training Network at Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Tim Wilhelm at work
Twenty-two instructors from six Midwest states gathered at the 26th Annual Energy Fair for the first annual Solar Instructor Summit on Saturday, June 20. Co-hosted by Kankakee Community College (KCC) instructors and Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) staff, the summit kicked off the Solar Instructor Community of Practice. 

The Solar Instructor Community of Practice is a shared online resource for instructors and program leaders to access and share the latest information and strategies for PV training and solar market development. When members join this free online community, they are enrolled in the 
courses @midwestrenew.org online learning platform and there is an expectation of mutual sharing within the Community. More


SITN Best Practices

The SITN Best Practices, a compendium of national best practices for instructors in solar training, education and workforce development, give educators the right tools to develop and implement quality-training programs and prepare students with indispensable skills to enter the solar workforce. 


All seven Best Practices are web-based. Best Practices chapters 1-6 are also available as PDFs. Originally designed and developed by IREC in its capacity as the National Administrator of DOE's SITN, these in-depth resources support instructors in:

  • Developing new solar programs
  • Integrating solar into related trades programs
  • Enhancing existing solar education and training programs

This online guide is specifically directed at faculty and administrators at educational institutions interested in updating, improving and enriching their curriculum by integrating solar content. 

The guide features examples of programs that address a broad spectrum of practitioner and professional needs, ranging from apprenticeship programs for the electrical construction trades to technician programs at the community college level to academic and professional degree programs at the baccalaureate and master degree levels. More

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Apply for IREC 3iAwards!



Know an exemplary program, project or individual making a difference in the clean energy world? Nominate them TODAY for an IREC 3iAward honoring innovation, ingenuity and inspiration!


We've extended the deadline to July 8. 


Applicants can apply online by July 8, 2015, in one of five categories:
  • IREC Accredited Clean Energy Training Provider of the Year
  • IREC Certified Clean Energy Trainer of the Year
  • Community Renewables Project of the Year 
  • State and Local Government Initiative of the Year 
  • Closing the Divide Award - Integrating Energy Efficiency & Renewables 
The IREC 3iAwards ceremony will be held Wednesday, September 16, 2015, in conjunction with 2015 Solar Power International, at the Anaheim Convention Center made possible by the generous support of IREC's corporate sponsors. 



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