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In this issue | June 2015
 Hands-on energy efficiency training at National Sustainable  Structures Center (NSSC), Pennsylvania College of Technology  (PCT). Read full story below.


by Laure-Jeanne Davignon 

IREC Credentialing Program Director








Competency as a Common Language


What is the difference between a certificate and certification? Is it better to pursue an AAS in HVAC, or one of a number of dueling industry certifications, and what do either mean about a contractor's ability to adequately service my boiler? As a hiring manager for a PV installation firm, which certifications or degrees should I require to ensure my employees are competent to perform their work?


It's easy to see how employers, students, consumers and others could be flummoxed by the profusion of credentials in the market. For students, a variety of choices make it difficult to select high quality training and chart a pathway to a successful clean energy career.


Some of the nation's leading thinkers in workforce and academic credentialing are finding a way to help. The Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, funded by the Lumina Foundation and sponsored by 40 national organizations, has undertaken an effort to reimage the U.S. credentialing framework to focus on and more clearly represent student learning. 


A cornerstone of this effort is production of a Credentials Framework that positions competency - what the learner knows and is able to do - as a tool and 'common language' to compare and understand credentials. 


Why is this common language important?  More




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The National Sustainable Structures Center: Strengthening a Skilled Credentialed Workforce

By Jane Pulaski

IREC Web/Social Communications


NSSC is the first in Pennsylvania to offer IREC-accredited training in all four of the Home Energy Professional programs: Quality Control Inspector, Retrofit Installer Technician, Crew Leader and Energy Auditor. IREC caught up with Alison A. Dillon, assistant director of NSSC, to talk about training, credentialing and clean energy workforce development in Pennsylvania. Read our conversation.

By Kristen Ferguson

Senior Program Manager

IREC Credentialing Program 


Recently, I somewhat cavalierly confessed that I didn't always recognize the need to improve as a trainer. I was at the Weatherization Training Network Trainer's Consortium where IREC was invited to talk about instructional design. Did I really believe I couldn't learn new things? More

By Anna Sullivan

Manager, IREC Credentialing Services


This year's Affordable Comfort Inc. national conference once again brought together many of the greatest minds in energy efficiency for an exciting dialog and showcase of advances in this sector's technology, installation techniques, and workforce training. Through IREC's exhibit hall booth and participation in an array of engaging discussions around work quality at the New Orleans gathering, our staff met face-to-face with many IREC credential holders to learn about new practices they have developed to further increase the quality of their workforce training initiatives. More

New! An Easier Way to Manage your IREC Credentials

IREC credential holders will have access to a new tool as of June 30, to manage your IREC credentials online. "IREC DIRECT" (powered by Salesforce) will offer more intuitive and reliable functionality for you to track and maintain your IREC credentials with less management time. Our goal is to improve your experience and efficiency. More

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