As a quiet but effective catalyst in the electricity regulatory arena, IREC's work in more than 30 states over the past three  years has fundamentally helped expand opportunities in the nation's top 20 emerging markets. Full story below in the  UpFront Blog: 'C' is for Catalyst (image
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In the last decade, from 2004 to end of year 2014, the cumulative power of U.S. grid connected solar PV installations grew from nearly negligible to 18,000 MW.

by Laurel Passera, Senior Renewables Analyst, Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP
As shared solar programs have developed over the past few years, many have faced an important regulatory question: to securitize or not to securitize? While there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, typically the answer lies in the design and structure of the arrangement. In many cases, those designing these programs seek to avoid securitization in order to avoid the onus of complying with securities laws, which is typically expensive and can undermine the economics of the program. More
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Sara Baldwin Auck, IREC Regulatory Director

Amidst a growing sense of urgency to expedite the transition to a clean energy future, catalysts are paramount.  Lasting reforms to our centuries-old energy system will not just magically happen in 50 states and a handful of territories. A planned, patient, and persistent approach is needed. This laborious (some might even say tedious) process takes a stimulus.

We know that improved economics, technology advancements, accessible financing mechanisms, and a well-prepared workforce are all important factors for market change to occur. But, central to this transition and integral to self-sustaining markets are the foundational, replicable rules and policies that govern our electricity sector.

As a quiet but effective catalyst in the electricity regulatory arena, IREC's work in more than 30 states over the past three years has fundamentally helped expand opportunities in the nation's top 20 emerging markets and ensure continued growth in the top 10 high penetration markets, while also having a considerable ripple effect in states beyond our immediate reach. More


IREC announces its Call for Nominees for the 2015 
3iAwards - a prestigious annual national search for innovative people, projects and programs that promote and accelerate the sustainable growth of clean energy. The IREC 3iAwards honor innovation, ingenuity and inspiration from the nation's best in both renewable energy and energy efficiency. 
IREC Launches GEARED Website
National program grows expertise of power engineering workforce

IREC recently launched a new website for GEARED - Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Energy Deployment. Created by the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, GEARED is building a national framework for power systems training and curriculum that will grow the power engineering workforce. As National Network Administrator of GEARED, IREC is helping facilitate and support the initiative.  More

Who says an Old Dog Can't Learn New Tricks?
Kristen Ferguson, Senior Program Manager IREC Credentialing Program
For the past year, IREC has teamed up with the Weatherization Training Network's Trainers Consortium for a series of learning events where we challenge each other to improve our teaching techniques. For me, improving teaching techniques means lecturing less and engaging students more. I appreciate the concept. It's changing habits that are hard. Fortunately for me, the diverse group is no stranger to continuous improvement processes. And continuous improvement inherently means change.  More
A special guest on the well-regarded Energy Gang Podcast, IREC regulatory expert Sky Stanfield recently discussed proactive approaches to deploying distributed energy storage, joined by energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and energy futurist Jigar Shah. Sky is an attorney with Keyes, Fox & Wiedman and represents IREC on regulatory matters. The podcast is produced by GreenTechMedia and hosted by editor Stephen Lacey. Listen to the podcast.

A recent research paper from SNL & UNM confirms the strength of residential roof structures for solar PV installations. Results are available in a fact sheet and two Sandia reports: Empirically Derived Strength of Residential Roof Structures for Solar Installations and Structural Code Considerations of Solar Rooftop Installations.

This work was funded by the SunShot Initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office.

ABOUT IREC |  The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is a non-profit organization that believes clean energy is critical to achieving a sustainable and economically strong future. To pave this clean energy path, IREC works to expand consumer access to clean energy; generates information and objective analysis grounded in best practices and standards; and leads programs to build a quality clean energy workforce, including a unique credentialing program for renewable energy and energy efficiency training providers and instructors. Since 1982, IREC's programs and policies have benefitted energy consumers, policymakers, utilities and the clean energy industry. As of July 2013, IREC is an accredited American National Standards Developer. 


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