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MARCH 2013
Vol. 16 No. 3

Note from the Editor


Solar Amplified, Benefits Maximized


Cloud cover and inconsistent winds are natural assumptions when it comes to integrating renewable energy. Their variable and non-dispatchable nature requires utilities to take a number of precautions when integrating some types of renewable energy. Utilities take precautions because they are required to ensure the safety, reliability and power quality of the grid, and thankfully, they take this responsibility seriously.  Many utilities have recently gained considerable experience integrating renewables and have started to allow higher penetrations of solar on the distribution grid than previously allowed. Distribution-level interconnection can save a lot of money for developers, compared to transmission interconnections, and substantially lower the cost of the developing new renewable generating capacity.


State News in Detail 



Northeast States

Connecticut agency releases comprehensive state energy strategy


Massachusetts updates its interconnection rules


Mid-Atlantic States

New Jersey solicits answers for aggregated net metering development


Midwestern States

Michigan sees major benefits from renewable energy adoption


Southern States

North Carolina report measures economic impact of renewable energy


Gainesville, FL selects 50 projects for Feed-in Tariff


Western States

Idaho PUC continues to examine net metering issues


Other States

Hawaiian Electric offers competitive bidding waiver for large solar projects; Hawaiian Electric adds remaining DG capacity feature to its website




Miscellaneous News


PJM plans for major grid updates


IREC releases DG Blueprint for California





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