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APRIL 2013
Vol. 16 No. 4

Note from the Editor


Shared Solar: Do You Pre-Qualify?


Choose any of the following that may apply.


A) Do you have a shaded roof or one that is not structurally designed to bear load?

B) Do you rent or share your roof with other households or businesses?

C) Is your home or business in an historic district or one with strict aesthetic building codes?

D) Do you have little interest in maintaining an on-site solar energy system?


If you are interested in solar energy and answered yes to any of the above questions - Congratulations! - you are officially pre-qualified to participate in a shared solar program.  Shared solar, also known as community solar, allows people to pool their resources into a shared system, without having to host a system on their own property. It provides a fitting solution to the numerous obstacles to renewable energy adoption, some of which were laid out in the above quiz. 


State News in Detail 


Northeast States     

New York PSC adopts revised interconnection standards; NY utility denies remote net metering request from university


Mid-Atlantic States    

New Jersey BPU approves aggregated net metering rules


Virginia SCC approves Dominion's Community Solar Power Program


Midwestern States     

Court reverses Iowa Utilities Board decision to prohibit solar PPA


Southern States         

Florida's OUC prepares to launch community solar program


San Antonio utility proposes to abolish net metering


Western States          

Arizona continues to work on distributed energy evaluation


Colorado Springs plans major expansion of community solar garden





Miscellaneous News


CAISO Incorporates More Consideration of DG in the Transmission Planning Process


FERC Hosts Interconnection Workshop







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