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JULY 2013
Vol. 16 No. 7

Note from the Editor


Celebrating our Declaration of (Energy) Independence



This month, we witnessed the Nation's 237th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Earlier in the week, I celebrated by signing my own declaration of independence, a contract to install PV on our newly purchased home! 


This got me thinking about the role that our founding documents still play in the regulation, governance, and market drivers for renewable energy today. And in particular, I read up on two sections of the constitution that continue to shape the solar industry, a mere 262 years after Ben Franklin published his seminal text Experiments and Observations on Electricity.


State News in Detail 



Northeast States        

Massachusetts DPU clarifies several net metering issues


New York raises participation caps for net metering


Mid-Atlantic States       

Virginia's Dominion Power accepts applications for new Solar Purchase Program


Midwestern States     

Illinois requests comments on net metering changes


Midwest Court Ruling May Ease Energy Sales Into California


Southern States        

Florida PSC notes 33% growth in customer-owned renewables


Louisiana PSC rules to preserve net metering


South Carolina PSC plans to take another look at net metering


Western States              

Colorado group unveils plan for 10-fold increase in solar


Idaho PSC denies utility proposal, improves net metering

Other States         


Hawaii enacts "PV Renter" bill, exempts landlords from the definition of public utility



Miscellaneous News


DoD, Interior inch closer to cooperation on renewable energy projects



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