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New IREC Standards 

Collaboration + Consensus = Value To You

by Pat Fox, Director, IREC Credentialing Development

Pat Fox

As a Standards Development Organization recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), IREC follows internationally accepted procedures in our standards development efforts.  Focused on openness, balance and inclusiveness, the new standards just released by IREC for the accreditation of training providers and the certification of instructors and master trainers are composed of requirements developed by a diverse group of industry representatives, and validated through active public comment periods. 


Our goal at IREC is to develop these standards through collaboration and consensus - to enhance the foundation supporting the development of a high quality workforce for clean energy.  


Developing standards is a lot of work.  It is an intensive process which demands time, resources and open sharing of knowledge from a dedicated team of volunteers.  


When done well, the resulting standards enhance the quality of a service, product or personnel and bring value to the credentialing candidate who can demonstrate that they meet the requirements of a standard. 


As an instructor, when you show you have met IREC's new standard, you have the credential  that makes you more competitive. You have demonstrated that you stay current in your field of expertise; you know your subject, and you have the experience to be an effective teacher.  This credential is an essential tool for an instructor to market the value they bring to a training program.


For training providers, accreditation based on the new IREC standard testifies to the industry that your program provides the skills workers need in the industry. You can attract students and augment support from the industry by displaying the IREC mark, which shows that your program meets the requirements for a high quality offering.


Take a look through this issue of the Credentialing Chronicle for more information and insight. 


I hope you will leverage the efforts of IREC and our phenomenal volunteers and join the more than 140 credential holders who have stepped up to the plate and  aimed for the fences to demonstrate quality in our collective workforce development efforts. 

Pat Fox Sig  



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10/22-24 |  IREC 3iForum
Information. Innovation. Inspiration.
30-minute insight sessions at SPI, booth #3038
Chicago, IL


10/22 |  IREC 3iAwards
Solar Central Booth #1343 at SPI,
Chicago, IL


11/11-14 |  ICE Conference
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The IREC Credentialing Program lays the foundation for a competent workforce for the clean energy economy. Using robust standards and a detailed process of application and assessment, IREC drives quality workforce training and increased consumer confidence in the industry.  

You and IREC - Setting the Standard for Quality

By Kristen Ferguson, Manager of Assessor Trainer & Development, IREC

quality training level
Image:  Olivier Le Moal - Fotolia. com
Today, we are pleased to celebrate the completion of two new IREC Standards for our clean energy industry. The standards for accreditation of training providers and certification of instructors and master trainers bear the IREC name and reflect our role as a national thought leader and ANSI-accredited standards developer. While IREC oversaw the standards development process, according to established procedures, the content represents what you, our peers in the clean energy industry, define as a high-quality training provider and an exceptional instructor. Read more.

9/30 Last Day for Application Acceptance - Current IREC Credentials

Image  koosen -
If you or your organization is thinking of applying or is in the process of applying for an IREC credential, the final day to have an application accepted by IREC under IREC Standard 01022 is September 30, 2013. Application acceptance is based on the submission of an application which is deemed materially complete by IREC. Applicants should not wait to submit their application until the cutoff date. Read more.
by Laure-Jeanne Davignon, Director, IREC Credentialing Program
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With new standards for accreditation of training providers and certification of instructors and master trainers, you might ask what this means to you as a credential holder. What will the impact of the new program rollout really be? 
Credential holders 
can ensure a smooth transition this fall by following these five tips. Read more
Four clean energy industry leaders talk about IREC - the value of its credential and its national reputation for identifying big issues and addressing them. 

The Value of IREC Credentials
The Value of IREC Credentials

IREC's Training Directories Can Help You Find...

A web-based resource of licensing requirements for installing PV and solar thermal systems for each state in the U.S. Filters help locate states with IREC and NABCEP credentials.


Join IREC for insightful 30-minute sessions from solar thought leaders at the first IREC 3iForum
on the floor of Solar Power International (SPI) at the Solar Industry Trends booth #3038, October 22-24 in Chicago. For details about these sessions, including days and times, click here.
  • Building the Market: IREC Tackling Issues You Need for Success
  • Future of Net Metering
  • Why Market Valued IREC Credentials Matter
  • Better Trained Workers Affect Your Bottom Line: The Solar Instructor Training Network at Work
  • IREC's Annual Solar Market Trends Report
  • Improving Interconnection: Integrated Distribution Planning
  • Shared Solar: Growing the Consumer Base
IREC recognizes the nation's Best of 2013 in renewable energy and energy efficiency at the IREC 3iAwards, Tuesday, October 22 at SPI. In celebration of 20 years of IREC Innovation Awards, the new 3iAwards will be presented at 4 p.m. in Renewable Energy World's Solar Central booth #1343, on the SPI Expo floor. See you there!
About IREC
The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is a non-profit organization that believes clean energy is critical to achieving a sustainable and economically strong future. To pave this clean energy path, IREC works to expand consumer access to clean energy; generates information and objective analysis grounded in best practices and standards; and leads programs to build a quality clean energy workforce, including a unique credentialing program for renewable energy and energy efficiency training providers and instructors. Since 1982, IREC's programs and policies have benefitted energy consumers, policymakers, utilities and the clean energy industry. As of July 2013, IREC is an accredited American National Standards Developer.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product or process that is referred to or linked to in this newsletter. Reference to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply IREC's endorsement or recommendation. 

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