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Mén-zu and the Rageful Demons

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Request the Mén-zu 
Soul Retrieval of your
Rageful Demons

Please let me know if you would like for me to perform the Soul Retrievals that are relevant to this Journey of Mén-zu and the Rageful Demons.

Here is what will transpire:
I have presented the storyline of Mén-zu in his journey between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse. In addition to the dynamic engagements with Rageful Demons (disengaged aspects of the Soul), I will be overlaying your own astrological birth chart as a map which will show me where and when your own Rageful Demons are to be found. I will personally perform a Soul Retrieval on each and every one of these that are presented. It might be one, it might be ten. It matters not, I will retrieve them all. Following the Soul Retrievals I will write to you of which ones, and their nature, that I encountered, as well as the quality that has arisen from doing the transformation of the Rageful Demons into healthy attributes integrated into your life.
Yes, this is a lot of work! However, in order to keep this needful work accessible to more people, I am offering to do this work on a sliding scale of $104 - $365.  I will require the minimum payment of $104 to begin. If you feel the work I have done is worthy of a greater payment, and you are able to pay more, then you can send me a second payment in the amount of your choosing. This is offered free of any expectation on my part. I trust you, my community, to do the right thing. My commitment is clear: I will give your Soul Retrievals my All!
Here is what I require:

* Send me an email from this link: Email Jade

*Include your

a) Name

b) Date of birth

c) Place of  birth

d) Time of birth

e) Male or female? 

*Make your initial sliding scale payment of $104 via:

  PayPal: General Payments

You can use your credit card

* If you choose to upgrade your payment following the work done, you may use the same PayPal link to do so.

I will then:
* Create your astro-chart
* Overlay it upon the Map of Mén-zu 
* Journey to retrieve the disengaged aspects of your Soul (Rageful Demons)
* Describe each by name and character
* Weave them into the epic of Mén-zu
*Send this to you via email
You may request this Soul Retrieval anytime up until November 3rd. As long as the window (Oct 18 - Nov 3) is open I can access your Rageful Demons.
Thank you for your trust in requesting that I do this work on your behalf!
Jade Wah'oo Grigori
jade in ceremony
Jade Wah'oo Grigori brings forth authentic Shamanic Ways on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples. He underwent his first Shamanic Initiation, that of Death-by-Intent, in 1956 at 5 years of age. Of Mongolian ancestry, Jade Wah'oo Grigori received direct initiations and training from his Ancestral Spirits who guided and instructed him in the rigorous endeavors of journeying into the spirit-realms, ways of healing and accessing Knowledge. 

In 1974 Jade met and was adopted as Grandson by Juan Peña, an Old-Man Shaman (Téwa-Ké or Bear Shaman) of  the Tewan Pueblos of the Upper Rio Grande. Jade's Grampa Peña apprenticed him for the next 8 years. With his Grampa Peña's death in 1982, at the age of 104, the Caretakership of 'the Ways' passed to Jade Wah'oo. 

Mén-zu, the mythic Sacred Journeyer, is the Moon during the time encompassing a lunar and solar eclipse. Just such an eclipse event is occuring beginning with the Lunar Eclipse of October 18, going through to the Solar Eclipse of November 3. This 2 week window between eclipses is a time of high intensity, as the passge of the Moon will powerfully activate the dynamic archetypal aspects within our own life experience correspondent to any planet it intersects.


Our Shamanic embrace of such events is communicated through story, song, dance and myth. The mythic story that I am sharing, below, gives expression to the unique Lunar activations we will all be experiencing. Where we, in our individual astrological birth chart, have planets that are also intersectred by the passage of the Moon (Mén-zu in the story), unique dynamic experiences will be triggered in each our own life. First we msut understand the Grand Myth that is taaking place, then we can attend to our own particular role in the unfolding storyline.


My function, as Shaman attending to the needs and calling of my community (you!), is to prepare you with the necessary knowledge so you can be aware of what is transpiring. My job, also, is to assist those who choose to personally engage the Mythos playing out so as to be able to most intimately participate with conscious attention in the events that are occuring. Towards that purpose I am offering to awaken myself as Mén-zu, stepping into the mythic story, and then to individually retrieve the disengaged apsects of your own Soul (the Rageful Demons, in this storyline) that have become disconnected due to trauma, shock or illness.


Please let me know if I may be of service to you in your quest for wholeness.


With Peace and Ease~

Jade Wah'oo Grigori  


Please Read the Full Story

Mén-zu: The Mythos of the Moon


Mén-zu and the Rageful Demons



In the disappearance between lives Mén-zu dwells, a moment that seems an eternity. Wrapped in the loving embrace of his Mother's cloak of shadow, he yearns for birth. With the moment's passing he emerges into the glory of the Radiant One's joyful welcoming. He is born! Into Life he has come, and comes shouting "I AM!" with a thunderous roar that stirs all who have been lost in somnambulent delirium. (1)


Mén-zu in his barque sets course into the Sea of Stars. He is called, driven from within, to bring home to his bosom all the Rageful Demons who have found themselves abandoned, denied and feared. Each one, he knows, is a piece of his own Sacred Body, and he is not whole until he gives them a home.


To the Island of Temples Past Mén-zu steers his boat. Here is Power. Mén-zu guides his craft to shore. For the fulfillment of this quest he will require Power to propel him forward through the troubled waters that lay ahead. Not all Powers are laid bare at all times. Only the Power that is shown will be available to him, and this must suffice, indeed, with its gift it will enable him to prevail. As Mén-zu proceeds forward he finds himself in a pastoral scene, cattle grazing in clusters throughout. His eyes are drawn to the paddock of bulls that surrounds the gate into the Temple. Entering the Temple of the Bulls, Mén-zu picks up the elegantly designed items that hold, each their own, Power accumulated through generations and lifetimes of devotional offerings. He sees before him an altar stone, and upon it a Golden Bow. Reservoirs of Power from previous times have been stored within this Bow. With this bow he will be enabled to launch the arrow of his heart's Desire, when that moment of empowerment comes. Stepping outside he lifts his eyes and the Bow to the heavens and bellows out "I have been given the Power! Rageful Demons, I come now to bring you home!" (2)


Chief amongst his newfound Powers is one required to be able to go to where the Rageful Demons reside, that of the Psychopomp, the Traveler Between the Worlds. For it is into the Underworld Mén-zu must go. It is the Realm of Dream and the Dead in which the Rageful Demons reside.


Far away, deep into the Darkness, Mén-zu spies one of the Rageful Demons. She sits alone, needing no one, wanting nothing from anyone. She looks down upon all those who have succumbed to their feelings...and to love. Haughty and arrogant in her pridefulness, she seeks only the Singularity of her Self. Mén-zu, however, has been born of the Light and Love. His issuance upon this journey was formed of the very embrace of his Mother and the radiance of his Father. In the Power of his Duality he is unaffected by the morose and pain infested stature of this Rageful Demon of Pride. Embracing her as he had been embraced, he draws her into his presence and absolves her of her arrogance, dissolves her pain, absorbs her into his Love. As he has been reborn, so is this Rageful Demon transmuted and born as Dignity! (3)


Through the night does Mén-zu sail his ship, across the Sea Of Stars. Into a calm sea he sails, a place of equanimity fills him with a feeling of safety and security. His contemplations draw him to thoughts of home, and family.  Into this placid water Mén-zu feels an eddy, a ripple emanating from afar. Aligning his attention with its directional source, Mén-zu sets his senses upon a dark and foreboding figure in the outer reaches. The Rageful Demon he has found is bound in shame by strong voices of criticism. Having learnt of secrets, dirty and hidden, his very existence is held to be a threat by the figures of authority who have bound him, and so they have bound him with the consternations of shame with which they themselves are chained. Mén-zu consults the Voices of the Ancestors that have been hidden from their Truth, bound as they are in the threads of shame put upon them. These Voices of Wisdom speak to Mén-zu of a powerful spell that can be cast, if he has the courage born of innocence necessary to make it so. Mén-zu hesitates not, but casts the Rope of Disentangling to the Rageful Demon of Shame. The rope, a spell cast, disentangles the chains oppressing him. They rattle, clang and fall to the ground. Now freed, the Rageful Demon screams his rage with the full force of injury to one and all carried within it. Mén-zu, with Innocence unveiled, has no place upon which the rage may lay claim, and so it falls, spent, to the ground. A single command Mén-zu gives to the Rageful Demon: "Speak your Truth!" Emptied of rage, truth pours forth like a water from a well-spring of feelings. Some of the water is bitter, some is even fouled, but after all is poured forth, sweet water runs free once again...or maybe for the very first time! Truth is regained. (4)


Following such intense and edgy work of reclaiming these Demons of Ragefulness back into his heart, Mén-zu is relieved to be able to put his boat ashore in the harbor of his Uncle, he of Good Fortune. Exceptionally blessed is Mén-zu to discover that two other respected Elders have sent good tiding, in the care of his Uncle, his way. Warnings to be thoughtful in reconsideration of old agreements that might hinder Mén-zu have been sent by the Conspirator, who, though deeply suspicious of everything, nonetheless provides a counterweight to gullibility. And, from the Elder of Wisdom, guidance has been issued as to taking care when dealing with potentially corrupting influences. Such support Mén-zu knows to be invaluable, even as he basks in the plenitude that his Uncle of Good Fortune is sharing with him in this moment. With such care and honest evaluation taken to heart; with optimism and the rightness of being in service to the greater good filling his belly, Mén-zu is ready to set forth upon his course with Right Action to lead him onwards. (5)


Passing through a lengthy passage where none, not Elder nor Demon is to be seen, Mén-zu in his silvery barque rests, and integrates all that has presented itself to him.


Through the realms of the Holy Lands his boat comes to pass. Soon he is to meet with his Ideal, the one to whom Mén-zu looks up to as the embodiment of all he seeks to emulate. He has come to see the Warrior. Seeking him out, Mén-zu finds the Warrior in seclusion, cloistered  in the Temple of the Goddess. The Warrior, knowing of his acolyte's coming, emerges from seclusion. He speaks, as only a loving mentor can do, of the difficulties and challenges he is facing as if they were the greatest gift bestowed upon him. The Warrior speaks of his own need for courage, found in contemplation of the Sacred,  that will enable him to prevail in the face of the forays into escapism and self-delusion by which he has evaded confronting his own Shadow. He knows that the Warrior is speaking of his acolyte's own Shadow, the Shadow of his deceptions by which he has hid from the pain of his wounds, and so set into being further Rageful Demons.  Mén-zu knows with humility that he himself must confront his derelictions in order to make a home in his Soul for the rejoining of these Rageful Demons, once they are purified through Mén-zu having forgiven himself his own transgressions. With a vast shudder that shatters the armor of his resolute denials, the Warrior of Compassion steps forth from the shell of his former self. The Warrior unstrings his Sacred Bow and hands the double-woven string to his charge. Mén-zu receives the symbol of his own responsibility for his own sufferings and strings it upon his own Golden Bow, pulls the Bow to full reach and knows that his Power is given focus through the resolution of his own wounds into compassion for the wounds of others. (6)


Empowered and engaged, Mén-zu makes his way in his slim crescent of a boat across the starry sky. He knows, with his keen ken of such things, that there is yet more to be done. The young man who Mén-zu once was is out there, venting in outraged rebellion, screaming epithets at all who come close enough to be subjected to the abuse of this Rageful Demon of Outrage who is obsessed with its own immature perception of what freedom means. To this Rageful Demon freedom means to denounce any who is perceived to have a flaw of any sort in their character, never realizing that each denouncement brings that very same fault to reside in the Rageful Demon's own body. To each insult tossed out to Mén-zu by this Rageful Demon, Mén-zu responds with a compliment of beauty. "You are naïve, Moon-man!" Calls out the Demon. "You are discerning!" Mén-zu answers back. "No one wants you, they only pity you!" yells out the Demon. "all love and embrace you, just as you are!" answers Mén-zu. In the compassionate embrace of Mén-zu's acceptance and blessing of this Demon, Mén-zu accepts, receives, each insult and denouncement that the Demon can sling, and in embracing the barbs, melts then away in his compassionate heart of purification, then returns love and honor to the Rageful Demon. It is only a matter of time before there is no Rageful Demon left, there is only a beautiful shining being of laughter whose voice now proffers innovative insights. (7)


Sailing the Starry Seas towards Journey's end, Mén-zu enters the Dark Realm where all those who abide there are lost in the brightness of the Radiant One, are so unseen and unseeable. Such is the nature of the Conspirator, who had earlier given the counsel of warning. Now he awaits the arrival of Mén-zu, to hold open the portal into the Underworld itself. The Conspirator greets Mén-zu with the words "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." He then laughs uproariously at his own referential joke. He is, after all, mercurial and a master of jest. Mén-zu sees an Arrow with a golden tip sitting upon the altar table before him. He picks it up and fits the Arrow to the Golden Bow he carries. It fits elegantly upon the bowstring, rests lightly upon the arc of the Bow. As he draws the Bow to its full pull he experiences the influx of Compassion and a deep Intuition that guides the aim of his Arrow upon the Bow. Its aim is through the portal, into the Underworld and on into the abiding realm of the Rageful Demons. His course is set. (8)


Mén-zu steps into the portal, into the blazing incandescence of the Radiant One and plunges headlong into the brilliance. The untold secret of entry into the Underworld is that it is not into the Darkness, only through the Darkness and into the Light! The effulgence of the portal only appears dark when our view is obscured by our own Rageful Demons who stand in the way. The last we hear as Mén-zu rushes to engage the Rageful Demons is his Warrior's cry "You are Bea-u-u-u-utiful-l-l-l-l-l !" (9)



Astrology, from a Shaman's viewpoint, is a Map of the Soul. Its purpose is not to predict events, nor tell you what your love life is going to be like. The value of astrology as a Map of the Soul is that it helps us to understand the activations of dynamic archetypal processes that are going on within our life.


 What follows is a guide to help in easily unfolding the mythic imagery found within the dynamic of the astrological archetypal activations within our own life experiences during this critical window between the Lunar Eclipse of October 18 and the Solar Eclipse of November 3.


Each number in parentheses ( 0 ) shows the particular intersection (conj = conjunction; opp = opposition of 180º; trine = 60º) of the Moon (Mén-zu) with other planetary bodies or positions that are occurring on that date. Look at the end of specific paragraphs to find the storyline that corresponds to the intersection referenced.


Mén-zu - Oct 18 - Nov 3


(1) Oct 18 - Lunar Eclipse - Moon/Aries. Earth (Mother) Sun (Radiant One): Mén-zu (Moon) is born, says "I Am!"

(2) Oct 19 - Moon conj Lunar South Node (Golden Bow)/Taurus:  From whence Mén-zu draws Power to send his Intention forth: "I have!"

(3) Oct 22 - Moon/Gemini opp Venus/Sagittarius - Mén-zu journeys into the Underworld, finds the Rageful Demon of Pride, of self indulgent arrogance. Transformed into Dignity

(4) Oct 24 - Moon/Cancer opp Pluto/Capricorn:  Rageful Demon of Shame, of criticism and oppression of dirty secrets. Transforms into Truth.

(5) Oct 25 - Moon conj Jupiter (Uncle of Good Fortune)/Cancer-trine Mercury (Conspirator )-Saturn (Elder of Wisdom)/Scorpio: Mén-zu at the harbor of Good Fortune, basks in optimism of being in service to the greater good "Right Action"

(6) Oct 29 - Moon conj Mars (Warrior)/Virgo opp Neptune-Chiron/Pisces (bowstrings of the Shadows of wounding and deception): Mén-zu given direction and challenges to won personal responsibility for his sufferings.

(7) Nov 1 - Moon/Libra opp Uranus/Aries: Rageful Demon of Outrage, rebellion, obsessed with immature sense of freedom. Honoring the Rageful Demon, it is transformed into the voice of innovative perceptions.

(8) Nov 3 - Moon conj Mercury (Conspirator)=Occultation (portal into the Underworld)/Scorpio conj Lunar North Node (Arrow)/Scorpio: Right Path.

Moon trine Neptune (Intuition)-Chiron (Compassionate Healer)/Pisces:  Receiving the input of the Compassionate Healer and of Intuition results  in the embrace and expression of deepest feelings and intuition that guides the Arrow.

(9) Nov 3 - Solar Eclipse -Moon conj Sun (Radiant One)/Scorpio Fulfillment. Into the Brilliance.