Sessions with Blanche Blacke
Tuesdays thru Saturdays by Appointment

Chakra Analysis & Balancing
During chakra analysis and balancing sessions, you receive in-depth information regarding the energetic component of physical or emotional concerns and how your chakras influence the circumstances in your life. All seven chakras are balanced with vibrational tools and shamanic techniques. Chakra healing awakens conscious awareness to core issues and enhances self-healing. The sessions are unique and life transforming. Miraculous results have been reported by many.   60 minutes, $167
30 minutes, $87   Mini Tune-Up - 15 minutes, $47

Past Life Regression
During these sessions, a person is fully conscious and in a relaxed state. Memories from a past life may come to conscious awareness, and might include images, physical sensations and/or emotions. Spiritual guidance, subtle energy healing and shamanic work help to release these patterns. Insights and understanding can be gained as well as a potential for the alleviation of physical symptoms.  1 hour session  $125.
Mediumship  During this 30 minute session Blanche can communicate with someone from the other side to address questions and help one to emotionally heal.  $75.