Lillian Irene Lovas
Tuesdays, 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Akashic Records Readings
The Akashic field is the etheric realm that surrounds us all. It is the field where the Past, Present and Future and all its permutations are 'recorded' and stored. A reading is a Sacred Space for the soul to question the lessons of this life; what patterns recur, and the connections they have in this life and in other lives. Many experience the Akashic Reading as very healing. Readings are every 15 minutes $25.  One hour reading  $95.
Energy Healing Sessions
Optimizing life through pain relief; whether it is physical, mental, emotional, psychic or psychological pain.  Pain detracts from life. Pain distracts you from where and who you want to be. An Energy Healing Session focuses on what you want and helps redirect the energy in your field to who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.  Remove the old blockages that keep you stuck in an old concept of you and your life, and get to the Wholeness and Holiness that is you. Private sessions are every 15 minutes $25. One hour session  $95. 
Life Coaching
Do you see where you want to go and have no idea where to start? Are you caught up or overwhelmed by the details and haven't a clue where it's leading you to? Life Coaching helps you clear away the clutter of thinking of Where? When? How? What? Break through what stops you. Move on to living your life in a purposeful focused manner. Strategizing the movement of you and your life and transforming the dead ends into possibilities. First one hour is $95. 15 minute follow-ups are $25 each. 4 mini session package $95.