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April 18, 2013
Key Contacts Meet With Their Members of Congress
Getting to know your members of Congress personally can provide important access when critical issues arise for vascular surgeons.  Several SVS members, including Tim Kresowik, MD of Iowa and Mark Morasch, MD of Montana, have arranged visits with the staff of their members of Congress to advocate on SVS issues. If you will be in Washington, DC and would like to meet with your members of Congress, please contact Pam Phillips, Director of the SVS Washington Office at or 202-787-1220. 
Facility Accreditation Webinar on April 23
Learn why accreditation is important to your CT facility and how to submit a successful application through a free webinar offered by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). Join the IAC CT Director of Accreditation, Mary Lally, at 1 pm ET on April 23, to discuss the benefits of accreditation and learn more about the program through this webinar presentation with a live Q&A session. The content of this webinar is ideal for those in the midst of preparing their accreditation applications for submission to the IAC CT, as well as those seeking basic information on the process. As CMS now requires accreditation for all non-hospital providers of advanced diagnostic imaging (effective 1/1/12), it is important for SVS members to be aware of how to achieve IAC accreditation to ensure continued reimbursement for MRI and CT studies. Register for this webinar today.  
SVS Women's Leadership Training Grant
The SVS Women's Leadership Committee periodically awards a women's leadership training grant for female vascular surgeons, presented at the Vascular Annual Meeting®. The Women's Leadership Training Grant, in the amount of $5,000, is supported by a $15,000 grant from W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. to fund the three awards. Examples of leadership training opportunities include personal leadership coaching, travel to meet women leaders, or specific training programs. The application deadline is May 10, 2013. Read complete details and download an application.
Stem Cell Program at VRIC 
This year, the Vascular Research Initiatives Conference, Emerging Concepts of Vascular Physiology and Therapy, will offer a special session, How to Put Together a Stem Cell Program for Therapeutic Angiogenesis: Challenges and Pitfalls. Those interested in that topic and learning more through a collaboration between vascular surgeon investigators and scientists from other vascular biology-related disciplines, should register today for VRIC, to be held on April 30 in Orlando, Florida.

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