Crucial Lame Duck Session of Congress Convenes Today 


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Last week, the American people voted to maintain the status quo: President Obama was returned to the White House for another four years, the Republicans maintained control of the House and the Democrats maintained control of the Senate. The bottom line is Washington is as divided as ever, with resolution of fundamental economic issues at stake.


Two critical issues for vascular surgeons during the Lame Duck Session are the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula and sequestration, the automatic spending cuts to both defense and non-defense programs, including Medicare. On Jan. 1, 2013, Medicare physician payment is scheduled to be cut by 27 percent using the SGR formula and sequestration would mean an additional 2 percent cut to Medicare providers.


SVS strongly opposes SGR and sequestration cuts and we will be asking you to email letters of opposition to your members of Congress. SVS also signed onto a letter with 73 other national health care organizations that opposes both SGR and sequestration.



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