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A honest examination of the medical profession's handling of end-of-life care.

When is it time to say to a doctor, "Let my loved one go?"

That is the subject of an upcoming Metta Institute teleconference with our friend Katy Butler, Buddhist practitioner, teacher and author of a brilliant new book, "Knocking on Heaven's Door:The Path to a Better Way of Death"

Like millions of Americans caring for aging parents the award-winning science writer
Katy Butler, assumed that her beloved mother and father would meet death on their own terms, free from medical overdoing. She was wrong.

With a poet's eye, a daughter's love, and an investigative reporter's skill, Butler lays bare the wrenching moral choices we face when the ancient reality of death collides with the technological imperatives of modern medicine.

This is a book that is sure to change the national conversation.

Free Teleconference

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
12:00pm - 1:00pm PST
  (3:00pm - 4:00pm EST)


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Metta Institute is happy to bring you great teachers and authors who speak with authority and integrity. We offer in-depth conversations that matter with leaders like Ira Byock M.D., Rachel Naomi Remen M.D., and Stephen & Ondrea Levine. It is our gift to you and our way of improving end of life care in America.  



"With candidness and reverence, Butler examines one of the most challenging questions a child may face: how to let a parent die with dignity and integrity when the body has stopped functioning." - Kirkus Reviews  


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Frank Ostaseski 
Founder, Metta Institute 

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