Dear Neighbor:

I'm running against Howard Arden to be the next North Castle Supervisor because I believe there's a better way to run our town.

Town government should never be disrespectful, secretive, or dishonest to the very residents that it serves.  It should never remind us of the politics that we see in Washington, D.C.  But unfortunately, that's what we see under the current "ruling majority" in our town with Diane Roth, Howard Arden, and John Cronin.  

Here's my vision for North Castle.  The Town Board should be honest and make decisions on the merits and in the open.   It should be respectful and accessible to everyone in our community and its focus should always be on the long-term interests of our town.   And it should have the character to make the right calls and always avoid any hint of self-interest or conflict of interest.  And we should provide town services at the level that you expect.   My simple shorthand is that if the Town Board acts in a way that makes our kids proud, then North Castle will be a good place for our kids to live when they have families of their own.  

I'm asking for your support on November 5 because I believe I can help make that vision a reality. As your Councilman, I've worked for years with Moody's to improve our Town's financial rating and worked to increase our Town's fund balance to more than $4,000,000.  My commitment to reducing spending, protecting taxpayers, and safeguarding our open spaces and groundwater has earned me the endorsements of the New York League of Conservation Voters and the Democratic, Independence, and Conservative parties.    I'm proud of that broad support, but the only way we can change the direction of our town is if I have your support too.

Thank you for taking the time to focus on this important election, and I look forward talking with you in the weeks to come.


Mike Schiliro
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