Volume 31,  Issue 3                                                                                                                                                            October 2014 

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Mt. Diablo Dental Hygiene Society Officers


Kristy Menage Bernie RDH, BS, RYT     

Immediate Past President:

Brittany Negrete, RDH, BA  




Lory Laughter, RDH, BS       lorylaughter@aol.com


President Elect:



Ways and Means:

Frannie Driscoll, RDH


Vice-President of Administration:

Julie Coan, RDH,BSDH     



Vice-President of Education:

Jessica Annereau, RDH




Debbie Phillips, RDH, BA      dubus56@aol.com



Nicole Claus RDH



Mt. Diablo Dental Hygiene Society Committees



Marianne Fujimoto, RDH     fujirdh@comcast.net


Membership Co-Chair

Julie Coan, RDH, BSDH      kahuna172@comcast.net


Corporate Relations:

Marianne Fujimoto, RDH     fujirdh@comcast.net


SADHA Liasion:

Jessica Annereau, RDH



Newsletter Editor:

Amanda Bielskis, RDH, BS   amandabielskis@astound.net



Patty Martin, RDHAP pzmartin@kiteisland.com


Community Dental Health Chairs:

Bonnie Slatkin, RDH, BS



Employment Services:



President's Message   
Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, BS, RYT
I am at UCSF!!

Hello MDDHS Leaders!


YES! Leaders! To celebrate my 30th year in the profession I have returned to school! As a student enrolled in the Masters' program at the University of California, San Francisco, we are currently delving into leadership and its many aspects. After reading numerous resources, I am convinced more than ever that those of use who have chosen to be a member of our association are LEADERS of the profession.


Members are in the KNOW (don't miss our December 4th Holiday Meeting featuring Lory Laughter, RDH, BS speaking on the new technologies and products!); Members are up to date on licensure and practice (We hope to see you at the Jan. 24th CE Day featuring the Mandatory CE on California Law & Infection Control); Members embrace collegial collaboration and the bottom line, Members demonstrate a commitment to their patients through their membership!


We invite you to view our MDDHS Plan for Success (click here to view The Plan) and provide feedback via email, phone or in person by attending our board meeting at Mary's Pizza Shack in Walnut Creek on October 30th at 7:00 pm. We also look forward to 'seeing' you on our Facebook page (click here to view our Facebook page) and our web site www.MtDiabloDHS.org.


Thank you LEADERS! We are looking forward to another terrific year of professional growth and opportunities!


Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, BS, RYT

Mt Diablo Dental Hygiene Society President


CDHA Fall Extravaganza - 8 CE Units

Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
Burlingame, CA
To view a flier and registration form click 

Mt Diablo Dental Hygiene Society Presents

Coming CE Courses


***NOTE - MDDHS CE courses will be taking place in a new location

(Hilton Hotel, 1970 Diamond Blvd., Concord, CA. view map)


December 4, Thursday.  
"Products and Technology:  Old, New, Tried & True."   2 CE Units

Featuring: Lory Laughter, RDH, BS
Where: Hilton Hotel , 1970 Diamond Blvd, Concord, CA
When: Dec 4 ,Thursday from 7:00-9:00pm 
(registration 6:00-7pm)
Cost:  Payable by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Please note, when paying by credit card you must register for the course in advance to hold your spot.

To view the course flier and registration form click here.
This is our Annual Holiday Meeting with gift basket raffles and holiday items for sale.  In addition, this is our annual drive to collect holiday gifts for less fortunate teens. Please bring one new, unwrapped gift for a teen which we will collect and donate to Shelter, Inc.

January 24, 2015, Saturday

"Mandatory California Law & Infection Control" 4 CE Units

Featuring: Ellen Standley, RDH, MA and Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, BS, RYT
Where: Hilton Hotel , 1970 Diamond Blvd, Concord, CA
When: Jan 24, Saturday from 8:30-12:30pm (registration 7:45 - 8:30am)
Cost:  Payable by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Please note, when paying by credit card you must register for the course in advance to hold your spot.

To view the course flier click here 
EXCITING NEWS!!! We are now accepting 
cards for course payment at the registration desk! We can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please pre-register for CE courses to hold your spot and we will process payment at the registration desk before the course presentation.

PLEASE Donate a gift for a teen living in shelters.

WHEN:  at our Dec 4 CE course

A Few Suggestions:
Lip gloss
Small Purse
Nail Polish
Gift Cards
Teen Books


We will also be presenting our annual holiday basket raffle.
If you have a home business where you sell candles, cosmetics, cards, jewelry, fun hygiene RDH items, or any interesting crafts & are interested in table space during our Dec 4 CE course, please call or email me for details. See you Dec 4!

Frannie Driscoll, RDH

The CDHA Reports New Legislation from Sacramento:
Breaking News From Sacramento for all RDH and RDHAP's - Signed into law by Governor Brown:

ARROW AB 1174 Expands Scope for all hygienists, RDH and RDHAP alike, allowing the placement of Interim Therapeutic Restorations, in the office as well as in other settings with telehealth supervision, with additional education.

ARROWSB 850 authorizes Pilot Baccalaureate Programs in Community Colleges. Foothill College in Los Altos is being considered as a site for a DH pilot.

ARROWSB 1245 continues DHCC operations to 2019.

ARROWAB 1522 (Gonzales), the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 mandates Paid Sick Leave. Effective July 2015, after 30 days worked within a year, all employees will accrue 1 hour paid leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum required 3 days per year.


Trustee's Report


CDHA Membership comes with benefits and opportunities. Your membership allows you to attend CE events at a reduced fee. Our December 4 and January 24 meetings are right around the corner. The December CE also offers you the opportunity to support our local community by donating new items for teens at Shelter Inc. Please bring your unwrapped gift to the meeting along with your holiday enthusiasm.


At our February CE meeting we will elect CDHA delegates and component officers. Delegates represent our component at the House of Delegates held May 29 -31, 2015. Be a part of the decision-making at CDHA - run for delegate and make a difference.


In addition to CDHA delegates, we will be electing component offices in February. This year we are electing President Elect, Treasurer (2 year term), VP of Administration, VP of Education and Trustee.  All positions, other than Treasurer, are a one-year term.


I will be attending the CDHA Board of Trustee meeting on October 26 and bring you news of actions taken. CDHA will be hiring a Corporate Development Consultant at the meeting.


It has been enjoyable serving the component these last 2 years as Trustee. I look forward to serving and learning more in the coming years.


Lory Laughter RDH, BS

MDDHS Trustee

From our Student Mentor.............

Hello Dental Hygiene Students!!!


As the semester is about half way through the students are studying for upcoming midterms. Challenging as all the coursework is, keep your eye on the prize! The juniors are adjusting well to the commitment that is dental hygiene school (of course with the guidance of their senior buddies.) Seniors are taking on more challenging cases and learning how to fine tune their technique. Thank you to the students who have been joining the board meetings. We look forward to seeing all students at our upcoming continuing education (CE) courses. Check out the student prices ;)
As always, remember that there is a community of dental hygienists out there that are here to support you and encourage you throughout this journey that is dental hygiene school.
Jessica Annereau, RDH
MDDHS Student Liason
MDDHS Vice President of Education
DVC Class of 2015
DVC Class of 2016


October is National Dental Hygiene Month
Celebrate dental hygienist's commitment to improving oral health and making a difference every day.
CDA Cares Sacramento - Volunteers Needed!!!
Dental and health care professionals are needed for this upcoming CDA Cares event in Sacramento, March 27 and 28th.  Click here for more information and on-line registration for volunteers. Give back to the community by sharing your skills and talents with those in need. You are a valued professional with so much to offer.


 Visit the DHCC web site! Click on links below for the latest announcements:



Join the DHCC mailing list    


          DHCC Website                                       



CalHyPAC is the California Dental Hygienists' Association's Political Action Committee, a separate entity from the CDHA. The PAC establishes relationships with California legislators who believe that dental hygienists are an important and essential part of the health care system. We support candidates for the California legislature who believe in our interests, concerns, and goals.  When CDHA introduces legislation, we need a supportive legislator who will sponsor the bill for us.CalHyPAC is an essential part of CDHA's government affairs program.

Visit the CalHyPac website and a link to their newsletter here.