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Countdown to MYF!

Only ONE MONTH until MYF and we couldn't wait to start celebrating.  Last Thursday, we kicked off our countdown with a special Yoga Flash Mob in Monument Square in Portland!  If you haven't already seen the video, make sure to check it out.


From now until MYF, we'll be offering our attendees the opportunity to win fun prizes!  Each week, we will be giving away something special from one of our sponsors.  The earlier you register, the more chances you will have to win!   If you register by Sunday, June 23, you will be entered to win a case of our favorite coconut water - Vita Coco!  

Vendor Village FULL

We are excited to announce that our Vendor Village is officially full and we are only accepting applications for our waiting list.  The Vendor Village will be open for business on Saturday from 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM and on Sunday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  The Village is open to the public and is filled with a diverse group of local vendors selling products from hand crafted sustainable water bottles to enriched coffee.  Make sure to plan for some time to peruse the village for some shopping and sampling!  For a complete list of our vendors, please visit our website.  

Teacher Profile - Amy Page

Favorite Sanskrit word?

Anahata. Literal translation "unstruck", anahata is the heart chakra, the place where our love and compassion live. Often associated with touch (my favorite sense) and the color green (another of my favorites), anahata is also the cornerstone of my lineage, the school of bhakti yoga. The connotations of love, devotion, adoration, and truth are impossible to separate, completely encompassed by this one word.    

Amy will be teaching Blindfold Yoga at MYF.  To read more about Melanie, check out the MYF´┐Ż blog !  


Don't forget MYF is Studio of the Month at the lululemon showroom in Portland!  For a sneak peak class of our MYF teachers Amy Page and Traca Gress, come to the lululemon showroom on Saturday June 22 and 29 at 9:00 AM.

Sponsor News - UNUM

It is with great gratitude that we thank our sponsor Unum for supporting MYF and also our charitable partner, Preble Street. With the cost of health care constantly on the rise, Unum, the world's leading benefit provider, continues to provide simple solutions. 


Through Unum's support, we have established a weekly yoga program at the Preble Street Teen Center.  As we have watched this program unfold and grow over the past four months, we are excited to share more information about it with you.  Look for Preble Street's booth at the Friends & Family Yoga Party on Saturday evening and learn more about the incredible work they are doing!

Featured Studio Partner
Spiral Tree Yoga 
Located in the warm and inviting Rosemont neighborhood of Portland,  Spiral Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio offers a diversity of programs for kids, families and adults. Practitioners can choose from adult yoga classes,kids & family yoga classes, pre-natal and post-natal and workshops/trainings. Through their yoga & wellness programs, Spiral Tree promotes individual, family and community wellness that emphasizes mind, body and heart connection within each other and the world around us.   

Why do you want to be a part of MYF?
I love to build community and connect with others. Yoga is unity and community and MYF embodies these two concepts beautifully. We're grateful to contribute by teaching to kids at the festival and introducing our studio to the Greater Portland Community.  
For more information about our studio partners or to become an MYF studio partner, please visit our website.     
For Our Foodies
Wicked Good Truck
Nothing makes you think of Maine more than wicked good food!  You may have seen their fun green truck hanging around Portland and we're thrilled to have Wicked Good Street Kitchen joining us at MYF!  Offering a variety of delicious local, vegetarian and vegan options, Wicked Good's food truck is a special stop not to be missed.
Vendor Preview 


 One could easily say Em Robertson's love of jewelry is hereditary, stemming from her fashion buyer mother and world traveler father.  After graduating from business school,  Em worked with numerous fashion designers always carrying her family heirlooms with her, interchanging lockets with new chains, and refurbishing old pieces to be on trend with the season.  This has led to the creation of her our contemporary jewelry brand, Mprint.  Her collection consists of casted coins from around the world, plated in either brass, silver or gold. 


Visit Mprint's booth in Vendor Village and receive a special 10% discount on their 2013 Travel Collection! 

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