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to the Local Organizing Committee, officials, coaches and skaters for another successful Sectional Championships weekend.  From the memorable performances of skaters along with the commitment of the coaches, officials and volunteers, the 2015 Sectionals was a great event.  A special thank you is extended to the Goldstar Skating Academy and Calgary Winter Club for hosting this competition.

The Section also extends its appreciation to all sponsors who supported the 2015 Sectional Championships, including our presenting sponsor, Calgary Professional Skate Service.  

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Pre-Juvenile Women U11 Free (Grp. 1-4)
Pre-Juvenile Men U11/U14
Pre-Novice Women SP  (Grp. 1)
Jr. Women SP
Juv. & Pre-Novice Free Dance
Jr. & Sr. Men SP
Pre-Novice Women Free (Grp. 1-4) (Plus skaters 23 & 24 from group 5)


All events

Congratulations and Good Luck to the following Skate Alberta/NWT-Nunavut Team Members as they attend Skate Canada Challenge in Pierrefonds, Quebec on Dec. 3-7, 2014.

Click here for Challenge Details 

University of Alberta SKATE-A-THON

All Proceeds Donated to the Kevin Duffy Memorial Foundation. The Kevin Duffy Memorial Foundation helps operate a Special Needs, Learn to Skate class with the Extreme Edge Skating Club.  This program  offers autistic and other children with special needs, such as, but not limited to, down syndrome and seeing impaired an opportunity to participate in sport.



Employment Opportunities with the Section Office


Coordinator, Communications and Events


Executive Director 


Interview With Bernard Ford



When I called Bernard Ford and said it was a pleasure to speak with him, his response was "you don't know that yet". I already knew I was in for a treat. With that wonderful wit that I grew up with in a British family, I instantly felt at ease speaking with a living legend. With four British titles, four European titles and four World titles to his credit, Bernard Ford and his partner Diane Towler-Greendominated the world of ice dancing in the second half of the sixties. They pioneered the sport by adding lifts, twizzles and dance spins to a discipline that had always been skated firmly with two feet on the ground. Towler and Ford won the demonstration event of ice dancing at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France and handily, the World Professional title after winning their last World title as well. Ford's true contributions to skating after ending his competitive career are simply staggering as you will learn more in this interview. He's coached Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir and Tracy Wilson and Rob McCall, invented a well known compulsory dance and continues to coach in Edmonton, Alberta. I think it's only fitting that you pour yourself a cup of tea and prepare yourself for an interview that is simply MUST READ in every sense:   Click here


The 2015 Section Annual Convention and General Meeting is being held May 2, 2015 in Red Deer, Alberta. During the day, a variety of workshops are held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. We appreciate the feedback and suggestions of our members to provide us with ideas for the 2015 Workshops. Please email your ideas to the Section office by Dec 10. Watch for details about the 2015 Section ACGM coming in the new year!


For those clubs hosting an ice show, carnival or holiday on-ice event, your club is required to have a sanction from the Section office. Please view the Club Information page on the Section website to view information about Carnivals, Bring a Friend Day and Family Funskates.


Submit Club Photos!

Please submit your club photos throughout the year to the Section Office so your club can be featured in the newsletter. Email club photos featuring carnivals, ice shows, holiday celebrations and  more.  Submit photos to with a small caption about the photo.  


Is your club thinking of hosting a CanSkate Element Event or would your skaters like to attend a CanSkate Element Event located near you? View the CanSKate Element Event information on the Section website on the Club Information page to host an event and to see which clubs are hosting an upcoming event.   


Calgary PSS CanSkate Ad  
CanSkate Connection   

CanSkate Centers on Physical Literacy

What is this new buzz word 'Physical Literacy' and how does it relate to the new CanSkate program? Physical Literacy is about being competent and confident in a variety of activities and environments for the healthy development of the whole person.


The concept of Physical Literacy states that at the FUNdamental stage of the LTAD the focus is on developing the ABCs - Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed.  The new CanSkate curriculum is organized into three fundamental areas including Agility, Balance & Control with a Fast Track to encourage speed and length of stride using the full perimeter of the ice.


Physical Literacy tool-kits are designed to enhance a child's movement repertoire by increasing a number of skills they are competent in, as well as increasing their overall proficiency level in a fun setting, using repetition based learning as the basis of available circuit designs.  The new CanSkate program includes well-structured circuits which incorporate skill progressions and repetition, offering opportunities for teaching, practice and the development of muscle memory.


The theory of Physical Literacy tells us that rhythm activities help develop fluid movement patterns, and help children perform many fundamental movement and fundamental sport skills with greater ease and efficiency.  The new CanSkate program uses music and movements during full-ice warm-ups, group activities and cool-downs to challenge development by encouraging speed, balance and control in a way that is fun and interactive.


Physical Literacy says that it is important children master movement skills before learning sport skills, and fundamental sport skills before sport specific techniques.  Learning fundamental sport skills before mastering the related fundamental movement skills actually reduces performance ability later.  In the new CanSkate program fundamental ice sport skills are taught in stages 1-3, in stages 4-6 all skaters are exposed to a variety of sport specific skills for hockey/ringette, figure skating and speed skating.


CanSkate is listed as a quality program on for having embedded Canadian Sport for Life values and principles and is recommended for the development of physical literacy in children.  Follow this link to watch a short video on Physical Literacy and its importance:


Whether skating for recreation or competitive sport performance physical literacy and CanSkate evoke an interest in life-long participation!



Happy Skating,

Tammy Greidanus

CanSkate Resource Team 

Testament to the Athletes With A Disability (AWAD)
Pilot Project

"I wanted to thank you again for providing an aide for my son.  Given his severe speech delay it is difficult for him to communicate his needs and frustrations to coaches and this seemed to really put a damper on his introduction to skating.  He was a boy ready to give up on something he so desperately wanted to learn.


You gave him a renewed energy and enthusiasm for a sport he is really loving.  The smile on his face and the pride he shows after his sessions with CanSkate and his coach show what a difference you and this program have made for him.


He and I both feel included and encouraged to continue our adventures into the community and participate in recreational activities that will benefit our entire family.


I want you to know that you have my sincere appreciation for your caring and for initiating a program that is bringing much joy and confidence into our lives."


Kurt Browning: Lethbridge to host 2015 Skate Canada International
Lethbridge to host 2015 Skate Canada International
Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2015

For full details please click here.

Coaches Corner   
Edmonton Sport Council 
Coaching and Mental Skills:  
Integrating Skills into Training and Competition

Most coaches have general knowledge of the mental skills, yet incorporating them into practice can be more difficult. This workshop will focus on how to integrate mental skills into practice and competition environments.

Some of the skills covered will include: self-talk, cueing, focus control, goal setting, debriefing, and imagery. Coaches should be prepared to role play and are encouraged to bring their questions of integration to the session.

Date/Time: Tuesday December 2nd, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Percy Page Centre, 11759 Groat Road (Third Floor, Room #8)

Registration fee: $10.00

For more information,  click here.

Free On-Line Legal Course

How prepared are you to answer liability or legal related questions related to coaches? Like most people involved in sport, either as a volunteer or administrator, you probably cross your fingers and hope you never have to deal with such issues. However, they arise when you least expect them.


What is really important to understand is that ignorance of the law and how it may impact you is not an excuse when it comes to litigation. The best way to be prepared is to understand. ASAA has created an online legal course for coaches and others involved in sport. The course only takes about an hour or so.


Click here for the offer of a free course from the ASAA and School Sport Canada. 

Canskate Coach University
Skate Canada is excited to offer once again the CanSkate Coach University (CSCU) Program. It will be held in conjunction with the 2015 National Coaches Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This program provides professional development opportunities for coaches who have demonstrated the ability to deliver a high-quality CanSkate program and are interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in the new CanSkate program.

Further program information and applications can be found on the info center at the following link.
Duso's October Female Skater of                the Month 

Congratulations to Renee Gulayets of the Gateway Skating Club!

Renee is a dedicated and passionate skater who always challenges herself to achieve personal goals.  Her hard work and determination shows that personal goals can be reached with passion. Renee is a leader of the Gateway team, encouraging and supporting younger skaters.  Congratulations Renee on being Duso's October Female Skater of the Month!

Duso's October Male Skater of                    the Month 

Congratulations to Bryce Chudak of the Calalta FSC.

Bryce is a dedicated and passionate singles and pairs skater.  He is a role model to the younger skaters, always providing support and encouragement.  Congratulations Bryce on being Duso's October Male Skater of the Month.


Submit your nomination for upcoming Duso's Female and Male Skaters of the Month awards by the 15th of every month! Nomination forms can be found here .
Duso's October Helping Hands of                the Month

Congratulations to Gitti Heske of the Goldstar Skating Academy and Bobbie Kelly of the Calgary Winter Club. 

Their commitment and support for their clubs are shown through their dedication to their club Board of Directors.  As Competition Co-Chairs for the 2015 Sectional Championships, Gitti and Bobbie have contributed countless hours to ensuring a successful event for skaters, coaches, officials and volunteers.


Submit your nomination for upcoming Duso's Helping Hand of the Month awards by the 15th of every month! Nomination forms can be found here . 

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2015 Skate Canada Challenge
Dec. 3-7, 2014
Pierrefonds, Quebec
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"The five S's of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit."- Ken Doherty
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