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Call for Expressions of Interest
Creating Opportunities for Skaters with a Disability   

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut has received funding support through the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife Foundation along with Sport Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Alberta Health to introduce an initiative to increase opportunities for skaters with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. The focus of this initiative is to assist clubs to enhance their capacity to include and develop skaters with a disability. Funding through ASRPWF's Sport Activities Initiatives Program and the Provincial Healthy/Active Living Initiatives Program will enable pilot clubs the opportunity to access financial assistance for areas such as coaching support, club support, and adaptive equipment support


Approximately three to five pilot clubs will be selected for 2013-2014. This initiative may be expanded to include more clubs in 2014-2015. Preference may be given to clubs with programs or skaters within programs including any intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and/or autism.


The focus of the Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut initiative is the inclusion of skaters with a disability in existing Skate Canada programming like CanSkate and STARSkate. There are no requirements for skaters to travel or compete. 


For more information on submitting an Expression of Interest, please click here.

Today is the last day to submit your Expression of Interest.   


Questions?  Contact Lisa Bonderove at Section Office, lisa@skateabnwtnun.ca or 780-415-0593

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Nutrition for Athletes

Sport Nutrition for Young Athletes 

Nutrition for Your Young Athlete (parent hand-out)

Source (above two articles): Canadian Paediatric Society, Paediatric Sports and Exercise Medicine Section, 2013. Sport nutrition for young athletes. For a wealth of information on child and youth health and well being, please visit www.cps.ca and  www.caringforkids.cps.ca.

Interesting Nutrition Facts for Athletes Choosing Wisely
By: Holly Henderson
Check out the different food choices you can make as an athlete and how these choices can affect your meal plan. 


Calling all Dance Partners

In an effort to provide our membership with useful resources, we are looking to compile a list of all available partners in the Section. Please contact Holly Henderson at holly@skateabnwtnun.ca to be added to this list. Please include your email and contact information.  


This information will be posted and accessible to the membership on the Section website, under Clubs > Test Days > Resources. 

Calgary PSS - Products  
CanSkate Connection CanSkate Connection - July 2013

Remember these graphics from the CanSkate Coaches Manual back in the 1980's?  They have made a comeback in the new manual to illustrate properly fitted skates.  As club's prepare for the upcoming CanSkate season we recommend providing members with a safety and equipment handout.  See page D-1 of the new CanSkate manual for a handout template.  This important information is most effective if provided with registration confirmation, at your registration day, and/or on your club website.  Equipment recommendations can also be reaffirmed at a parent orientation meeting.


Additional equipment and safety tips club's may wish to add to the template include:

  • Faceguards are encouraged especially for Pre-CanSkate skaters
  • Molded (plastic) boots are discouraged
  • Nylon material pants and mitts work well for those just starting out, fuzzy mitts may stick to the ice and leave hazardous lint behind
  • Avoid sending skaters onto the ice with gum, food or candy in their mouth as it may cause choking
  • After each session wipe blades and keep wet skate guards off during storage to prevent rusting

Stay Safe,

Tammy Greidanus

CanSkate Resource Team Member


For additional information on skate fitting and maintenance, contact Danielle at Calgary Professional Skate Service. 

Get In Sync  
CSSC Hosts Spring Skills Camp with Saara Pulkkinen

The Calgary Synchronized Skating Club (CSSC) was thrilled to have Saara Pulkkinen join us for a spring skills camp May 25-26, 2013. Saara skated synchro with Team Unique (Senior team in Finland) for many years prior to starting her coaching career. She has coached here in Canada at various levels including both Junior and Senior teams in Ontario and currently coaches a Novice and Junior team in Finland. In addition to her coaching responsibilities she also choreographs programs for synchro teams around the world. CSSC has been fortunate to have Saara work with them over the past several years and she is currently the choreographer for our Adult 1 team. [Read Complete Article]


CSSC Spring Skills Camp - July 2013


2013 Synchronized Skating 'Think Tank'

Submitted by Nina Evans, Participant 

A synchronized skating "Think Tank" was held on July 6, 2013 in Edmonton. The group consisted of four coaches, three officials, one skater, one club administrator and was coordinated by Lisa Bonderove, Coordinator Finance & Skating Programs. We met to discuss synchronized skating in the Section. We devoted an entire day to discussing where we are now, where we would like to be, and what we need to do to get there.


We are proud to say that the Section registered 27 synchronized skating teams this past season; but sadly, synchronized skating participation is continuing to decrease. Although once the norm, seeing a full roster of skaters is now very rare, and only 22% of Alberta teams skated with the maximum number of skaters.


Passionate about our discipline, the group brainstormed ways to promote synchronized skating within the Section, as well as ways to develop our coaches and teams to foster future success. We look to grow synchronized skating in 2013-2014 by our efforts to increase exposure, provide support for new coaches and teams, and provide more opportunities for coach and skater development through enhanced monitoring, simulations, and working with our valued Section resources.


Stay tuned for details about one of our most exciting new endeavours for the upcoming season! Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut will be hosting a Synchronized Skating Development Camp for all coaches, skaters, officials, and club administrators this September in Edmonton.

July 2013 Artego Ad  
The Clubhouse
Important Club and Skating School Update - Re:Sound Fees
Skate Canada Update June 26, 2013 and July 10, 2013 


2013-2014 Season

A new organization has been authorized to collect fees for music rights. Re:Sound is a similar organization to SOCAN, which collects fees on behalf of music composers and arrangers. Re:Sound represents fees going to the music artists and record producer/companies. Skate Canada was able to negotiate a very favourable rate of $23.42 for each club for the 2013-2014 season. The Re:Sound fees will be collected during the registration process in the same way as the SOCAN fees are currently collected.

Re:Sound and SOCAN are separate organizations that represent different stakeholders in the music recording industry. Payments to both companies are required by all Skate Canada clubs and skating schools.



Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights.


SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is a not-for-profit organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers.


On behalf of its members, representing thousands of artists and record companies, Re:Sound licenses recorded music for public performance, broadcast and new media.

Through licences, SOCAN gives businesses that use music the freedom to use any music they want, legally and ethically.


Re:Sound collects fees from Skate Canada clubs and skating schools in two areas, each with a different pricing structure:

  • Club sessions - $23.42 + applicable tax to be paid to Skate Canada and will be collected with club and skating school registration.
  • Ice shows - $61.83 + applicable tax for each ice show held between January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012 to be paid directly to Re:Sound by submitting the appropriate form. Additional information related to ice shows between 2008 and 2010 must also be provided on this form which must be submitted directly to Re:Sound by September 20, 2013.
Ice Shows - Retroactive to 2008

There is one urgent deadline to be aware of for Re:Sound. The minimum rate for ice shows has been negotiated. Re:Sound is adamant about collecting fees for Ice Shows retroactive to 2008. The Re:Sound form will be posted to Members Only as soon as possible, and will be included in the summer club mailing. The fee negotiated for Skate Canada members is the minimum rate of $61.85 for ice shows in 2011, 2012, and 2013. However, clubs must report if they did or did not hold ice shows in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Even if no ice show was held, it is advisable to complete the form to relay that information. All clubs are encouraged to complete the form by the deadline date to avoid Re:Sound pursuing retroactive payments back to 2008. The deadline to submit the form to Re:Sound is September 20, 2013.


The Re:Sound form will be posted to Members Only with all other club and skating school registration forms prior to the registration period opening on August 6, 2013. A paper copy will be included in the summer club and skating school registration mailing. 


Kevin Duffy Memorial Foundation presents the 8th Annual Golf Tournament

Saturday, July 28, 2013

10:00 am Shotgun Start

All proceeds will be donated to the Kevin Duffy Memorial Foundation which helps operate a Special Needs Learn to Skate Program that offers autistic and other children with special needs such as, but not limited to, Down Syndrome, an opportunity to participate in sport. The foundation also gives financial assistance for competitive figure skating athletes that demonstrate leadership, work ethic, high academic achievement, athletic improvement and high competitive results.


Contact Doug for more information, living.the.dream@shaw.ca.    


Skate Canada Mileage Rate Changed 

Skate Canada Update June 26, 2013


The rate to be reimbursed to individuals for Skate Canada travel has been changed to $0.48/kilometre. This is the first change to the rate in many years, and replaces the previous rate of $0.40/kilometre. The new rate is effective July 1, 2013.    

Coaches Corner 
2013 CanSkate Coaches University


CanSkate Coaching University 2013


Read Jamie-Lyn Jackson's story about her attendance at the 2013 Skate Canada CanSkate Coach University program in Ottawa, Ontario.


My Time at CanSkate University 

By: Jamie-Lyn Jackson


Participating at CSCU 

By: Megan Beattie 



CanSkate Assignment

Effective September 1, 2015


For CanSkate Coaches who are working on their CanSkate Assignment please note that effective September 1, 2015 all current CanSkate assignments must be submitted and marked. 


After September 1, 2015 CanSkate assignments will not be accepted and those candidates will need to begin their CanSkate coach training in the new program beginning with the CanSkate Pre-Course Training Module.  
A. Reid - June 2013 SOM Duso's Skater of the Month 
Congratulations Alexandra Reid of the Lake Bonavista SC! 

Alexandra Reid has been participating in the STARSkate program for 3 years, competing in competitions across Alberta. She is a dedicated athlete participating in off-ice sessions as well as several on-ice session each week. She dedicates her time to helping younger skaters as a Program Assistant with the CanSkate session, in addition to her volunteer contributions at the annual Mini competition as a judge.  


Congratulations Alexandra on being selected as the June 2013 Duso's Skater of the Month!

L. Foulston - June 2013 HHOM Duso's Helping Hand of the Month 
Congratulations Luella Foulston of the Red Deer SC! 

Luella was selected as the June 2013 Duso's Helping Hand of the Month because of her commitment and involvement in club activities. She is the first to raise her hand and start organizing things. She is a wonderful individual and volunteer who has a real knack for organizing events while always maintaining a calm and focused outlook. 


Congratulations Luella on being selected as the June 2013 Duso's Helping Hand of the Month!

Duso's Video Still 
Healthy Living with Cristina Sanders & Duso's Fresh Pasta (Video)
2013 Skate Canada International  

CAC Banner

Government of AlbertaAlberta Recreation and Parks Association and Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation are pleased to announce the Capture Alberta Photo Contest! We want to see how you are active physically, culturally, in your community, the outdoors and in sport. There are four entry categories each with amazing prizes.

 Visit our website for more information and to submit your photos at capturealbertacontest.ca, Twitter at @CaptureAlberta, and on Facebook at Capture Alberta Photo Contest. 

Aboriginal CAC Module  
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2013 Physical Activity Forum: Physical Activity to Promote Brain Health
2013 Physical Activity Forum: Physical Activity to Promote Brain Health
Volunteer Opportunities
Peace Region Representative    

The election for the Peace Region Representative took place in April 2013 and there were no nominations received. Therefore, the position of the Peace Region Representative is now considered a casual vacancy and will be filled by appointment by the Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Board of Directors to complete the 2013-2015 term.


For more information on the opportunity and application submission information, click here


Also, read the article "The Importance of Region Representatives" to learn how Region Representatives support their Regions. 

Royal Glenora Club
Arena Redevelopment    

The Royal Glenora Club, which became well known as the home club for many World and Olympic Champions including Jamie Sale & David Pelletier, Kurt Browning and Kristi Yamaguchi, was facing a permanent shut down due to aging facilities. As of May 31st, the club had to make a difficult decision to turn off the chiller and melt the ice as the aging mechanicals could no longer keep up with rising temperatures over the summer months. The decision to renovate the arena was left up to the club's membership and a vote was held on June 25th. An overwhelming 78% of members voted in favor of renovating the arena, which was a critical decision in protecting the legacy and history of the Royal Glenora Skating Club. The renovation will get underway immediately and includes new mechanicals, a concrete floor to replace the existing sand base as well as the addition of hockey boards to expand programming to include hockey. The renovated arena, which will support skaters with world-class coaching and optimal training facilities, is estimated to open some time early 2014.


Royal Glenora Club members vote to keep Edmonton figure skating club open (Edmonton Journal)


Sandi Wright

Chair, Skating Section

Royal Glenora Club

Calgary Professional Skate Service has a rewarding opportunity in Calgary for a Skate Technician in the Figure Skating department at Calgary Professional Skate Service. The position entails all repairs and maintenance of figure skates, some retail sales of figure skates, clothing and accessories, and maintaining the high level of customer service that our customers have come to expect at Professional Skate Service.   


[Job Description

Events Calendar


Wild Rose Invitational
August 9-11, 2013
Calgary, AB



Skating Vacation 2013
July 2 - August 16, 2013
Canmore SC
Banff, AB

Royal Glenora Club Summer Skating School
July 2 - August 8, 2013
Royal Glenora Club
Edmonton, AB
Test Days 
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Save the Date! 

The Section Casino will be held on August 1-2, 2013 at the Ice Palace Casino in Edmonton, Alberta.


Interested in volunteering? Follow the link below to submit your application.


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Congratulations Ashlynne Stairs of The Glencoe Club 
Ashlynne recently passed her Gold Skills and Dance tests.
A. Stairs - Golden Skater

Congratulations Alexis Willis of the Calalta Figure Skating Club 
Alexis recently passed her Gold test in Free Skate. She has now completed her gold tests in Dance, Interpretive, and Free Skate. 
Alexis Willis - Golden Skater
Coach Wanted Ads 


Claresholm SC

Is looking for a NCCP Primary STARSkate Certified or higher coach as well as a CanSkate Trained or higher coach. [More]  


Cold Lake FSC

Is looking for a CanSkate/Primary STARSkate Certified coach. [More]  


Cypress School of Skating

Is looking for an ISPC Certified coach and a CanSkate Certified or higher coach.



Foothills SC

Is looking for an ISPC Certified coach. [More


Gateway SC

Is looking for an ISPC Certified coach. [More]


High Level SC

Is looking for a CanSkate Certified, NCCP Primary STARSkate Certified, or higher level coach. [More]


Innisfail SC

Is looking for an ISPC Certified coach. [More]


Iqaluit FSC

Is looking for an NCCP Primary STARSkate Certified coach. [More]


Properties Skating Academy

Is looking for a CanSkate/Primary STARSkate Certified coach. [More]


Red Deer SC

Is looking for an ISPC Certified coach or higher or a CanSkate Certified coach. [More]  


Sylvan Lake FSC

Is looking for a CanSkate Certified or higher coach. [More] 


Whitecourt FSC

Is looking for a CanSkate Certified or higher level coach. [More] 


Use the Coach Wanted Ad Submission Form to submit your ad. The submission deadline is the 1st of each month. Cost per ad is $25 per edition. Email ads to info@skateabnwtnun.ca.


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