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BSA's Possible Policy Change  

Thu, Jan 31, 2013 

Cub Scout salute As you may have heard over the last couple of days, there has been significant media coverage regarding the BSA's membership standards and the reevaluation by the National Executive Board. The National Executive Board is evaluating a possible policy change at its National Board Meeting on February 6th.

A number of Scouters have asked how they can have their thoughts shared with National. National confirmed an email address and phone number where Scouters and sponsoring organizations can voice their opinion. You can either send an email to or leave a phone message with a live person at BSA public relations at (972) 580-2263. We have heard that this number is open 24 hours a day since so many calls have been coming in. You may have to wait a while to get to a live person on the phone so the email may be the easiest method to communicate with National.

Please use the above contact information if you are interested in voicing your opinion. Please do not contact our local council as we are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls or emails and it would only delay getting your opinions to National.

We are not suggesting that you contact National, nor do we know how the information gathered from the Scouters will be used. But since we have been asked about contacting National and some contacted us a few months ago when National reaffirmed its policy, asking us how they could get their opinions to National, we wanted our Scouters to know about this contact information. Otherwise, stay tuned since I am sure more information will be forthcoming after the meeting next week.

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