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Best of the Sales Training Connection


Winter 2013
If you are a subscriber who might have missed a popular post, or if you haven't had a chance to visit the Sales Training Connection, we thought we would bring to you the Best of the Sales Training Connection.
In this issue you will find our most popular blogs - about selling and sales training - posted during the Winter months.
We hope you find them interesting - feel free to share them with your colleagues.
Janet Spirer and Richard Ruff
Sales Training Connection

In this issue
Product innovation - sales needs to join the game
4 best practices for mentoring new sales reps
Key account sales training
Sales failures - not uncommon and not that bad
Sales strategy - it starts at the top
Sales Training  
Product innovation - sales needs to join the game


Competition continues to increase in today's global market. No industry is immune. Companies in the emerging economies are doing things quicker, cheaper, and better than yesteryear. In that market milieu, leading companies are changing what it takes to win the innovation race. Continue


4 best practices for mentoring new sales reps


Mentoring new sales reps is a technique many companies use to "jump start" new sales reps. It's a logical approach providing new sales reps with an opportunity to work with someone besides their sales manager to learn about the customer base, product portfolios, marshaling internal resources, etc.  Continue


Key account sales training


"Key Account" is a label used differently across companies. Over the years we've had the opportunity to design sales training initiatives for many Key Account sales teams. We've learned a couple of important walk-a-ways. Continue  


Sales Coaching 
Sales failures - not uncommon and not that bad


Steve Jobs? Thomas Edison? Dean Kamen? Three entrepreneurs who have many things in common including ... they have all achieved extraordinary success yet failed somewhere along the way in their careers. Continue 


Sales strategy - it starts at the top


In sales a fair amount of time is spent on crafting, executing and modifying sales strategy. Some topics, like how sales reps should go about planning their account strategies, receive a lot of attention while others not so much. One that falls into the latter category is overall business unit sales strategy. Continue 


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