Medical Sales - Blog Round-Up Fall 2012 
Medical Sales 
Top 4 Medical Sales Blog Posts
Tips to leverage the power of storytelling in medical sales
Selling new technologies to physicians
Tailoring sales to physicians - a sales tip
A new sales environment as more physicians become hospital employees

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Medical Sales - Blog Round-up 

Some of the most popular blogs at the Sales Training Connection are on medical sales. If you've missed them ... here's a round-up of the top medical sales blogs posted during the Fall 2012.

We hope you find them interesting - feel free to share them with your colleagues.

Janet Spirer and Richard Ruff
Sales Training Connection

Tips to leverage the power of storytelling in medical sales


Storytelling and sales - a powerful combination! We've written extensively about the power of storytelling noting that success comes more quickly to medical sales reps who are able to share engaging stories that resonate with the listener.  For example, it is one thing to list why a physician should do business with you; it is another to be able to relate past success stories that brings that list to life.  The latter is memorable and repeatable - the former is just another list of features.  Continue


Selling new technologies to physicians


Sales reps usually get excited when their company launches a new product. And when the product is a new technology that is significantly different from others on the market, the level can be particularly high.  That's the upside surrounding new product launches.  The downside is that sales reps falsely assume their customer base is equally excited and want to hear about every last detail as soon as possible. Continue 


Tailoring sales to physicians - a sales tip


There is no one way physicians prefer to interact with a medical company. Many factors influence the physician's view of the ideal experience. Personal preferences, communication styles, level of disease understanding, practice setting, local formulary control, disease specialty, and patient demographics, among others, shape the physician's preference for interaction. Continue

A new sales environment as more physicians become hospital employees


Historically physicians owned their own practices, but times are changing. With healthcare reform, work-life balance issues, and the financial demands of setting up a practice, physicians are increasingly shifting from owning their own practice to being employed directly by hospitals. Continue

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