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January 2013

National Alliance on Mental Illness, California State Organization 

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Newtown Shootings - Opinions and Responses


Here are columns, letters, press releases, and calls to action NAMI California has published since the tragedy of the Newtown shooting. None of them capture, or could capture, the pain of the surviving families, including that of Adam Lanza's family. None of them speak adequately to the long years of trying to get/provide the right help by Adam's family. Although they are all thoughtful and seemed worthy of reprinting, you might notice that few of the writers completely agree with each other.

By the time this newsletter is published, more articles will have appeared on our website and Facebook page and in our weekly newsletters. NAMI and NAMI California have made statements based on our policy platform but we still need your feedback on this issue and any other major issues with which we are confronted.


-- Bettie Reinhardt, MPH

NAMI California Legislative & Public Policy Consultant  

The "Educational Benefit" of an IEP: Ideals and Reality

Fifth in a series of columns by Roger Greenbaum

How much of a difference is special education required to make, in assisting a student to overcome the effects of a disability? What should students and their families properly aim for, in this regard? And how can they improve the chances for good results?


In this month's column we discuss how much -- or how little -- "educational benefit" is actually guaranteed as a matter of law. Despite the gap that can arise between our ideals of what special ed should be, and a sometimes disappointing reality, there are practical steps which parents can take to move the IEP process in a positive direction which will be beneficial for their child.


Click to read the full column.

Senator Darrell Steinberg Contacts Vice President Biden; Calls for National Mental Health Program

Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg has introduced a state and national proposal to enhance mental health services across the country, urging the Obama administration to adopt California's Mental Health Services Act as a model for the nation and proposing the federal government consider a dollar-for-dollar match of funding for states willing to use their resources in building an effective and lifesaving mental health system that includes prevention and intervention services.

Steinberg has made his proposal in a letter to Vice President Joe Biden, who has been tasked by the President to lead a commission examining mental health polices and ways to reduce gun violence in the wake of last week's horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

"While it is absolutely misguided to draw direct correlations between mental illness and such violent acts, investing in prevention and early intervention for people in the early stages of mental illness is a strategy that clearly saves lives," said Steinberg. "The Mental Health Services Act created by Proposition 63 eight years ago is helping tens of thousands of Californians by providing a 'whatever it takes' approach to helping the most severely mentally ill. But by also investing in innovative intervention, we're reaching people before they hit rock bottom."

Read the full story. 


NAMI California's Amanda Lipp and How The MHSA Changes Lives

Five people -- including NAMI California board member Amanda Lipp -- tell their stories of how Proposition 63-funded programs have changed their lives in Mental Illness: How It Affects Everyone, published as an insert into the weekly edition of the Sacramento News and Review. 


Click here to view the booklet.  


Topics include first-person accounts of finding recovery, overcoming stigmas, battling fear and reuniting families.

Attend NAMI California's Regional Meeting for the Counties of Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tuolumne

Join us Monday, January 28 in Merced for NAMI Smarts and other key topics. The meeting will be from 9:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. The NAMI Smarts Module I training is from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. and is open to people from anywhere in the state.

RSVP for location and other details
Survey Finds 75 Percent of Individuals with Mental Health Conditions and their Caregivers Don't Receive Medication Monitoring from Pharmacists

Approximately 75 percent of individuals living with mental illness and their caregivers seldom or never receive safety or effect
iveness monitoring assistance from community pharmacists according to a survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)in conjunction with the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists Foundation (CPNPF).

The greatest obstacle cited by 58 percent of survey respondents is the lack of private space in retail pharmacies to discuss medication issues, including side effects and drug interactions. Although 91 percent are very comfortable going to community pharmacies and 83 percent feel respected by their pharmacist, 43 percent nonetheless feel that they do not have a strong professional relationship with their pharmacist.

The result is that people come to view pharmacists as disinterested in their actual care-although the perception is not so much the fault of pharmacists as their not having sufficient time for questions or discussion. "Individuals primarily receive their medication at the cash register with little or no interaction with their pharmacist," the report notes.

The survey report is titled "Characterizing the Relationship Between Individuals with Mental Conditions and Community Pharmacists" and is available at and .

Read more about the survey.

Family Programs News  

Family to Family  


Save these dates for the Family Programs trainings for the fiscal year:


  • January 18-20, Spanish Familia a Familia, in Los Altos, CA
  • February 8-10, Teacher Training, Pittsburg, CA
  • April 12-14, Support Group, Pasadena, CA
  • May 31 - June 2, Teacher Training in Citrus Heights (Sacramento) CA 

If you are a current NAMI support group leader, please consider applying for becoming a support group trainer. Contact Lynn Cathy at: 


If you would like to become involved as a Family to Family teacher or support group leader, please contact your local affiliate.


Thank you!

NAMI Sonoma County's Project Success - SAMSHA Model Program


thank you NAMI The Sonoma County affiliate is a key stakeholder in a regional collaborative managed by the Sonoma County Office of Education. This collaborative uses a model called Project Success, Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students, which is a SAMSHA model program. The goal is to focus on "enhancing life skills for students and reducing barriers to academic success by addressing the early stages of high-risk behavior among youth".


In addition to this collaborative, supplemental funding is provided thru PEI (Prevention & Intervention) via the Mental Health Services Act for peer presentations on Suicide and Depression.


The role that NAMI Sonoma County facilitates is by providing class presentations and parent presentations at local high schools and colleges by trained peers using various formats. These include the NAMI IOOV format, S.O.S. Signs of Suicide Prevention Program by Screening for Mental Health, and Ending the Silence by NAMI DuPage.  


Our goal is to reduce stigma and challenge previous beliefs of mental illness . We hope to serve as a living example of wellness and the probability of Recovery for all! In only the first half of the academic year, we have reached 554 students and have 23 more presentations scheduled in the second half with an expected target attendance of 575 more students.

NAMI California 2013 Annual Conference: Early Bird Registration 


Save when you choose the Early Bird Registration for the NAMI California 2013 Annual Conference, August 16 & 17. Deadline is June 24, 2013. 


San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront
1800 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, California 94010
Phone: 506-474-2009


For hotel reservations click here, or call toll free: 877-622-3056


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NAMI Peer Connections Recovery Support Group


Upcoming training for NAMI Peer Connections Recovery Support Group Facilitators will take place in Santa Cruz, Sat. January 26th and Sunday January 27th.


Taught by two NAMI trained trainers from Sacramento. Cost will be $150 to $170 per person, includes breakfast and lunch and training materials. Lodging and dinner on your own.


Contact Loren Crabb to register at 831-278-0971,

NAMI Ventura County Hosts Over 400 Clients at Holiday Party


The holiday season became a bit brighter for hundreds of Ventura County mental health clients who attended the annual Holiday Party at the Elks Lodge in Oxnard hosted by NAMI Ventura County. A record number of 425 clients came to this year's celebration. Although the weather outside was cold and frightful, the atmosphere inside was warm and delightful, with a lot of holiday cheer and people dressed in festive attire.


The event was a smashing success and the banquet room was filled with a happy crowd of approximately 580 laughing and chatting people including local dignitaries such as Ventura County Executive Officer Michael Powers. Everyone was served a delicious holiday feast of turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, mixed vegetables, salad, and rolls. The guests also enjoyed desserts such as cake, cookies, brownies, and breads, which were baked and donated by volunteers and attendees.


Read the full account of the party.  

NAMI California Financial Statements and Supplemental Information 


NAMI California is posting the most-recent Independent Auditor's Report, June 30, 2011.  


 Click here to read the full report.

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