September 10, 2013
Insights on Change

Through our partnerships with many nonprofits and their funders over the years, we've learned a lot about building capacity for data, measurement and evaluation. Sometimes we show up at the table as formal evaluators and strategists, and other times, we are coaches, technical assistance providers and critical friends to our clients. Regardless of the role we play, there are lessons we have learned that continue to guide the support we provide to clients. For more information about Informing Change's data capacity-building support and our lessons learned, read Kris Helé
's blog. Learn More 
Stories of Change 

Building capacity and establishing a strong foundation for its work have been hallmarks of Informing Change's working relationship with Repair the World over a number of years.


"After Informing Change prepared the landscape report that helped to serve as a vehicle for launching Repair the World, it was sensible to continue to engage Informing Change in a variety of different projects. ... Informing Change helped Repair the World to really establish a researcher base and programmatic best practices, along with good strategic judgment."  

- Jon Rosenberg, former CEO


"They helped us to develop some key systems for program development and program management that we now use. They put some critical frameworks in place for us. They were our partners doing some of the work early on which was a way of building our capacity, of staff learning. They also have content expertise in our field of service ... so they were helpful around some particular pieces of work."  

- Ilana Aisen, Vice President of Programs


"The team at Informing Change is so sensible, gracious and smart, that our thinking has expanded and deepened because of the questions they ask, and because of their tone, and how they ask these questions, and how they carry out their work."  

- Kate Forester, Vice President of Finance & Operations

This Evaluation Capacity Diagnostic Tool is designed to help organizations assess their readiness to take on many types of evaluation activities. It captures information on organizational context and the evaluation experience of staff and can be used in various ways. For example, the tool can pinpoint particularly strong areas of capacity as well as areas for improvement, and can also calibrate changes over time in an organization's evaluation capacity. In addition, this diagnostic can encourage staff to brainstorm about how their organization can enhance evaluation capacity by building on existing evaluation experience and skills. Finally, the tool can serve as a precursor to evaluation activities with an external evaluation consultant. Learn More

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Informing Change is a woman-owned strategic consulting firm that partners with foundations and nonprofit organizations to improve their effectiveness and inform organizational and field-wide learning. Our information-based services include evaluation, applied research and strategy development. Our work is guided by our core values-integrity, intelligence and compassion-and our experience extends across diverse contexts, populations and content areas, including education, health, youth engagement, leadership and philanthropy.