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Tip of the Month
Communication Takes Care

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and the ECHO Initiative supports the work that each of you and others are doing to make sure that children can communicate. As a part of that, we are "echoing" the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Communication Takes Care theme.  
Every family looks forward to seeing a child's first smile, first step, and first words. But it is easy to overlook that hearing health is at the heart of language development for most children.

If we are going to be conscientious about monitoring language development and communication throughout early childhood, we need to take equal care in monitoring hearing health during this critical period of life. With this in mind, the ECHO Initiative will be
jointly sponsoring a coffee-break webinar with the Office of Special Education Programs within the U.S. Department of Education. On May 18th at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) we'll present Quality Hearing Screening Practices for Children Birth to Five Years of Age.
No registration is required. Captioning Services are available at the following URL:

You will need to position your browser windows (the primary webinar page window and the captioning page window) side by side. If the captioning page opens in a new browser tab (instead of a new browser window), you can "tear off" the tab by clicking and dragging the new tab a
way from the first browser window. You can then resize your two browser windows as needed by clicking and dragging in the bottom-right corner of each window.

Hearing screening followed by appropriate audiological assessment and early intervention can dramatically improve optio
Finger puppetsns and outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We thank you for all you are doing to ensure that the children in your care get the screening and services they need and we hope you'll join us for this webinar. 
Probe of the Month
How are you promoting May as
Better Hearing and Speech Month?

Let us know at:  
And, as always, share with anyone you think would benefit from our resources.     

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Probes and Tips is a newsletter from the ECHO Initiative that provides monthly TIPS

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