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Tip of the Month
Review and Evaluate OAE Hearing
Screening Equipment

Selecting reliable hearing screening equipment is often a challenging task for early care and education program staff adopting Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) screening practices. The investment is significant - not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of how equipment performance can affect overall screening program success. Not all OAE equipment works equally well for lay screeners who are serving very young children, and not all equipment has been adequately field tested in varied environments. Ease of use and user satisfaction are far more important than price difference over the long term.
There is no single "right" choice for all programs, but the chance of making a solid purchasing decision is increased when early childhood program staff from across the country share experiences and insights with one another. 

That's why we've recently updated our OAE equipment page. We want to make it easy for experienced users
(like many of our newsletter readers) to share valuable information for the benefit of others who are adopting
OAE screening practices. Whether purchasing equipment for the first time, or replacing a well-worn unit, it can be  helpful to see what others have to say. 
To check it out, simply go to:
and click on the link to Read or Submit reviews. 

Telling others what does or does not work well with the brand of equipment you are most familiar with is a significant contribution to early childhood hearing screening efforts beyond your own program. As part of your review, you'll have the option of allowing other programs to contact you if you'd like to offer more detailed insight or advice. 

Having a forum where early childhood program staff describe their experience with equipment will also encourage manufacturers to create more thoroughly
field-tested products in the future. 
We would also suggest that anyone planning to purchase equipment get the advice of a local pediatric audiologist and review the Elements to Consider When Selecting Equipment [PDF]. Additionally, ask distributors to provide equipment on a loan basis for a week or two so that staff can "test drive" it before purchasing. Hands-on experience with equipment that will function reliably in a specific setting can make a big difference in long-term satisfaction.     
Probe of the Month
Are there other steps program staff should take when selecting equipment to best meet their needs? 

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And, as always, share with anyone you think would benefit from our resources.     

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