October, 2013   

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ECHO Initiative
Follow-up Webinar

for Previously Trained
EHS Programs:

Tuesday, Nov. 12th
12:00 p.m. EST

Please plan to join us to share your experiences and ask questions on working more effectively with the hearing screening protocol.

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At the 2013 American
Hearing Association
Annual Convention
Chicago, IL

November 15, 2013
5:00 - 6:00 pm

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ECHO Initiative
Introductory Webinar
for EHS Programs:

Tuesday, Nov. 19th
12:00 p.m. EST

Please plan to join us to
get acquainted with OAE screening, and learn about establishing an effective hearing screening protocol
for your program

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Find more helpful hints from previous issues of

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New Staff?


 If you have new staff who need to learn about your OAE screening practices, remember to share our  website with them:  

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In particular, 
have them view the
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Then, spend some time screening with them as they develop their screening skills.

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Tip of the Month
Explore Sertoma's Service
in Your Community   

For more than 100 years, volunteers known as "Sertomans" have been serving communities across the U.S.  The Sertoma Club's over-arching mission is to "improve the quality of life today, through education and support, for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss."  The Sertoma Club is planning its next century of service by continuing its focus on this population.



As the parent organization, Sertoma engages in fundraising and helps local clubs increase the effectiveness of their community service activities.

As early childhood educators who are also invested in finding and serving children who are deaf and hard of hearing, you will want to get to know Sertomans in your area.  Start by using the Sertoma Club website search feature to find a local club in your community. Not every local chapter is listed on the national-level search link, however, so if you do not see a contact listed near you, also try doing a general Internet search.    


Explore the possibilities for partnering with Sertoma. Let them know about what you are doing in the community related to early childhood hearing screening and follow-up.  Also let them know about any need for support you may have related to hearing screening equipment and supplies, or other aspects of hearing screening program development.


Engaging in collaborative activities with other organizations that share your goal of finding and serving infants and toddlers who are deaf and

hard-of-hearing is a win-win for  everyone. 


Probe of the Month
  Let us know if you have partnered with a Sertoma Club in your area:  




And, as always, share www.KidsHearing.org with anyone you think would benefit from our resources.     

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Probes and Tips is a newsletter from the ECHO Initiative that provides monthly TIPS

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