August, 2013   

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Coffee Break Webinar
for Previously Trained Programs 
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This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to re-examine effective OAE program practices, reflect on your own OAE screening experiences, and raise questions or concerns
about which you'd like
put from others.


Friday, Aug. 9th


12:00 p.m. Eastern

11:00 a.m. Central

10:00 a.m. Mountain

9:00 a.m. Pacific

8:00 a.m. Alaska

6:00 a.m. Hawaii
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for this webinar

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At the 2013 American
Hearing Association
Annual Convention
Chicago, IL
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Tip of the Month
Empower a Pediatric Audiologist to Assist You
New screener training

Early Head Start and other early childhood health and education programs engaging in hearing screening will benefit from the expertise that only a pediatric audiologist can provide.

Pediatric audiologists have the skills to demonstrate appropriate Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) hearing screening techniques, as well as to perform other kinds of hearing assessments that are needed when children do not pass repeated OAE screenings.

Audiologist assessing child

It is important to understand that while pediatric audiologists have extensive expertise 
in diagnosing hearing
loss in infants and children, few have experience in setting up a comprehensive hearing screening program in an early childhood education setting.


To help a pediatric audiologist help you, we have  developed a new Audiologist's and Facilitator's Training and Technical Assistance Guide.  This Guide is designed to help your audiologist partner to:

  • Understand the basics about Head Start
  • Structure a facilitated training experience
    to train/retrain screeners  
  • Provide follow-up technical assistance on
    a range of topics 

Developing a partnership is a two-way street, and just as you benefit from the things that an audiologist can add to your program, your audiologTutorial Video Modulesist partner will benefit from understanding the larger context in which you provide valuable services to children and families.  Also, remember to invite your audiologist partner to serve on your Health Services Advisory Committee.  

Probe of the Month
  Let us know if you have been successful in establishing a partnership with a pediatric audiologist: 


And, as always, share with anyone you think would benefit from our resources.     

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