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October 2013                                       

As 2013 comes to an end we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.  The Tech Tip at the end offers some year-end reporting suggestions. Please review the Data West calendar for our list of holiday closures and the dates for the 2014 BillMaster User Conference.

  WebShare Going Mobile 


Are your customers asking to pay their utility bills on their SmartPhones and tablets? If so, take heart! BillMaster WebShare will shortly offer this capability. Your customers will be able to pay bills, view statements, set themselves up for electronic bills, and more. For a sneak preview of the screen, here's the view on an iPad:



This will be released once we have finished our Quality Assurance process. Watch for our announcement!


Geospatial Services


The Geospatial Division at Data West has been very busy since our User Conference. The team is growing to assist the needs of our clients in improving, or creating, their GIS databases. First, our geo-spatial team has offered webinars to demonstrate the newest Data West product, our custom online GIS Viewer.  This viewer completely integrates with BillMaster's account information. We have created a solid foundation for this viewer and solicited input from customers to enhance its functionality. Our online GIS/BillMaster viewer is designed to help departments within your utility operate as a whole by viewing a centralized database.


Our geospatial division is also working with customers to improve and/or create a GIS database of all assets within each particular system. We do this by: 

  • converting AutoCAD As-Built files,
  • georeferencing paper maps and digitizing the assets,
  • geocoding account information,
  • populating existing GIS meter data with BillMaster
    account information.

We like to set up one-on-one meetings with each utility, discuss the type of data already present, and create a scope of work. Data West offers affordable GIS rates to our customers.  Throughout each project we schedule status meetings to ensure customer satisfaction. If your utility currently does not have a GIS system in place, we work closely with ESRI (the manufacturer of ArcGIS) to provide the most affordable solution.


Finally, Data West's geospatial  services is available to import all of your assets onto Utility Vehicle Garmin GPS units. This allows all of your service vehicles to easily navigate the utility system. It is a user-friendly system that has proven to be very efficient over the years. Additionally, we are working on our mobile GIS platform for service work orders. It includes a routing option for each work order to complete each job in the most time efficient manner.


For more information on the Data West geospatial services or to set up a webinar of our products, please contact Joey at (970) 259-2369 ext. 110 or email

Tech Tip


The end of the year is rapidly approaching.   Put a note on your calendar to run an Accounts Receivable report to record your 2013 year end account balances. Not sure if you will need it?  Print the report to file. Create a 2013 Year End folder and include all other year end reports you may be required to maintain.


Want to add another bit of insurance?  Run a backup at the end of the year.  Keep in mind a backup is only useful if you can restore from it.  Be sure to check your backups periodically to be sure they will be there when you need them.


If you have questions about printing reports to file, please contact Technical Support at 970.259.2369 ext. 132. 

Data West Calendar  



Report Chaining


Do you run the same series of reports each month? 

Do you lose track of which reports have been run and which still need to be run?

Do you sit around waiting for one report to finish so you can start another one?


BillMaster's report chaining feature allows you to:

  • specify a series of reports  
  • respond to their respective prompts
  • designate print locations (printers or files)

You can also have our Technical Consultants write instructions so this report consolidation can be stored and re-used multiple times.  If you are using a Task Menu you need only select one item and all of your reports will be run.



Bill Codes and Bill Overrides


These two fields control how your accounts bill.  We will explore how you can use them to:

  • limit the type of charges to which an account is subject
  • generate charges for an inactive account 
  • suspend an active account from billing
  • prorate an account over multiple billing periods

Webinars are conducted on the first Thursday (9:30AM MST) and third Thursday  (12:30PM MST) of each month. To sign up visit our Webinar calendar.

Data West Holiday Closures

Data West will be closed on the following holidays:  

  • Thanksgiving - November 28th and 29th     
  • Christmas- December 25th 
  • New Year's - January 1st      


 2014 BillMaster User Conference

The 2014 BillMaster User Conference will be held August 13 -14 at the Doubletree Hotel in Durango.  The pre-Conference Workshop  will be conducted on August 12. Details and registration for the Workshop and Conference will be emailed early next year.

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