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October 11, 2013
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Middle East Discussion
StoryCorps Turns 10
Recipes -- with Beer
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KGOU Launches The Oklahoma Tornado Project
Kate Carlton KGOU has launched "Ahead of the Storm: The Oklahoma Tornado Project", an ambitious local journalism initiative to report on lessons learned from the May 2013 tornados and the continuing impact on local individuals, municipalities, schools and others.

You will be hearing a series of radio reports weekly on KGOU, plus online content available at a new website launching soon. The reports and the website will be focused not only on telling the stories of the aftermath of the storms, but also how communities can be better prepared for the next big storm.

KGOU has contracted with additional reporters specifically for the project; Kate Carlton, a familiar voice to KGOU listeners, has produced two reports so far, with more in the works. Funding comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides non-competitive grants to public media for specific projects. KGOU applied for and received $75,000 for this initiative.

Fall Membership Drive: Support for Solid Reporting
Support Public Radio The past year has seen big news, from Washington, Syria, Egypt, Vatican City, Boston and Colorado, not to mention the news in our own back yard -- devastating tornados in Oklahoma.

It takes a big commitment to cover the news wherever it happens, but it's what KGOU and our public media partner organizations do every day. Our aim has always been to provide solid reporting on what's going on in the world, to bring to light the events and issues of the day. Solid support from listeners makes it possible.

Our Fall Membership Drive is coming up, and that means it's time to review and possibly renew your commitment to KGOU. If you've received a notice in the mail, send it back with your contribution. If you've never contributed, there's no time like now -- make your donation safely and securely online. Help to keep the coverage coming with your support.

KGOU to Air Middle-East Discussion
Kelly McEvers On Oct. 2, NPR foreign correspondent Kelly McEvers was joined by two experts on Middle East politics, Joshua Landis and Samer Shehata, and KGOU listeners, for a discussion on the effects of the 'Arab Spring' protests.

Moderated by World Views host and Dean of the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma, Suzette Grillot, it's a fascinating firsthand look at some of the consequences of the protesters' actions -- both intended and unintended -- and the government crackdowns that followed. KGOU broadcasts the discussion on Oklahoma Voices, Monday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m.

Ties That Bind: StoryCorps 10th Anniversary Special
Dave Isay talks with Scott Simon StoryCorps marks its first decade with a special retrospective, Ties That Bind, hosted by NPR's Scott Simon and StoryCorps founder Dave Isay.

Recorded in StoryCorps' own interview booth in Manhattan, the program features Dave and Scott in an unscripted conversation about  StoryCorps' beginnings and its growth into an archive of interviews with nearly 100,000 Americans from every state of the union.

Dave and Scott also revisit some of the most beloved conversations, get updates from some participants, and go behind-the-scenes of a StoryCorps interview. Grab a tissue and tune in Sunday, Oct. 13 at 12 noon.

NPR Reporters Get New Assignments
Weekend All Things Considered is now broadcasting from its new home at NPR West in Culver City, Calif. with new host Arun Rath. Arun's name may be new to listeners, but he's actually been at NPR for years. Put a face with the voice, and learn all about Arun, in his NPR ProFile. Weekend ATC airs Saturdays and Sundays at 5 p.m.

Tamara Keith NPR's Tamara Keith moves to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, after more than two years covering Congress. She will join Scott Horsley and Mara Liasson on the White House beat in early 2014. Tamara shares a few little-known facts about herself in this NPR ProFile.

Current White House correspondent Ari Shapiro will become NPR's London correspondent, and Phillip Reeves will move to the Islamabad bureau for NPR.


Recipes: Beer May Become Your Favorite Ingredient
chowder and beer Cooks may reach for the wine bottle when trying to add a splash of something extra to a dish, but food writer Peter Ogburn says beer has a place on the stove, too, adding a more robust, earthy punch to dishes. He has recipes for Corn and Crab Chowder, Welsh Rarebit, Chocolate Stout Cake, and more at the Kitchen Window.
Made funny by RiffTrax Ticket Giveaway ~ Rifftrax Lampoons Night of the Living Dead
Presented by Fathom Events, the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are back in cinemas nationwide on Thursday, Oct. 24 for one night only, in a hilarious running commentary on the grandfather of all zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead. KGOU has a bunch of free passes for local theaters; enter our drawing to win!

Congratulations to our winners!
KGOU gave away two pairs of tickets to see the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble at Armstrong Auditorium -- our winners were Agnes and Diane!