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July 18, 2013
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envelope We love hearing from listeners -- it's one way we know whether to keep doing what we're doing or think about making changes. I've been going through the mailbag, reading the comments listeners have sent over the past few weeks, and I thought you might be interested in seeing them, too. We value your feedback, whether positive, negative, or indifferent. Keep in touch!


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New KGOU Weekend Music Schedule Debuts
Fans of KGOU's weekend programming may have noticed a change or two the past couple of weeks. We've added a few new shows and rearranged the schedule a little -- all toward making your weekend late-night listening more enjoyable.

Jeremy GossettBackstage Jazz makes its debut on KGOU Fridays at 9 p.m. and then rebroadcast Sundays at 7 p.m. Produced locally by Jeremy Gossett, Backstage Jazz takes us behind the scenes for interviews and music in venues both local and national.

Jazz Profiles airs Friday nights at midnight (technically Saturday mornings) bringing more music and interviews, produced by NPR. And a third program new to KGOU's lineup is Global Village, voted Best World Music Radio Show in's Readers' Choice Awards. It airs Saturdays at midnight (Sunday mornings) and is produced in Wichita, Kan. by KMUW.

Other programs have new time slots: JazzSet, New Orleans All the Way Live, and Footlight Parade. Plus, fans of Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know? now have an opportunity to relive the highlights of each week's live show with an edited repeat airing Sunday nights at 11 p.m. Give the new lineup a listen, and let us know your thoughts!

New Name for Public Media Advocacy Group
Protect My Public Media The advocacy campaign formerly known as 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting launched a new website -- and a new name -- this week. The group is now Protect My Public Media, but the mission is the same: to provide supporters with ways to advocate for their public radio or television stations.

The new site is more interactive and action-oriented, encouraging supporters to write their member of Congress, tell their story of why public media matters, and share with their social networks easily, from a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

Intelligence Squared: FDA Approval Needed?
Intelligence Squared U.S. The Food and Drug Administration is charged with protecting the public health, regulating drugs and medical devices for their safety and effectiveness. But is it a failing mandate? This is the question put to Intelligence Squared's panelists this Sunday on KGOU. IQ2 is The Sunday Radio Matinee on July 21 at 12 noon. Don't forget to check back each week to see which excellent limited-run series is coming up.

Ecstatic Voices: Sacred Music in America
trombonist NPR has launched a year-long news series to uncover and celebrate the diversity and richness of sacred music in the U.S. The series will profile little-known sacred music and younger artists. The stories also celebrate the many ways in which people make spiritual music -- individually and collectively, inside and outside houses of worship. The occasional series launched July 15 with John Burnett's report on the Pentecostal shout bands in Charlotte, N.C.

Baking A Little Invention Into Savory Cakes
chickpea and chard cake Savory cakes are wonderfully versatile. You can follow the basic recipe and add any vegetables you like -- fresh, roasted or sauteed. And, as Kitchen Window's Claire Adas suggests, you can combine all of the elements of a meal into one satisfying package. Recipes at
CD Giveaway ~ Preservation Hall Jazz Band's That's It!
CD coverPreservation Hall Jazz Band continues its 50th anniversary celebration with a new album, That's It! Recorded at The Preservation Hall, this is the band's first album entirely of original compositions. That's It! draws on the collective experience of players nurtured in the New Orleans tradition but determined to build something fresh and exciting on that foundation.

In a promotion with Legacy Recordings, KGOU is giving away copies of the CD in a drawing to be held on July 24. Enter here for your chance to win!