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February 21, 2013
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National Honors for Students
Working "Forever"
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StateImpact Oklahoma Examines Water Issues
Vendome WellWater is a big issue in Oklahoma, and state leaders are working on a plan that will protect the state's "most blessed" resource for the next 50 years. Sustained drought has made the conversation more urgent. As Oklahoma's water needs continue to evolve, how does the state balance divergent needs with dwindling supply? It's a story of competing interests, court-room complications and economic importance. StateImpact Oklahoma has been examining the history, the plan for the future, and how policy decisions affect all of us.

On Monday, Feb. 25 at 11 a.m., KGOU will broadcast an hour-long special report from StateImpact Oklahoma, "Troubled Water: A deep dive into Oklahoma's most precious natural resource." In the meantime, peruse some of SIO's recent reporting on water and other topics.

KGOU Student Broadcasters Win National Honors
KGOU student broadcasters have been honored in two recent national journalism competitions. In the 2013 Broadcast Education Association awards, Meredith Everitt, producer of Assignment: Radio, earned Second Place in the nation in the Radio Newscast category for her reports that aired on Assignment: Radio.

In the National Broadcasting Society student competition, winners won't be announced until next month in Washington, D.C., but Assignment: Radio reporters have been named finalists: Michael Rymer in the Audio Feature category for "The Art of Foley", and Meredith Everitt and Lauren Abram in the Audio Magazine Program category for "Word of the Day: Loss". We are proud and thrilled to help these talented students explore audio techniques and gain experience for their future careers. Congratulations!

"Working Late" Series on Morning Edition
woman at computer A dramatic change in the U.S. workforce is taking place as more Americans over 65 are working now than at any time in decades. For many Americans the dream of retirement at age 62 or 65 is just that -- a dream. Millions are pushing back their retirement plans and staying in the workforce longer.

In a multi-part weekly series, Working Late, Ina Jaffe, NPR's correspondent on aging, leads the reporting, airing during Morning Edition through mid-March.

Top Dog Takes National Pet Radio Contest
Stevie the Wonder Dog KGOU listeners know that a well-informed household is a happy household, and that includes the four-legged members. NPR's recent National Pet Radio contest was a howling success, judging by the number of entries. Check out Stevie the Wonder Dog, the winner, and all these other cute and furry public radio fans at the This is NPR blog.

Be Prepared: Girl Scout Cookie Cooking May Surprise You
Girl Scout cookies If you went crazy buying all the Girl Scout cookies you could get your hands on, here are some different ways to use Thin Mints, Samoas, etc. Assuming you haven't eaten them all yet, Doreen McCallister shares recipes at NPR's Kitchen Window that are worthy of a merit badge.
Armstrong Auditorium Ticket Giveaway ~ China National Symphony Orchestra
The China National Symphony Orchestra is one of the most outstanding professional symphony orchestras in China. The orchestra regularly tours extensively throughout the world and has appeared in the finest concerts halls in the U.S. and will be performing at Edmond's Armstrong Auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 28. KGOU has a pair of tickets to give away -- enter here for your chance to win.

Congratulations to our winner!
In the previous e-Newsletter, we gave away a pair of tickets to Armstrong Auditorium's performance by the Band of Scots Guard and The Black Watch to our lucky winner, Michael!