June 2016

The travel industry i
s growing at a record pace with some airports reporting the highest travel traffic ever.  With the demand for air travel increasing, the TSA security lines are also increasing. One of the major reasons for the lines being longer than normal is because of the decrease in TSA staff The under staffing is blamed on a series of cuts in the budget. 

Even with the budget cuts, it was predicted that the TSA PreCheck would compensate for the lack of screeners. After the enrollment peroid, PreCheck failed to generate the level of enrollment anticipated. With many airports having TSA lines reported at 2 hours or more, some major airports have threatened to bring in private security contractors to improve performance. 

There is Hope with a New Approach

At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, a new security approach is currently being tested. With help from Delta Airlines, TSA has opened a new, inventive security checkpoint in the South Terminal that makes going through security faster and easier. If the performance of the new security process exceeds expectations, it will be implemented in airports across the United States. Click here to view the video that demonstrates the new security process. 
New State-of-the-Art Telecom Networkphone

At Travel Incorporated, our focus is the customer and the customer experience! On April 23rd, we implemented a new state-of-the-art telecom network within our own secure private cloud. 

This investment was designed to improve the customer experience by bringing additional continuity safeguards, and it positioned us to easily implement potential telecom advancements in the future. 
Slash your Business Expensesmoney

  • Book in advance: Last-minute travel is sometimes unavoidable in business, but when you have time to schedule a trip far in advance it can result in huge savings. 
  • Take advantage of rewards programs: Almost every hotel chain and airline has a rewards program for frequent customers. Take advantage of those programs to earn free upgrades and amenities. 
  • Watch the add-on fees: Flights seem to be more expensive, but they have decreased the average ticket price. Incremental fees (seat upgrades, checked luggage fees and in-flight meals) are helping carriers boost revenue. 
  • Weigh the incidental costs: Little things add up when you are traveling. Compare all your costs in advance. Pay attention to little things like adding internet to your hotel bill.  
  • Seek alternatives: Flying into major airport hubs is convenient, and it will cost you more. It's a good idea to investigate the cost of flying into small or mid-sized regional airport. Consider alternate means of travel such as trains. Trains can be less expensive and easier to get work done.
How can Travel Incorporated help your company manage expenses? 
Consider Performance ScorecardTravel Incorporated's proprietary compliance system, which shapes traveler behavior and maximizes savings for the following 5 key performance indicators (KPIs):
  • Average advance purchase
  • Online adoption
  • Hotel adoption
  • Non-exchanged tickets
  • Lowest fare accepted
Ask your account manager for details.
Industry Snippetssnippets
Microsoft and Concur Integration - Concur and Microsoft are working together to create a huge change in the travel industry.  Soon Concur users will be able to book travel and organize expense receipts all within Outlook. The two companies announced the news during SAP's Sapphire conference Wednesday, May 18th. No statement has been made of a formal release date. To see  how the integration will take place, click here.
Delta Comfort+ Expands - For flights after September 18th, Delta Comfort+ fares are in new markets. Delta customers in new and existing markets (Canada and United States) will have the ability to purchase Delta Comfort+ as a fare during their initial purchase and no longer as an ancillary purchase.  Some of the new markets include:  Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Asia Pacific region (excludes: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentine, Peru, and Chile).

Concur Travel Updates - On June 17th, Concur will make a few significant changes to the user interface of Concur Travel. These changes were designed to make the site easier for those with disabilities. Travel Incorporated developed a short video to highlight the new changes,  click here to view the video. 
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