June 2014 
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Build A Boat
Keyboarding Class
Creative Writing and Editing Workshop (Grades 5 to 8)
Social Skill Class
Let's Write (Grades 2-4)
Math Fluency
Math Previews
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Happy Summer! Island Educational Services is planning several classes this summer and we hope your child can join us. Please call me (206.842.8240) or email me for additional information or questions about any of our offerings. (I will be out of the office from Tuesday, June 24 to Monday, June 30. I will check email daily.)

Our website has a link for registration; please click Events & Registration. Click on the event and then under the description is an online registration form. Online payment is through PayPal. If you do not wish to register online, please email me and I will email a registration form.


Lydia Harrison
Build a Boat
July 7-11, 10am to 2pm
Island Educational Services
Instructor: Tim Young

Once again this summer Tim will offer a week-long class to students in upper elementary and middle school. Students will start with a plan, boards, and tools and by the end of the week, a boat will have been built.  On the last day the students take the boat to the water to launch it and one lucky student will take the boat home.

The cost of the class is $130 and includes all materials. Students will need to bring a lunch and water bottle.
Keyboarding Class
July 14-17 or July 21-24
10am to 11am
Island Educational Services
Instructor: Ruthie Calucin 

Our popular keyboarding class is back! Class size is limited to four students so students will have individualized attention. Students will learn the layout of the keys and practice typing with the proper technique and positioning of hands in order to improve accuracy and speed.  Various exercises and drills will be practiced.  Computers will be provided for practice, but students are encouraged to bring their own laptops if they own them. 

Cost: $100 


Creative Writing Workshop
Editing Workshop  
August 4 - 8
(10am-11am for Creative Writing and 11:30am to 12:30pm for Editing)
Instructor: Denise Briggs Potter

Denise is a former editor for several publications and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the writing process. Both workshops are appropriate for 5th to 8th grade.

The Creative Writing workshop will feature an overview of Memoir and Realistic Fiction, Surrealism, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Poetry. Students will learn how to brainstorm ideas, plot stories, and develop characters. In the Editing Workshop, students will learn the valuable process of editing for clear and effective writing.  Instruction includes spelling rules and tricks, how to spot the most commonly misused words, and how to identify "dead" words. 

Cost: $125
An Evening of Fun
Tuesday evenings, starting July 7th
For students in upper elementary/middle school
Facilitator: Lydia Harrison 

Our social skill class offers students opportunities to engage in age appropriate activities on Bainbridge and in our surrounding communities. Bowling in Silverdale, painting pottery at the Pavilion, playing Ultimate Frisbee at Battle Point, dinner and a movie are just a few of our potential activities. Our activities are fun, safe, and engaging. 


At our orientation meeting, participants will choose from a list of activities that will determine our group's excursions. In addition, high school and college age mentors participate in the group. All of the mentors are students who have worked through previous challenges and who have demonstrated compassion, an ability to lead, and empathy for others.  


Lydia Harrison is a trained facilitator and holds a Master's Degree in Counseling. She has facilitated social skill classes on the Island for almost ten years and has received extensive training, including Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia-Winner, on the needs of children and adolescents who struggle socially. 


Cost: $100   


Let's Write
Fridays, July 11 and July 18
1pm to 3pm
Grades 2 - 4
Instructor: Lydia Harrison

We will explore the six ways to start a story, the different purposes of writing, and the need to organize our thoughts in the writing process. We'll also discuss the roadblocks that keep us from writing fluently and brainstorm solutions. Students will be asked to complete a writing assignment between the two classes.

Cost: $100
Math Fluency and Flexibility
Addition/Subtraction and/or Multiplication/Division
Fridays, August 1 and August 8
1pm to 3pm
Instructor: Lydia Harrison

Students need both fluency and flexibility in solving math problems. Fluency is the ability to solve quickly and efficiently while flexibility is the ability to solve in a variety of ways. Research in the area of mathematics consistently show that drill does not work for many students in learning math facts; students need fact strategies.

We will focus our attention on the first class on flexibility; how do we solve a math problem when we are stuck? What methods or strategies can we use to move us forward? In the second class, we will focus our energy on fluency. Using the strategies we learned in the previous class, we'll work on completing math facts efficiently.

Cost: $100 

Math Previews
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

August 25 - 29
Instructor: Sandra Farley

Review skills from the previous course and preview the first chapter of the new math class. We limit our classes to four students.

Algebra I: 10am
Geometry: 11am
Algebra II: 1pm

We can also offer preview classes on an individual basis throughout the summer.

Cost: $125