In the spirit of seasonal goodwill, here's a reminder of some recent  
new features of Syntec's 'integrated contact centre systems', to add to your Christmas stocking or New Year's resolutions for 2016!      


ResponseTrack- call tracking & analytics

Provide your agents with individual caller analytics and let your agent see what the caller is looking at on your website

CardEasy - keypad payment by phone

Telephony agnostic: 
Use the mid-call and IVR versions of CardEasy to de-scope your 
call centre's phone payments from PCI DSS even if you don't use Syntec's telephony services - CardEasy can work as a hosted service either at network-level or in the Cloud
Easy CRM integration:
3 options for the agent to control the system, from a web- based virtual terminal (such as provided by Payment Service Providers); to integration with your enterprise CRM system; or a lightweight program on the agent's desktop allowing them to control the capture process directly, without CRM integration

AgentCall - cloud contact centre management

Call Outcomes:
Agents can mark the outcome of each telephone call they handle using the call history tab, either during or after the call, for inclusion in real-time and historic reporting

Email Alerts:
Based on calls waiting timers, or when no agents are logged into groups
AgentCall Help 
Allows agents to call available Team Leader and allows the TL to set a new status when only available for Help calls
Agent Skill Set Strategy:
Specify a skill per Agent for call delivery 1= Highest skilled agent and 99 = the lowest skilled agent (multiple agents with the same skill level in the same group allows for round robin distribution between those agents)     

QView Playback:

Second-by-second playback of historic Call Queue and Agent activity dashboard   
Workforce Scheduling:
AgentCall events integrated with Staff Adherence
Realtime Events: 
Push realtime Agentcall events to your business systems fo
r CTI 

Syntec Telecom - network-level innovation


VOiP & SIP trunks:
If you're looking for products and services in this increasingly complex sector, Syntec can help you



Hosted PBX:
Due to customer demand, Syntec's Hosted PBX is now 'in beta test' - so definitely one to talk to us about in 2016!  

    Merry Christmas!   

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