Danny Cresswell, Head of Sales
We recently had an enquiry from a major brand who'd mistakenly (in their own view) tried to implement an IVR system in their call centre for their agents taking payment over the phone from customers, in order to achieve PCI DSS compliance. 
But for them, this effectively turned out to be mis-selling of an 'IVR payments system' which has subsequently caused major problems because it radically changes the customer experience and breaks the conversations, as the agent has to hand the customer off to an automated IVR system to take card payment in the middle of the live sales or service conversation.
In this blog post Danny Cresswell explains why so-called 'IVR payment systems' may not be what they seem and can leave you exposed as far as PCI DSS compliance is concerned, as well as suggesting some better alternatives.  

Improving customer trust and de-scoping from the regulations
We recently ran a popular webinar designed to tell contact centre managers and others interested in the field everything they need to know about securing customer payments by phone in their contact centres. 

There's a recording of this webinar available here. Watch it to discover how our CardEasy secure keypad payment 
system enables you to de-scope your contact centre from PCI DSS regulations by keeping the sensitive card data away from your
                                                contact centre environment.

Len Howard, management systems specialist
Loss of confidence in online transactions and data held on individuals is amongst the greatest potential risks facing any on-line or MOTO retailer, financial institution or public- facing body.

Headlines abound on data losses from major organisations including even banks. Each breach represents a significant blow to the reputation of the business suffering it and in some cases can lead to total failure of the business.

The UK ICO (Information Commissioners Office) recorded 1,707 data incidents and enforcement cases in 2014/15* with over 200,000 concerns raised by members of the public.

Levels of concern over data security amongst the UK public are high and increasing year on year. Data security is a key part of the trust required for successful business to consumer sales to thrive.

In this blog post Len Howard discusses how PCI DSS and other security compliance plays a critical role in helping you to win your customers' trust and how, ultimately, that can benefit your bottom line.

Proud to be highly commended by the Direct Commerce Association

We were delighted to be awarded 'highly commended' status at the recent Direct Commerce Association Partnership and Supplier of the Year Awards. 
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