November 2014

Techniques to make the contact centre more powerful - view the webinar recording


We were delighted to run a webinar in association with Call Centre Helper last week in which we discussed ways the contact centre can become much more important within the business.

The focus on many past contact centre initiatives has been on reducing cost or increasing efficiency. In this webinar we turned this on its head and looked at ways the contact centre can become more powerful. 

The webinar includes an interactive Q&A session with participants as well as live polls and discussions, with contributions from many call centre professionals. 

Watch the recording and discover how you can:

  • Use cloud-based solutions to improve multi-channel flexibility, service and customer satisfaction 
  • Dynamically track the behaviour of visitors to your website to route calls intelligently and enable contact centre agents to see what callers have been looking at on your site
  • Take secure card payments from customers mid-call

Click here to view a recording of the webinar.   

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Cloud-gazing: the Future of Contact Centre Technology

This white paper presents the findings of research we recently conducted, examining the views of over 500 consumers and 50 IT decision-makers in contact centres. In it you'll learn about why cloud solutions matter to today's contact centres, the benefits of using cloud systems, how cloud technology works, potential problems you might encounter when moving to a cloud-based system and the questions you should ask any supplier of cloud-based technology. You can download your free copy here.

Five ways to make your contact centre more powerful
Blog post from Syntec's Business Development Director, Simon Beeching  
Simon Beeching
Both Syntec's own research and the findings of recent research by the Institute of Customer Service confirm that consumers' service expectations are growing all the time. Nowhere is this more true than in contact centres. Consumers expect to be able to deal with organisations through their preferred channel at a time that suits them and for the communication to be handled quickly and effectively by an agent who has all the relevant information at their fingertips. 
When it comes to enabling contact centres to meet these expectations, technology is key. In his latest blog post Simon Beeching suggests five ways that technology can help make your contact centre more powerful.   

Call recording in your contact centre: advice for wise practice 
From Syntec's Finance Director, Jonathan Graham 
Jonathan Graham

We have had some enquiries recently from customers concerned about how call recording is being handled in their contact centres. Call recording can be a powerful tool but it's important to get it right, and to understand the responsibilities you have to your customers, staff and other callers. 

On the Syntec blog last week our Finance Director, Jonathan Graham, gave some sage advice and discussed how best to manage call recording. Click here to read his blog post
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