Dear Friends and Family~~


We hope you will be on the Island and able to join us again this year for our Nancy Sunrise Beach Walk over Thanksgiving weekend!  Details are below!!  We will have LOW TIDE!!!  Last year was a bit challenging with the high tide!!


We thank you for your continued love and support!! 


Love to all~~


lindsay and Charlie 



Nancy Bunting's Annual Beach Walk


Nancy Bunting's

Third Annual  

Sunrise Beach Walk





Thanksgiving Saturday we will be gathering on the beach at sunrise with a Hakuna Matata frame of mind for the 3rd Annual Sunrise Beach Walk.  Nancy Bunting lived and loved the beach and together we will share memories or quiet thoughts of her as we walk together.


When:  Saturday November 24, 2012 (rain or shine)

Where:  Tower Beach Club in Sea Pines 

Time:  Beginning at 6:30 AM until ? (Sunrise is 7:01 AM)

With:  Nancy's Friends, Family and Island Neighbors

Contact:  Lindsay Bunting ~ or (843)816-6142

Nancy Bunting's Beach Walk


Link to Hakuna Matata

 We will enjoy coffee, donuts and each other as we walk the beach and watch the sunrise with Nancy Bunting in our hearts.


The Nancy Bunting Enrichment Experience, is an experiential learning program at Hilton Head Preparatory School.  It was created from Nancy Bunting's passion for botany. 

Of course, love in your hearts is all you need, however if you so choose, there will be a beach bucket for donations to the Nancy Bunting Enrichment Experience at the beach walk or you can click Hilton Head Preparatory School and make a donation by scrolling in the gift designation section to the Nancy Bunting Enrichment Experinence.  Thank you.