October 2016
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Early Literacy Practice: Talking 
Go on a shape scavenger hunt. Talk with your child about a few common shapes. Work with them on a walk, at a store, at home, etc. to find different shapes that are formed by everyday objects. Can you find a circle, square, triangle? Pair this with Friendshapes by Amy Krause Rosenthal or City Shapes by Diana Murphy.

Early Literacy Practice: Writing 

Discover the alphabet with your child with the gorgeously illustrated ABC Dream by Kim Krans. Take in each letter, and see if you can name everything on each page. What else might start with that letter? What else can you find in your house?

Believe or not, getting your child ready to write doesn't have to involve pencils or crayons. Manipulating play dough is a great way to develop the skills required for pencil grip. Have your child roll out long strings of play dough and form letters on mats like these from Kidz Activities, which is a fun way to introduce them to how each letter is formed.
Early Literacy Practice: Reading  
A wonderful book about how everyone sees things differently.
When you see the cat, what do you see?
Early Literacy Practice: Playing  
Children learn through play. Have fun learning about Fire Safety together with a new spin on an old game. Play "Firefighter Says" (Simon Says) with phrases such as:
Firefighter Says...crawl under smoke, feel if the door is hot, stop, drop and roll! 
Stop by KDL and read No Dragons for Tea by Jean Pendziwol for more fire safety tips!
Early Literacy Practice: Singing   
If you're looking for a great book you can sing, clap your hands! If You're a Monster and You Know It is perfect your little monster (or your littlest angel) to snort, stomp, and roar to - perfect for Halloween and whenever you need to get those wiggles out!

Musical Me! is a free award-winning app for ages 3+, allowing your child to explore rhythms in popular nursery songs and play along with fun friendly characters. Best of all, you won't mind humming these familiar tunes to yourself later!

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