February 2015
Welcome to KDL's early literacy newsletter!

Click on the links below for fun early literacy activities 
that help kids get ready to read.

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Use Your Cents!

Introduce your child to three-dimensional art using low or no-cost supplies
from local recycling centers. This "secret garden" made with materials from
 Learning From Scratch is constructed of mesh, formica samples, wire and yarn. The materials cost a only few pennies. Working with craft materials provides children with important sensory experience and helps them develop fine motor skills.
Play - Grow - READ!
Talking, singing, reciting rhymes, playing games, sharing books and listening to music are fun and meaningful ways to spend time with your child.
Visit our Play-Grow- Read website for some
fun Activities to Do Around the House that support early literacy.
KDLville Spotlight
There's always something new in KDLville.
Changing activities often keeps our early literacy play areas fresh and interesting for our regular visitors, but some favorite activities are available year round. This beloved Thomas the Tank Engine train table is a regular fixture at the Walker Branch.

Read Together
One of the most important things that you can do to help your child become a reader is to get them excited about books by reading together.
Curl up on the couch with your kiddo and read these fabulous books together.