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July,  2014
Issue No . 50
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Fine Motor Skills
Music Minute
Learning with Crafts
Book Review
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Fine Motor Skills


Blasting Off into July


Summer is a fun time to blast off in all directions, whether it be going on vacation, enjoying fireworks or finding time to relax and feel the warm summer air. This month's activity gives kids a chance to draw a rocket. Color KDL's rocket picture or draw one of your own. Then cut thin strips of long paper and curl them around a pencil. Glue or staple them to the end of your rocket to look like flames. Coloring, cutting and curling are all great activities to improve fine motor skills.


Where will your rocket be going?




-Chris S.

Englehardt Branch

Music Minute

Raffi is one of North America's most well known children's musicians. He has delighted children and parents for nearly 40 years. From "Baby Beluga" to "Shake My Sillies Out," his music is a staple of early childhood programs in schools and libraries. The release of Love Bug marks Raffi's first new collection of original songs in over a decade. Engaging new songs share fundamental topics of love, nature, play time and teamwork. Celebrate this legendary musician as you enjoy the summer sunshine. Relive childhood favorites and find a new one with your family.




-Sara M. 
Sand Lake / Nelson Township Branch

The fun and simple activities provided in this newsletter are one of the many ways Kent District Library provides you and your child with the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. The Kent District Library millage provides 90% of KDL's budget, funding for reading and educational programs for children, and all other library programs for nearly 400,000 residents of Kent County. KDL's millage election is on Tuesday, August 5. Please visit for more information, or pick up a brochure while you are visiting any KDL branch. We hope to see you soon! For more early literacy activity ideas be sure to check out our new  Early Literacy Calendar.

Learning With Crafts


Fireworks Monoprints


Part of the fun of July is staying up late to see the fireworks. Remember the fun of July 4th with this simple craft using pipe cleaners and paint to create fantastic bursts of color. While you paint, talk about the sights and sounds your family experienced during fireworks displays. Older children may also enjoy watching this video about the science of fireworks.



  • Large fuzzy pipe cleaners
  • Paper suitable for tempera paint
  • Several contrasting colors of tempera paint
  • Scissors



  1. Take 4 large pipe cleaners. Fold them in half and twist to form a handle.
  2. Fan them out to create a starburst "brush."
  3. Dip into one color of paint and make a print by placing the pipe cleaner starburst on the paper.
  4. Now print over the first image using a second color.
  5. Do 2 to 3 layers on each image to create multiple lines and colors.
  6. Add glitter if you wish.


 -Dana D.

Kentwood (Richard L. Root) Branch
Book Review

Zoom, Zoom, Baby! 


Karen Katz has done it again! She has written another thoroughly enjoyable board book, Zoom, Zoom Baby!

Lift the flap to see if baby is in the boat, or the bus.Where is baby? Your toddler will love peeking to see if baby is riding the train or flying the plane. Where is baby? Check out this book and find out!



-Liz W.  

 Plainfield Township Branch

App Review

Sesame Street Family Play is a great tool to get your family interacting and active together. The app is full of ideas (up to 150) to help keep kids entertained in various situations like at the store, in a restaurant or while traveling. Simply follow the prompts and as you select for your location and number of players, you are given suggestions of silly and entertaining activities using basic, everyday items. With this app, you are also promoting learning that is fun! Some of the activities will get you moving and working your muscles while others work on memorization, letters, numbers, critical thinking, science concepts and more. Bring some extra fun to bath time, while waiting in line or anytime as you talk and play with your child using this app available from the Apple app store for $.99.



 -Julie R. 
Caledonia Township Branch