Early Bit Lits

June,  2013
Issue No . 38
KDL Blue
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Dig Into Reading
Nursery Nook
Music Minute
Learning with Crafts
Book Review
App Review

Dig Into Reading

Dig into summer fun on your own terms. Share virtual activities, programs and experiences for a chance to win real prizes, like gift cards for up to $50 and iPod shuffles! Start your experience here.

Nursery Nook

Humpty Dumpty 


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings' horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again!


This good old standard lends itself well to many extension activities including sequencing, puppets and science experiments with eggs. What would happen if Humpty were something other than an egg? Would he survive the fall? There are lots of places to take this simple nursery rhyme - so let your creativity flow!

Music Minute

Joe Raposo and Tom Lichtenheld celebrate one of the world's most recorded children's songs with the release of Sing! Many parents will remember this fun song from their own childhood days watching Sesame Street. Raposo's uplifting song about self-worth and perseverance has been translated into 35 languages, and now Lichtenheld has created a visual tribute in this wordless picture book to accompany the song.


Singing is such a fun and important early literacy practice, but sometimes it can be a little intimidating for parents to adopt. Remember, your voice is beautiful to your little one, and they will treasure memories made singing and laughing with you. With the help of this fun new title, everyone can remember how important it is to Sing . . . sing out loud, sing out strong! 




Kent District Library is here to provide you and your child with the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. KDL's Early Lit Bits newsletter is full of FUN and simple activities that will help foster that growth. For more information regarding the skills your child needs before he or she learns to read, visit the Play-Grow-Read section of the KDL website. You can also stop by any KDL branch to speak with one of our helpful youth librarians. We hope to see you soon!

Learning with Crafts

Digging for Treasure Sensory Activity


Young children learn by seeing, hearing, touching and talking. Stimulate a child's senses and help develop fine motor skills at the same time with this simple and fun activity.



An empty wash basin or plastic bowl

Uncooked oatmeal or uncooked rice

toddler toys, plastic letters, or natural objects such as pine cones

a plastic shovel, spoons or old paintbrushes



Scatter the toys into the basin or bowl and add enough oatmeal  or rice to cover the toys. Have children dig in the rice with their hands, or a small shovel and try to find all of the toys in the basin.


Other Ideas:  Bury small toys in an outdoor sandbox and have children dig for the treasures. Have children count how many items they have found and name each item. Try using various materials with different textures in which to hide animal toys, letters, or shapes. You can try birdseed, dried lentils or beans.


Book Review

The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf by Mark Teague


Though the story is familiar, Teague puts his own twist on this tale, and it becomes clear that the wolf isn't always bad, just hungry. After their farmer pays them for their work and moves to Florida, the pigs must each decide how to spend their money, with predictable yet humorous results. In the end, all four animals wind up living together in the brick house, happily ever after. With its large, colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for reading aloud to a group. Because the story is one they have likely heard before, asking children what they think will happen next will elicit a positive response and allow for conversation as you read together. Check out other picture books by Mark Teague and notice how the illustrations are similar. Children delight in seeing characters they recognize in books, and Teague's comical illustrations help tell his stories. Talking about the pictures and asking what will happen next are both great ways to get your child ready to read!  


Three Little Pigs  


App Review
One fun and interactive app that can help children work on letter recognition, letter sounds and vocabulary is Endless Alphabet. This app aids in learning many skills and is a ton of fun too. The app lets you begin with any letter of the alphabet and uses amusing animated monsters and silly voices. As you drag letters in the correct order to spell a word, the letters make their sounds and dance. When the word is completed, you are rewarded with a short animation and definition of the word. This engaging app is available free for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  


Endless Alphabet