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Wheaton Gospel Jazz Fest 2013
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Christians and Domestic Violence
Car Ministry Ready to Roll
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 Saving a Christian Marriage from Divorce

by Dr. Tracy Scott


The ultimate responsibility for a marriage belongs to the husband and wife, but the high incidence of divorce within the Christian community challenges the idea that churches provide truly practical and life-changing support for marriages." Barea Research Group  


Read full story here




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The Feeding The Soul Christian Ministries Newsletter is intended to help keep you up to date with the events, upcoming seminars, and radio broadcasts connected with our ministry.





Wheaton Gospel Jazz Festival 2013

Join WPJC.fm and the Wheaton Park District

for the Wheaton Gospel Jazz Festival 2013, on June 29 at Memorial Park in the heart of Wheaton's historic downtown.


We are excited to bring together a wonderful evening of gospel jazz featuring some of the top artists in the industry, dynamic performances and jazz lovers from around the community and beyond.


This year's lineup features world-renowned jazz saxophonist Greg Vail, the hypnotic and soulful voice of Robin Alexis, with a special appearance by Tanya Egler and the Steven Lambert Quintet.


During the festival, sample a variety of wines, enjoy a great cuisine while listening to incredible music and witnessing outstanding performances in a relaxed and beautiful setting.




Performance Schedule







Robin Alexis - 6:15 pm



Robin Alexis' singing style is a hypnotic blend that is reminiscent of those of legends such as, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson and Gladys Knight all of whom have greatly influenced her.


Robin has performed with artists such as Bill Withers, Joe Sample, Frankie Beverly & Maze, the late Joe Williams, Kevin Turner, Michael Manson and Vicki Yohe.


In 2012, she released her gospel jazz CD debut entitled "Still At Last" which is generating outstanding reviews.











Greg Vail - 7:15 pm


Nominated in 2010 for artist of year at the American Smooth Jazz Awards, "saxophonist Greg Vail is considered to be one of the most prolific musicians on the instrumental Jazz scene today." Walmart.com


Whether blowing a tenderly passionate soprano sax, firing up his exciting and playful alto, or edging into a more aggressive stance with his brilliant technique on tenor sax, Greg Vail is a show stopper non-parallel, and one of the most dynamic saxophone players on today instrumental scene- Jonathan Widran (National Jazz Author


He has established his reputation in the gospel music world and performed with gospel artists such as Leon Patillo, Jon Gibson, Darlene Zschech, Phil Keaggy, Maranatha Music, Petra and on over seventy gospel albums.


Most notably he has recorded, performed or toured with celebrated artists like, Al Jarreau, Natalie Cole, Peter White, Dave Koz, Kirk Whalum, Boney James, Michael McDonald, Earth, Wind and Fire, Smokey Robinson, John Tesh, Slash and Billy Idol, just to name a few.


Greg Vail's most recent CD Smooth Jazz Classics is awesome. Greg has an all-star lineup on the venture and it shows; a great selection of songs with fabulous arrangements." WaynesWorld













WPJC.FM Launches New Android App 
Brace yourself - Our newest Android app v5 has just been released!
This version is unlike any of our previous apps. With way more features, a sleek eye-catching layout, and a user-friendly interface, you'll want to make sure you have this Android app,  and the best part is it's still FREE!
With more than 1 billion people online, we are excited to see how God will use this technology to reach and impact His people.
Our new Android App provides the following new features:
  • On-screen lyrics for the current song that's playing or any song in the playlist 
  • 'Buy song' for the current song that's playing or any song in the playlist 
  • Website and social networking site links
  • Social sharing ability for listeners to share what's playing 
  • Alarm clock that listeners can set for the stream to start up automatically
  • Sleep timer that listeners can set for the app to exit upon expired time (featuring radio, surf, rain, rainforest, or white noise -- help you fall asleep soundly)
  • Mosquito zapper that emits a high frequency tone that repels mosquitoes (perfect for outdoor parties -- this sound is inaudible to humans and can be played while the stream is playing)

Our new iPhone App is in development and will be ready for roll-out this summer! 

Domestic Violence: The Problem We Refuse to Face 

Domestic ViolenceThis course begins on March 2,  2013.    
Domestic Violence: The Problem We Refuse to Face

All classes are taught by Dr. Scott  in an informative environment, providing flexibility for participants while creating a collaborative and enriching learning experience. 
Intended Audience:
This course is intended for a broad audience including Christian counselors, healthcare professionals, Pastors, pastoral counselors and lay church leaders or members who are involved in or desire to help those who are most in need.
About this course: 
Domestic Violence: The Problem We Refuse to Face


"Tragically, studies reveal that spousal abuse is just as common within the evangelical churches as anywhere else. This means that about twenty-five percent of Christian homes witness abuse of some kind."  Religion Today (2009)


"I remember one church leader's wife who shared her story, once we had developed a trust relationship. Early in their marriage when she was pregnant, her husband became enraged and hit her so hard she was knocked across the room. He never hit her again, but all he needed to do was raise his voice or give that look to have her appease him and give in to his demands, peace at any price." 


It's sad but true, that for many people in today's world and for many churches, the focus on helping those who are living in sin is gradually eroding. When it comes to domestic violence (sin), many people and church leaders often ignore the value of each human life and instead are single-minded on "Wives be subject to your own husbands." (Ephesians 5:22) and not on "Husbands love your wives" (Ephesians 5:25).


Did you know?
A little known secret is that African-Americans, especially women are victims of domestic violence at higher rates than Caucasians or other ethnic groups.


Join us for this five-week series as we discuss:

  • defining domestic violence and its common dynamics
  • why does abuse happen
  • how the church promotes abuse
  • forgiveness and submission as they relate to domestic violence
  • overcoming obstacles church leaders and others face when helping domestic violent relationships
  • what should i do when domestic violence is happening in my relationship
  • what women wish their pastors would believe about domestic violence
  • how can abusers who are willing to change be helped
  • additional topics to be discussed

When: March 2-March 30, 2013

Time: Saturdays from 8:00am-9:30am

Location: 213 S. Wheaton Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187

Cost: $100


Light refreshments will be served during each class


Register Now!!!!


Buy Now


Car Ministry Volunteers Needed
Car Ministry  Feeding the Soul Christian Ministries Car Ministry
Volunteers Needed
If you'd like to join our team:

The team meets once a month on Saturday morning for approximately 2 hours and distributes the work needed. Key areas are:

1. Follow up with vehicle donation leads
2. Telephone screening/interviewing applicants to verify need and ability to maintain a car

We anticipate that this ministry will make a difference in the lives of those in need!  Contact us for more information.


Car distributions are generally reserved for full time ministry workers or households without a car, not families wanting a second car or young adults considered as dependents.



Up Coming News  


  • Wednesdays & Saturdays Ask The Doctors Broadcast
  • March, 2013 Domestic Violence Course
  • June 29, 2013 Wheaton Gospel Jazz Festival
  • July 1, 2013 New iPhone App Launch
  • September 2013- Marriage Seminar   


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