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The Electronic Rocketeer - Issue #99- August 2016

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2017 National Event Schedule

Feb 24-26, 2017
Chantilly, VA

Motor Cato?

If your rocket motor fails catastrophically, go to to report the event. The data from this site goes to NAR, TRA, and CAR and is used to help us analyze trends and identify emerging issues.
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Message from the NAR President 

Fellow NAR Member,
This sure has been a busy rocketry summer; not just for me, but I think for many of our members.  I spent much of my August in the sweltering heat like many of our members. But there was still time to launch a few rockets. At the August NOVAAR launch, I launched several rockets and helped a young friend with his. Also, I am settling into my position as president of the NAR. Lots to learn to keep the organization running smoothly.

First up, congratulations to Team USA for the outstanding showing at the 2016 World Championships for Space Models at Lviv, Ukraine.  Below is a detailed report from the competition. Hint, there is some serious precious metal being brought back into the US. 

This month we have news about the revisions being proposed for contest flying.  See the section below for details on how you can comment.  Our Technology Committee worked with the Expanding Competition Subcommittee to bring you an interactive forum for posting comments about the proposed rules.  The forum will go live tomorrow (September 1, 2016). Please give us your constructive comments on how to improve competition. We encourage all members of the NAR to let us know what you think about the new rules and event structure.

While I am on this subject, I want to update members on the progress of several subcommittees towards revitalizing NAR competitions and our National Events. I know there is some chatter out there about the new competition rules not including craftsmanship and research and development events. They are not gone!!!  Keep reading!
In setting up the Expanding Competition Subcommittee, the NAR Board asked the group to focus on skill flying events (i.e., not craftsmanship or research and development). We did not want them to bog down with too much at one time. We have new subcommittees forming to provide the NAR Board with recommendations for craftsmanship and research and development. Their timeline is to present recommendations to the NAR Board at the winter 2017 meeting at NARCON. I will give you an update in the next e-Rocketeer. 

I have answered many emails from members over the past month. Some of these are dealing with renewals of memberships. Marie Stumpe, who is that pleasant voice on the phone at our NAR Headquarters, is teaching me the ropes. Most of the membership questions are answered quickly and efficiently by Marie. A few take a little longer to resolve. Please feel free to contact me or Marie if you are having any problems with your membership. We will figure things out and fix it.  
Many of you are doing HPR certification flights. Congratulations to all! See my note below for some important reminders.

Oh and remember, TARC celebrates its 15 anniversary this year.  See below for the announcement for this year's event.

Also, when you do call NAR Headquarters, be sure to thank Marie for all of the great service she give you the members.

John N. Hochheimer

NAR President

NAR 74537 L2  
This has been a scorcher of a summer here on the East Coast and I am sure many of you can tell me about the triple digit temperatures and heat indices you experienced. I know, it will be September when most of you read this, but there are still lots of opportunities to launch in the heat this launch year. 

Please, remember to keep well hydrated and watch out for signs of heat stress or stroke for those who attend your launches. The CDC has some excellent information that can help you recognize heat-related illnesses (
There is a great 2-page poster that gives you the quick facts - 
A google search for "heat injury prevention" will give you lots of good information if you want more. 

Drink lots of water, but not too much! Add some electrolyte drinks like gatorade or powerade, which come in low calorie versions, to help offset the loss of salts.  

Most of all, take it easy, take frequent rest breaks, drink the right fluids and enough of them, and watch out for each other on these hot days.

2016 World Championships for Space Models
August 22-27, 2016 Lviv, Ukraine
Just after the American Olympians dominated the world stage in Rio, another group of American athletes took to the fields of Lviv for the biannual gathering of nations to determine world champions in space modeling. Team USA brings home three individual gold medals, one team gold medal, two individual silver medals, three team silver medals, one individual bronze medal, and one team bronze medal.
The Senior Team USA also placed third overall at the competition to score bronze. What an outstanding accomplishment for all who participated.

The USA final podium results are:
S2P (Precision fragile payload) World Cup  - 
Sr. Individual Gold -  Emma Kristal
Sr. Team Gold - USA
Jr. Individual Silver  -  Ashley VanMilligan
Jr. Individual Bronze  -  Allison VanMilligan
Jr. Team Silver - USA
S1A Altitude (Junior)  - 
Individual Silver  -  Ashley VanMilligan
Team Silver - USA
S1B Altitude (Senior)  - 
Individual Gold  -  Dr. Bob Kreutz
Team Silver - USA
S5C Scale Altitude (Senior)  - 
Individual Gold  -  Matt Steele
S8D R/C R/G (Junior)  - 
Team Bronze - USA
Congratulations to all of the team members, supporters, and captain John Langford for this awesome showing at the international competition.

NEW Competition Rule Book Coming!
From the Expanding Competition Subcommittee (ECS):
Ed LaCroix, Chairman
Scott Alexander
Glenn Feveryear
Jim Filler
Chad Ring
For the past year, the Expanding Competition Subcommittee  has been working on a new competition rule book to replace the existing "Pink Book."
Why is this rule book change needed? Because the number of NAR members involved in competition has remained in steady decline despite the overall strong growth of the NAR over the past decade. The NAR Board decided at NARAM 57 that competition needed an objective evaluation and recommendations for possible changes to improve participation. One change that the ECS is recommending is  a new rule book ; one with a format aimed at being more attractive to the new competitors, especially young members that sections introduce to competition.
On September 1, 2016, a draft of the new rule book will be available for members to download. You will find the link to a page containing both PDF and HTML versions of the draft rule book by going to the NAR home page at You can also click here to the rule book pages.
The page containing these two downloads will also present a "Forum " through which NAR members will be able to input suggested changes to the draft rules. The Forum presents the rules in the order in which each section is presented in the draft rule book. So for example, if you wish to suggest a change to the rules regarding "Altitude Data," you would post your suggestion to Section 14: Altitude Data on the Forum webpage.
It's important to note that the Forum is moderated. Because input to the Forum can be read by any NAR member, input that contains unacceptable speech may not be posted (viewable). Input must be suitable for our youngest members to read. Please focus your input on how to improve and/or clarify the draft rules- the ECS wants your input.
No need to tell us with a lengthy discussion about how you don't like the name Spacemodeling Qualifier Series (SQS), we already heard that a lot. We are looking for a new name. If you have a suggestion for a new name please let us know. Also, as the NAR President noted in his column above, Craftsmanship and Research and Development are still viable events, just not a part of this part of competition. Feel free to let us know you still want them as competition events, but no need to write at length about them being missing.
The membership will have until November 30, 2016 (90 days) to provide input via the Forum. On December 1, 2016, the Forum will no longer accept input and the ECS will begin the task of integrating member input into the draft rule book. A timeline proposed by the ECS has a final draft rule book going out to the Board for review prior to NARCON- 2017, with a final up/down vote at NARCON. If accepted, the new rule book will become effective for the 2017-2018 contest year and will determine the results of NARAM 60.

TARC 2017 Begins


The Team America Rocketry Challenge, the NAR's premier "paying forward" youth outreach program and the world's biggest rocket contest, opens its 15th year on September 1.  Registration will be open from then until December 2.  
Entry is open to teams of three to ten 7th through 12th graders.  The top 100 teams nationally will get a chance to compete in the national Finals on May 13, for $100,000 in prizes for the top ten teams, and a trip to the Paris Air Show for the winner. 
Details and registration materials are at the event website (  
The NAR partners with the Aerospace Industries Association to run this program, and we count on NAR members and sections nationwide to help their local schools learn about this program and then help student teams learn how to build and fly rockets safely.  If you would like to become a "mentor" volunteer to work with a TARC team in your area, we need your help: please contact the NAR's TARC Manager, Trip Barber (  
We need volunteers from everywhere but there are a number of states where we have far too few mentors relative to the number of teams, so we particularly need additional mentors from: AZ, AK, IA, KS, ME, MO, NH, NV, OK, OR, UT, and VT.

HPR Certification

 This link:

is on the side bar of every eRocketeer. If you are unsure if we have updated your status or if you need to look up a flyer at a launch to check certification levels, click on the link, enter the person's NAR number and voila, their certification level will be displayed.  Also useful if you just certified and are checking that we got your paperwork.  If a week or so after submitting your forms the link does not display updated information check in with us at NAR Headquarters (email is fine) and we can let you know what we know.

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