ISSUE: 2013-14/1 
Letter from President 

Ronwyn Anderson

2013-2014 Corporate President

Soft-Lite Windows, LLC, EWI of Nashville


My Fellow EWI Members,


We are into the wonderful season of change - the leaves are turning, the mornings and evenings are getting cooler, pumpkins and mums are everywhere and in EWI Chapter and Corporate Board leadership is changing - a very exciting time!


I am very pleased to share that you, the membership, have chosen Tulsa, Oklahoma for LCAM 2015. I am also thrilled that EWI of Spokane has offered to host the 2014 Spring Conference. No dates have yet been determined but once they are confirmed we will share that information.


I know many of you were unable to attend LCAM, you were missed, and so I would like to share my message with all of you.


"Where to begin, how about 75 years ago with one very remarkable woman, Lucille Johnson Perkins. Lucille had a passion and a dream - to create an organization that would build connections, develop future leaders and make a difference in our communities. She worked tirelessly to make that happen and today we can celebrate EWI. But she did not do this alone, she passed along her dream and she ignited a passion in others. Those others have passed along the dream and those passions. That is what makes EWI different, it's also what makes us great.


Many things make us great; our generous spirit to not only give to others, but also to one another, to come alongside one another, reach out our hand and travel down the path together, to share willingly and openly with one another the successes and challenges, to be there to offer encouragement and support, to know that when we face adversity or even make mistakes - which we will as human beings - that we have forgiveness and understanding from one another to learn, grow and continue to move forward. And move forward we must, but before we do that I would like to ask all the Past Corporate Presidents and also any current and past Chapter Presidents to please stand. Please look around the room...we are surrounded by great leaders who have passed along the EWI dream.

 We thank you for your commitment and dedication to EWI, but your work is not yet complete... WE NEED YOU! We need your passion, your wisdom and your spirit for the future of EWI. We are asking you once again to please come alongside us - reach out your hand and help us. Help us to keep Lucille's dream alive, to grow this organization into a vibrant global organization that reaches beyond the boundaries of North America. I would invite all of you to watch the video "Half the Sky" - who we are, and what we can do, will be able to help so many in all parts of the world. This is my dream for EWI. But to do this we must restore our Chapters to their once thriving selves of the past. 



Corporate Office Update 


As we embark on a new year in EWI, I am excited to bring the membership up to speed on the many changes and initiatives that were presented at LCAM 2013.  

  • LCAM and Spring Conference - As Ronwyn mentioned, Tulsa, Oklahoma was announced as the site for LCAM 2015 and Spokane, Washington has volunteered to host Spring Conference 2014. There was some confusion around the LCAM 2016 site - this location has not been determined. However, EWI of Honolulu expressed interest in hosting during our Closing Gala so we expect to see a Site Selection Application from them when we begin the process for our 2016 LCAM location. 
  • New Corporate Website - We are pleased to announce that we have moved to a new platform. This move has allowed us to review the information and resources available on the Corporate Website and look at ways to make them more readily available and easier to find. With this goal in mind, the site content has been redesigned so that most resources and information is available within three mouse clicks. There are a few areas still "under construction" but the majority of the information and resources are available. If you can't find something or find an error, please let us know. 
  • 2013 Annual Meeting - During the 2013 Annual Meeting the business of the organization was conducted. I am pleased to report that all but one proposed bylaw amendment passed. The individual membership proposal was referred to a special committee - to be appointed by the Corporate President - who will research the viability of an individual membership classification for EWI. The Corporate and Chapter Bylaws have been updated and are now available on the Corporate Website or by clicking here.

    The proposed 2013-2014 budget was approved and the new Board of Directors duly elected and installed. We thank all the delegates for their service.
  • Strategic Partnership with International Literacy Organization - The Corporate Board and Office are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the EWI Foundation (B/C/DP dba) and Room to Read. This partnership was announced during LCAM with its founder John Wood who shared the mission of Room to Read and its focuses on literacy and gender equality in education. They work in collaboration with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the life skills they'll need to succeed in school and beyond. For more information on Room to Read click here.

    This partnership will allow the EWI Foundation to expand one of its core tenets, literacy, to reach a global community. Watch for more information about the launch of this initiative, including ways your Chapter can get involved and a Corporate challenge in upcoming EWIConnects.

At its final meeting, the 2012-2013 Board of Directors approved updates to the Chapter Resource Guide as well as all of the other procedure manuals. These updates are being made and will be posted to the Corporate Website by the middle of October.


The 2013-2014 Corporate Board also met in San Diego for a board orientation session, a review of the Strategic Plan, and began their initial work on identifying the initiatives they will work on to support the Strategic Plan. They are a very experienced and engaged group of EWI members and I am excited to work with them in the coming year.


Chapters are in the process of transitioning to new boards as well. I met many Chapter leaders during the Leadership Caucus session in San Diego. It was a very interactive session with lots of lively discussions. Everyone came away very enthused and with new ideas to share and implement. I know EWI is going to have a great year and I am grateful to be a part of it!  



Wendy H. Cowley

Executive Director, COO 

Professional Development 

Every Seconds Counts
NPR recently did a study of how quickly people lose interest in a video if it takes more than a few seconds to load. "What we found was that people were pretty patient for up to two seconds," said Ramesh Sitaraman, science professor at the University of Massachusetts.

The research showed that viewers begin to abandon video if it does not start up within two seconds. And, as if that weren't bad enough, each additional second of delay resulted in a 5.8 percent increase in the abandonment rate. In other words, by 10 seconds, half of the viewers had already bolted.

So, what's our takeaway from this? You're not the latest season of "Arrested Development" or the music video someone needs to see from their favorite band. You have about two seconds to convince your audience that the content is going to be there.

Tell them right up front what's coming and why they should pay attention. Let them know it's going to be worth sitting tight for 15 minutes. Be incredibly clear and deliberate in your opening, and you will have your audience with you the whole time.

Did you miss Beth's presentation in the October EWI professional development webinar? Click here to access the recording.     


Beth Noymer Levine has been developing great messages and great spokespeople for 20 years. Through SmartMouth Communications, she offers Speaker Coaching, Presentation Skills Training, and Media Readiness(TM) Training. Beth is the author of the soon-to-be-released "Jock Talk: 5 Communications Principles for Leaders" and the creator of the "SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit," a 5-star rated iOS app.





Member Firm Highlight
Memphis Grizzles named Best Overall Professional Sports Franchise in ESPN The Magazine


The overall ranking measures how much the organization gives back to fans for the time, money and emotion invested in its product. The poll combines fan opinions across a comprehensive range of issues, covering 25 topics across eight major categories - affordability, bang for the buck, coaching, fan relations, ownership, players, and stadium experience.


Congratulations to EWI member firm , the NBA Memphis Grizzlies, for this great honor!! 

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