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Why Off-Site Business Services?

We are available and reliable throughout normal business hours, 

all year long.


Clients only pay for the hours of service used.

We do bookkeeping for less than half the cost 

of a CPA firm.

We do not charge a monthly fee for a payroll account.

Our staff updates their skills regularly through 

continuing education.


Our services are tailored to fit your needs., whether you need one service 

or several.


 A qualified, specially trained and experienced employee is assigned

to your account. 



Small businesses that are overcoming the odds and growing rapidly need to find creative ways to maintain their momentum. 


Whether your company has been around for decades or is just getting off the ground, getting a business award under your belt is a great way to build credibility and generate positive PR.

Winning an award tells customers that you've been vetted by a third party and bested other companies to come out on top - no easy feat!


If you're enjoying impressive growth, you may qualify for a national awards for entrepreneurs and small businesses. And when you win. make sure you have a plan to promote it to your clients, community and peers.


Read about some of them here and here.

      Tuesday Tips and Tricks

                                                                June 9, 2015

Earn Points for the Boss 

Reconcile Those Business Credit Cards


Reconciling your bank accounts monthly in QuickBooks is a must, but did you know that you should reconcile your credit card accounts monthly too?  Doing so will ensure that common errors, such as misposted or forgotten charges, are corrected in your company's file as the year progresses.  No one enjoys the daunting task of cleaning up 12 months' worth of transactions at the end of the year - except maybe your accountant!


QuickBooks has a Reconcile utility that can reconcile your company's credit card account with the card's paper statement. The Reconcile utility is a part of the Banking menu and opens in its own separate window. Reconciling your credit card account every time you receive a paper statement will help you catch any irregular, incorrect or missed transactions, which can contribute to an inaccurate account balance. Additionally, the program will automatically open the option to pay the bill after you complete the reconciliation process.


As with bank reconciliations, the credit card reconciliation feature is accessed by going to the "Banking" drop-down menu at the top of your screen and selecting the "Reconcile" option.  And, as with the bank register, your credit card accounts also have registers available where all charges and payments can be entered.


Unless you pay your company card in full each month, entering credit card charges on the date incurred is important.  Here's why: taxpayers are entitled to a deduction for business expenses when charged to their cards.  If you're always waiting to record your credit card charges until you pay your bill, you're inadvertently missing out on significant deductions.


Many business owners run a significant portion of their monthly business expenses through company credit cards.  Those cash back offers and frequent flier miles are just too good to resist.  


At Off-Site Business Services, we can help reconcile your charges monthly, and you'll be able to enjoy all the perks of being a platinum card holder without the headache of a major year-end clean-up.  Give us a call today!


Before You Hire a VA Partner . . .


Have you ever wished for more hours in the day just to help you get through your workload? Most of us have been there. This kind of thinking leads to stress and general unhappiness. To give yourself a little breathing room you might want to hire a company that can provide some virtual assistance (VA). And these four tips can make the hiring process go smoothly:

1. Write Down a List of Qualifications

Before you begin searching for a off site company,you should write down a list of qualifications. Consider the qualities that you absolutely need your VA company to possess and write them down in one list. Then make a separate list of the qualities that would be nice to have. Your goal is to find a provider that meets as many qualities on both lists as possible. Be sure to consider things like which time zone your business is in and which software programs they are proficient using.

2. Do a Thorough Evaluation

During your research, vet each company to ensure they meets all of your qualifications and have a strong reputation as being reliable. Ask the candidates to send you references just like you would when hiring a full time employee.


3. Discuss Expectations

During the interview process, discuss what your and the company's expectations are, making sure the two are compatible. Putting your expectations on the table will prevent many headaches down the line.


4. Provide Training

Once you find a suitable provider and the contract is signed, you should be prepared to provide the information necessary on your business and guidelines for completing the work. The type of training and information you provide as the business owner should be suitably comparable to that of which you would give any new employee.


At Off-Site Business Services, we provide a wide range of services to businesses across the country through our Orland Park office. Call us before you hire someone who will get your project out- right after they get the dishes off their dining room table.

"App" proved for Your Use

Make transacting business from anywhere, any time simpler by going digital on any device with DocuSign. Simple and secure, DocuSign provides a way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others. Small business owners can reduce costs and security issues by eliminating printing, faxing, and scanning overnight documents for signature. Key features include:

  • Sign any document for free
  • Create your signature and initials using your finger or a stylus, uploading a picture of your signature, or selecting one of the preformatted styles
  • Add text to documents, such as name, company, address, date, and ore
  • Receive real-time notifications when a document is awaiting a signature
  • Cost: FREE

Download it via iTunes and Google Play

Full-time Professional Office Management-

                                                  Without the Full-time Cost.

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